August 2005: Gargoyle Super Heroes

A redo of the September 1999 topic, this month's challenge is make your favorite Gargoyles even more super than they already are! Invent your own new hero, or gargoyle-ize a famous one.

Mascot by Spike, who saved me at the last minute again.

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Title: The Bowler
Artist: Yamineko [The FAC]
Awright! My first submission to the MGC! When I saw the topic, I thought of my favorite movie: Mystery Men! It's about a group of wannabe superheroes that become the city's only hope when the real superhero is taken prisoner. The Bowler is a girl with a bowling ball that has a mind of its own. I drew her gargoye-ized.
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Title: Apollo and Midnighter
Artist: Draw6BD
Well this is my first time submitting to this contest, but here goes my entry. It's micro style Midnight and Apollo. They are from the comic book, The Authority which came out of the ashes of Stormwatch. It was published by Wildstorm, and was originally written by Warren Ellis, and later by mark Millar.
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Title: Fantastic Four
Artist: Heather H. [Kheetor84's Deviantart Page]
Ever since I saw this topic with "super heroes", the first thing that came into my mind were the Fantastic Four. And then of course, it makes me think of The Trio plus Angela. Because comparing the two teams, they are a lot alike. So I thought this might work out. I'm very proud of this picture.
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Title: Captain Underpants!
Artist: BrooksBabe
It's Captain Underpants! Garg-ified!!! Yes, I know he has no wings... I purposely made him wingless. Because to me, wings and a cape, don't mix too well. He's wingless, therefore, he wears a cape! It's my first entry, so be gentle! :D
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Title: Dark Knight of the Night
Artist: Joshernaut [Joshernaut's DA]
Something about a Dark Anti-Hero roaming the streets in a bat suit, sounded far my Gargoyle then anything else. Enjoy~
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Title: Silver Surfer
Artist: Emeraldwolf
One of the lesser known of Marvel's heroes, but one of my personal favorites. Anyone who fights evil and flies through space on a surfboard is just too awesome for words.
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Title: My Hero
Artist: Renee [Jhessill's World]
When I saw this month's topic, the first 'hero' that flashed through my mind was my husband. Soldier, husband, and father - he's an all around hero in my book. So I gargified him. :)
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Title: Master Chief
Artist: Cosworth
The hero from Halo, Master Chief.... as a gargoyle.
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Title: Beastboy
Artist: Stacy Beck [freewebs]
This is my first Gargoyle computer drawing not my true best, but it's worth a shot. I chose beastboy for her is my fvaorite superhero.
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Title: Power Puff Gargs
Artist: Spacebabie [The Tower of X]
Sugar, Stones, and everything nice. These were the ingredients used to make the perfect little gargoyles, but Chemicle X was also used and the cutest little super heroes were hatched. The Power Puff Gargs are here to save the world before daytime and that includes defeating the Dracon Green Gang.
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Title: Southern Belle
Artist: Amelia (Perneseunicorn)
I decided to draw my favorite X-Woman, Rogue, as a gargoyle, with a slight variation on her uniform. It is pencil and watercolor on watercolor paper. By the way, the coat is slit to go over her wings.
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Title: electro supes
Artist: mike [megamike75's gallery]
just because batman would be too obvious. done in adobe illustrator
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Title: Black Garg
Artist: Night Shadow [Nigh-shadow405's DA Gallery]
During my 5th hour drama class, a hero was born. This hero was known as Black Man and every Friday during our Improv games, we followed the adventures of Black Man and his disfunctional sidekick Ostrige Boy. I decided to bring Black Man back by garg-ifying him and giving him a costume. Black Man (c) Domicko "D" Reed. Ostrige Boy (c) Jordan Ferris.
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Title: Batman Gargoyle
Artist: Stacy Beck [Freewebs]
Batman The legendary fighter of the night hasturned into a gargoyle and still up to his loyal job...
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Title: In the Dreamtime
Artist: Celano [Harpy Isle]
The Maxx and a leopard reinterpreted as Gargoyles, with Elisa as the leopard queen.
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Title: Starfire of Tamaran
Artist: Blueyuni-chan [Blueyuni-chan's DA Page]
I've watched this contest for awhile now, but never had the nerve or the patience to make an entry. So, this month's topic came around, two online buddies entered, and that was the push I needed to get an entry ready. *ahem* Anyways, I decided to make Starfire from the Teen Titans a gargoyle. Why? For one thing, she's one of my favorite super heros. Second, I liked the idea of making her eyes glow green instead of the usual red for a female gargoyle. =^.^=
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Title: The Incredi-gargs
Artist: Dana [DeviantArt Gallary]
Yeah, it happened. Goliath borrowed Mr. Incredible's costume. I had actually came up with the idea several months ago, and this topic fit perfectly. Not my best coloring job, but okay. Enjoy.
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Title: Rogue-ish Gargoyle
Artist: Megan [Megan's Awesome Website of Artwork]
Perhaps the X-Men are overdone, but since I missed the last time the superhero topic came up I decided I had to go with my absolute fav x-men character - Rogue!
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Title: Momma, Look at Me!
Artist: Awata Silverfeather
In a burst of creativity, and a flash of childish impatience, little Ajax had his mother make him a superhero costume. Though Halloween is a few months away, try explaining that to a child with a big imagination and a small amout of patience. After he had donned that blue mask, he is no longer Ajax, but Xtraman! And Xtraman's power? Why, he used it to get his costume. It's childish persuasion.
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Title: Mary Marvel
Artist: Coda (Karell) [Coda's Deviant art Gallery]
This is Mary Marvel as a Gargoyle, thanks to Daniel who asked me for this drawing ^^ Tried to practice my "skills" with markers...
Mary Marvel (c) DC Comics, design by me
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most creative image  
Title: These girls dress for X-cellence
Artist: Lady Moria
Whew. Nothing like leaving it to the last minute… It seems that X Men crossovers have been popular this month, though this is far from a bad thing. Here we have the majority of the female cast of Gargoyles attending a ‘Come dressed as a superhero party.” Dressing as all X-men characters of their same basic coloring, we have Robyn Canmore posing as the lovely Emma Frost, Demona making a divine Mystique, Fox Xanatos as the deliciously evil Dark Phoenix, Delilah becoming the elegant Storm, and Elisagoyle as the ever so wonderful Psylocke. Angela
and Titania were also planning on making appearances as Blink and
Polaris, respectively. Sadly, at the last moment circumstances arose and they were unable to attend.
While at the party, the five lovely ladies decided to have a portrait taken of them in their gear. The following is a record of the conversation overhead by the photographer.
Robyn- …I feel utterly ridiculous in this outfit…
Demona- Oh, come now, Robyn. You look absolutely divine.
Robyn- *muttered* I’d better, considering how long it took to make this silly thing.
Demona- Oh yes. And cutting and straightening my hair was a walk in the park, I’m sure. *rolls her eyes* Though I must say, I _do_ enjoy this look.
Fox- *grumbles* So says the woman whose character _hasn’t_ died about a thousand times.
Elisagoyle- Come off it, Fox. You know you look good in maroon and gold spandex.
Fox- …Elisa, dear, I look good in _everything_.
Delilah- …*looks uncomfortable* I agree with Robyn.
Elisagoyle- Why? At least your costume has lots of fun billowy things…. I hate wearing spandex.
Demona- But it so suits you, Elisa.
Elisagoyle- *blushes*
Robyn-…I wish this corset came in red.
Everyone besides Robyn- …*blink*
Robyn- I like red.
Photographer- everyone ready? *takes the picture*
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Title: ..protector of the innocents?
Artist: Liz [Imaginator Central]
So.. I love villains, antiheroes, gruff, big muscly beasty guys. O.o
Thus, here's Venom doing his best gargoyle impression.
31 4
Title: HellSpawn Gargoyle
Artist: Eric "darkgreen" Harmon [Outter Darkness]
"A thousand years ago I was betrayed but one I thought was a friend and another whom I thought was a sister. . . now that I have been brought back as this hell spawn I know better, and I seek my revenge!"
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Title: Shadow Demon
Artist: Joshua Pickett
My name is Joshua Pickett and I am 10 years old. I drew what I call a Shadow Demon. He is a cunning and fierce warrior but calm in battle. He knows what his appoinent will do before he strikes.
This drawing includes another character at the bottom right just for effect. Shadow Demon is the large figure above.
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Title: Gargoyles/Teen Titans Crossover
Artist: Spike [The Rockaway]
Graeme: "I can't believe you thought this guy was me! How could you do that?"
Ariana: (shrugs) "Hey, you're both annoying green boys with big mouths. It was bound to happen!"
Beast Boy: "Hey!!"
1 8
Title: Cyborg!
Artist: Nox Noctis [Nox's DA Page]
Cyborg! Part Garg, Part Machine, All Titan! BOOYA! My first entry,
figured it was about I made an entry.
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Title: A Super Quartet
Artist: Catwings [Deviantart Gallery]
I'm not very good when it comes to superheros costumes but decided to give it a try anyway
They are: Swift Blade, Silver Sun, Shadow and Firecrusher. Made them from scratch since I don't know any good good characters to base on ;p
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Title: Circuitbreaker
Artist: Artemis Prime [DeviantArt Gallery]
Yep, I couldn't resist...yet another Transformers reference from me. This time, I used a "human" character from the TF comics, a champion of Earth by the name of Circuitbreaker...who could be considered a very powerful good guy, with the exception her pathological hatred for robots doesn't discriminate. Oops. Her abilities stem from a very powerful experimental generator built into her that's initial intention was to help her regain the use of her legs after Shockwave destroyed the oil rig she was working on; not only that, it gave her the ability to control electricity and magnetism to the point where she can actually fly...did I also mention she's taken out both Menasor AND Superion in one go?
Circuitbreaker is from the first Marvel Transformers series, waaaaay back in the mid-eighties.
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