June 2005: Back in Time - Jazz Age!

Now, they call it the Roarin' 20s - it was an amazing time! The music was loud, movies learned to talk, the drink was illegal, and the skirts and the hairstyles were short. What would the gargoyles have been doing during the Jazz Age? Chatting with Gatsby? Running rum for the mob, or dancing in a club in Chicago? Showing off a new Model T automobile or being artistic in the Art Deco style? Do a little research and show us how YOUR favorite gargs would have been living! Styles and activities from anywhere in the Jazz Age, from about 1919 to 1938, will be allowed.

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Title: Fading Beauty
Artist: eileen
So this is my 1st entry, I thought since it's the 20's the faded photo look would be the way to go ... yeah
2 3
Title: Toinette and Chablis
Artist: Night Shadow [Night Shadow's Colleseum]
This is baced off of a painting I saw in a 1920's Fashion book of two French women dancing the "Black Bottom". Toinette is the blue one and Chablis is the reddish-purple one.
1 0
Title: Ahead of its Time
Artist: Lady Moria
A look at what else might have been going on in the Disney workshop in 1929.
0 29
Title: A Gargoyle in the 1920's
Artist: Katana [deviantART.com]
I dont know who this gargoyle is. but she is at a club drinking illeal wine. And having a great time.
0 0
Title: Singing in the Musical
Artist: Nebulan [DA Gallery]
Whenever there's a back in time topic I think, "Where was Demona and MacBeth? They would have been alive then." So I thought, where would I be? Singing in a muscial like Singing in the Rain! So here they are! Why are they in a muscial? They probably aren't in their right mind... dealing in a little too much bootleg I guess and don't remember a thing in the morning.
0 0
Title: Demona May In 1920's
Artist: Margaret Demona May Stephens [Night Stone Unlimited]
Haveing some fun time in the 20s.. Old photo in the past showing me that I was haveing a good time in the era.. Oh. sorry No computer have to use the college scaner and computer, will be updated my site very soon.. have fun! ;)
0 1
Title: Want a Sip?
Artist: KNewer [deviantArt]
Yes, the age of short hair, supple lips, long eyelashes, and alcohol, I love it ^_^ Enjoy!
6 2

most creative image  
Title: Marx-Goyles on the Prowl
Artist: Xany Kaos [Floppy Hat Productions]
The late 20's-early 30's would've marked the Marx Brother's reign as the clown princes of comedy, when they were not only at the height of their career, but basically reliving their adolesence and pulling every stunt they could think of. Especially if said stunt involved gettin' cozy with an attractive flapper.
1 38
Title: Dance the night away
Artist: Kyan [Deviantart]
Well, I gave it a shot. Two wingless gargoyles dancing the charleston.
0 0
Title: Jittergargs
Artist: Spike [The Rockaway]
Graeme and Lucy cutting a rug as they do the jitterbug.
15 14

most artistic image  
Title: Gangsters
Artist: Liz [Imaginator Central]
Ahh.. evil. In love. With guns. And illegal booze.
78 8
Title: Prohibition Whitbourne
Artist: Artemis Prime [DeviantArt Gallery]
Poor Witless, got caught smuggling in screech Stateside. I wonder what his defense would be?
Whitbourne belongs to Dylan Blacquiere, and is shamelessly passed around like a bottle of whiskey by him, Mary "Stormy" Pletsch, me, and Jenny "Mercedes" De Salme, amongst others.
1 9

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