September 2005: Gargoyles on Broadway!

Gargoyles can get bit by the theater bug, too - so Gargoyle-ize your favorite Broadway musical, from any era - Cohen to Webber to this year's big hits! Maybe even a show you think should be on Broadway?

Mascots by Eden! :)

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Title: Gargoyles of the Pride Lands
Artist: Nebulan [RogueNebulan]
I got this entry in early to make up for not entering on at all last month! I never saw Lion King on Broadway, but I've heard the music and it's incredible. I could only find so many picture online of the costumes but here is my interpretation of Sarabi, Simba and Nala.
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Title: Memory
Artist: Dana [DeviantArt Gallary]
This is based on the song "Memory" from the musical Cats. That song just fits Demona to me. Hope you like.
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Title: You'll Hate Me For The Pun
Artist: RogueDragon [RogueDragon at DeviantArt]
Nebulan was the one that suggested I do this entry, but admit it, this topic was asking for it! Juanita wants to play, but Daddy and Horatio look too cute to disturb!
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Title: Blue Heaven
Artist: ED Walker
This is based off a REALLY old Broadway musical called “The Desert Song”. I was inspired by the title song to draw this scene of the two main characters Pierre and Margot when they fell in love. And, of course, obviously, I decided to draw them as gargoyles because, well, it’s more fun that way. 'The Desert Song' book and lyrics by Otto Harbach, Oscar Hammerstein 2nd, and Frank Mandel. The music was by the great Sigmund Romburg.
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Title: The Lion King ON Broadway
Artist: Epantiras [Epantiras @]
He he, this is an old joke I guess ;-P
In 'The Lion King' Zazu was at the bottom of the 'animal pyramid' during one of the most famous scenes of the whole movie. Now, it seems that he has found someone who will replace him...
16 21
Title: Et tu Brooklyn
Artist: Cassandra
So this is my first entry , I am a big fan of all the work and have been viewing the site since before this version was put up , the one with the elvish looking lady mascot at the top of the page and the purplish background. Anyway I can’t draw very well but I can sew fairly well so I decided to try a fabric sculpture. Here we see Brooklyn as Brutus in the play Julius Caesar by Shakespeare. He worked very hard to earn this part at a local community college. He is in the prop closet reviewing his lines and nervously fidgeting with one of the prop coins. Brooklyn is made of fleece, his hair of Lion Brand chenille yarn, (it wouldn’t fit under a wig so stage make-up was used to make it look black, Brooklyn added the red to look cool, the director was horrified). His toga is made of crushed pane. I couldn’t find any eyes that looked quite right to me so I ended up using cat eyes. Brooklyn himself is a modified giraffe stuffed animal pattern (McCall’s 3903) and I think he looks pretty good for a first try. The background composition (L to R) consist of a stone garden bunny, a wire figurine made by me, the flaming reaper made by my boyfriend Grant, a salt shaker alligator, a mini Cliff Notes of Julius Caesar, a pillar candle holder painted black with a mini pewter castle on to, a cat figurine and an elderly man in a Chinese kempo fighting stance. So let me know what you guys think. I am currently working on another version with a lot more pieces so it will take me longer.
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Title: Chibi Karaoke
Artist: Mara Cordova and Lynati [Lynati's Narcissism Page]
Angela was feeling down after being forced to do yet another MiST by Mara, so Eshun took her out for a night of drinking and karaoke! They wound up on stage singing "If you ruv someone", Kate Monster and Christmas Eve's duet from Avenue Q. (and yes, those are the real lyrics.) A joint effort by Mara and Lynati.
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