July 2005: Fairy Tales

A simple one to describe this month... Gargoyle-ize your favorite classic fairy tales! Add the tails (and wings!) to those old tales... So dig out the old story books your parents read to you when you were a kid, be creative, and have fun!!

Mascots by MAui!

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Title: Macbeth as King Midas
Artist: Charlee
I thought I'd portray Macbeth as another tragic character, this one the greedy King Midas.
His one wish was that everything he touched would turn into gold - - and it did, leaving him utterly alone.
13 11
Title: Her Malice
Artist: Night Shadow [Night-Shadow405's DA Gallery]
My fav image from sleeping beauty. The evil fairy curses the princess during the celebration of her birth. I decided to make the Gargoyle good looking but her outfit ain't what it used to be.
0 0
Title: The Princess and The Pea
Artist: Dezi [Dezi's DeviantArt]
Recently, on TGS, I had asked when does Demona sleep? Because if she's human during the day and gargoyle at nite, and both forms are useful to her (running a business or destroying humanity) then when does she sleep? Especially since she no longer turns to stone.
I had a hard time remembering many fairy tales, besides the Disney standards. I looked up a website of Hans Christian Anderson, and there it was: The Princess and the Pea. Except, I pity the Prince, the morning after his Princess-test, and Demona's reaction to the whole thing.
0 6
Title: The Velveteen Gargoyle
Artist: Celano [Harpy Isle]
A sweet baby gargoyle made of velveteen. Could the love a child make him real?
4 15

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Title: Not exactly Prince Charming
Artist: Clara (Coda) Karell [coda's Dev gallery]
Rapunzel from Grimm. I had to choose between tons of fairy tales, and it was hard to choose !!! hope you'll enjoy it
2 29
Title: Swan Lake
Artist: Nebulan [DeviantArt Account]
Swan by day... gargoyle by night?
Additional Entry: The Emperor's New Clothes - Hehe, just for fun.
7 5
Title: Sleeping Beauty
Artist: Dana [DeviantArt Gallary]
Nothing fancy. Here is the sleeping Princess Aurora, or Brier Rose. She is locked in an eternal sleep until her prince comes to give the awakening kiss. Just a different twist on the old tale.
1 7
Title: The Little Gargoyle
Artist: Katana [DeviantArt.com]
This is just like the little mermaid but instead at fish its a gargoyle. Its a gargoyle wanting to be human she becomes human by the Archmage (a wizard) instead of the sea witch.
0 2

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Title: White and Red
Artist: Liz [Imaginator Central]
I remember hearing about Snow White and Rose Red in early high school. I'd no idea there was another part to the tale of Snow White back then. So I decided to explore that story, but with the twist of them being male. Because. They were named after the rose bushes their mother prized, as indicated by their names. While both were kind souls, White was the quiet, conservative, demure one, while Red was more adventurous and emotional and flamboyant. So I tried to play with that a bit when working on this piece.
51 3
Title: Merlin
Artist: Renee [Jhessill's World]
kess talked me into it. My parents were never the type to read us or even tell us fairy tails, so I learned to read at an early age. Merlin was always my favorite of the King Arthur's court. So, here is my not so artistic rending of Merlin. Always wondered what he hid under those robes.
0 0
Title: Beauty and the Beast
Artist: Awata Silverfeather
A slight combination of my imagination and the Disney movie (those who have seen it will remember the rose and mirror). Once handsome, a prince now lives alone in his castle, isolating himself from the rest of the world. Only love may break the spell, but who could possible love him when he is so hideous?
1 1

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