February 1999: For Angie

In honour of Valentine's Day, February's topic is going to be....ta dah.. "for love of Angela": the strangest things the trio might have done to woo (and probably in the process annoy) her ;) The pic should include at least one, two or all three of the trio (Brooklyn, Broadway and Lexington) and Angela if you feel so inclined. So have fun with it, and be mushy! ^_-

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Title: Valentine Trio
Artist: Lady Gwen (Jen Hager) [The Mystic Realm]
(Contest Winner!)

Well they certainly aren't on model, but HEY I was going forcartoony sillyness! hehe! COME ON ANGIE, AREN'T THEY CUTE!?
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Title: Love Potion
Artist: Celano [The Harpy's Nest]
What are those boys up too? Maybe it's a nice surprise...or not...*hehe*
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Title: For the love of Angela
Artist: Night Shade [Night Shade's Homepage]
Man I never seem to get these in on-time. Anyways..I was just watching TV when a blimp came on the screen. That's where I go the idea. :)
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