October 2005: Horror Movies

Boo! The topic for October is to Gargify the horror movie genre - Why not dig out those MST3k tapes and draw the 'Gargoyle That Ate Cleveland'? Or gargoyles running away from 'The Attack Of The 90 Foot Guacamole?' Or hit the video rack and Garg-ize a real horror movie from any decade! Have fun, and leave the lights on!

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Title: Swamp Thing
Artist: Renee
All right, I saw this month's entry and decided it couldn't be too hard. Unfortunately, the only horror film I ever watched were B-rated, cheesy ones cause I'm a coward. :P Anyway, I decided to pull a spoof on the Swamp Thing movie. No, I don't think I ever watched it all the way through. Here, we're getting an inside look at the making of the movie with a gargoyle star. :)
Male: Crud, I tripped.
Female: Over your own tail? Never mind, forget I asked. You know, you haven't gotten one line right since we started this scene.
Male: Really? *pulls out script and put it out in front of him* Hey, what do you know, I haven't.
Director: (Off set) We're still rolling people!
Simple and short, but hey, I had a blast making it using DAZ.
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Title: Psycho - Gargoyle-Style
Artist: Guandalug la'Fay
A small homage to the great master of horror and thriller: Alfred Hitchcock.
In a recreation of the famous shower scene of "Psycho" from 1960, I hereby present: Delilah.
This image has been made using DaZ Studio.
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Title: You can't leave, she won't let you leave.
Artist: Shinigami [Studio Other]
My favorite horror movie... no, actually, my favorite movie is Event Horizon. So. Enjoy.
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Title: Jeepers Creepers
Artist: Shadowprincess1o [Shadowprincess1o's Homepage]
I drew this on paint
Additional Entry: Jason The Gargoyle - I drew this jason the gargoyle with paint
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Title: Feature Film Re-Enactment
Artist: Nebulan [MyCanVidPage]
Inspired by the MST3K review of the 1997 Godzilla movie, only they didn't call it Godzilla, they called it "Godzookie" and they just gave a basic summary of the plot of the movie, a toy dinosaur crushing card board buildings and action figures. Here's the trio re-enacting that for us.
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Artist: Randi [Deviant art site]
Alright, so I just watched the new texas chainsaw massacure, and house of wax, so I decided to draw pretty little Angela, as the lead character in a horror movie, running around screaming in a low shirt, because those movies both have strong brunette main characters who get away in the end. Word
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Title: Curse of the Were-Garg
Artist: Spike [The Rockaway]
Poor Gromit! Wallace has been turned into a were-gargoyle and now he has to lure his master to safety by using Wallace's favorite food -- behold the power of CHEESE!!
Wallace & Gromit (c) Aardman Animations Ltd.
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Title: The Ring
Artist: Jin Takamatsu [Liebestrauma]
A creepy little Gargoyle-isation of the girl from The Ring
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Title: Micheal mathers gargoyle from the halloween films
Artist: Emili Alys
Micheal mathers gargoyle from the halloween films roar
description: this is a gargoyle paying homage to the halloween films, with his axe and while mask, it started as a sketch then coloured in reverse so when i inverted on mac it should have the correct colours, well sort of lol it reminds me of glow in the dark halloween stickers ^o^ happy halloween.
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Title: The Crow
Artist: Evana,the white fluff [Fluffy Nostalgia]
One of my characters posing as the main character from "the crow" Decited to draw this as i have always really liked that movie :)
76 4
Title: DemonaMay In, The Night Of The Living Dead Gargoyl
Artist: Margaret Demona May Stephens [Night Stone Unlimited]
Well It started out when I have no though of drawing one for the entry Untill someThing bad happen to me. On the Date Of October 17th of this month and this is a true story. I have AS (Asperger's Syndrome) I was driveing home when it hit me the hardest My mind when totaly blank and I was still driveing and somehow My car stop moveing and it was in the middle of the Highway. I even was in the Hospital for a short time they even say I was dead but came back to life I was release fromt he hospital around 9pm but I arrive in the hospital around 3pm.. It was scarry but it is the truth.. if you do not belive me You can ask one of my class mates at the ATC. Matt Creech Well known as fhrostbyte@hotmail.com He will tell you how hard for me to come back and remember the things I even draw this out right after my close to the end of death.. Pluss from the base of a movie the "Night of the Living Dead".. Now you know I have Autism a different type Call Asperger's Syndrome..
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Title: Jeepers Creepers
Artist: Raptor-Chick
This is my first entry for MGC. I saw this and I was like, WOW! Easy entry! Except it wasn't. The Creeper is hard to draw. Not my very best work, but I ran out of time and I like it anyway, so sue me. What if the Creeper was a Gargoyle? A gargoyle bespelled. Gifted with the ability to fly instead of glide, to see the daylight, to be truly immortal. Cursed with a terrible hunger, cursed by having to feed on others to heal instead to stone sleep, cursed to awake every twenty-third spring for twenty-three days...
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Title: Resident Evil survivors
Artist: Epantiras, Neomae [DA gallery]
Neomae and Epantiras facing the UNDEAD horrors of Racoon City! Since we both saw and loved that movie, we decided to join our forces to create the entry of this month.
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Title: I see you!
Artist: Liz [Imaginator Central]
One of my favourite horror/thriller flicks is Darkness Falls. One hundred fifty years ago, a woman's body was badly burned in a house fire, so she wore a porcelain mask to cover her disfigurement and only came out at night due to her sensitive skin. But she was kindly, and would give the townschildren a gold coin for each tooth they lost. (Earning the nickname, Toothfairy.) She was wrongly accused of kidnapping two children one night, and was burned at the stake. "What I once took in benevolence, I shall forever take in revenge," were here dying words. The children were found the next morning, unharmed. Now, the malevolent spirit,
Maltilda, comes the night each child of the town loses their last tooth, and should they see her, she murders them in revenge. Kyle, by luck was the first to escape his fate after seeing Maltilda, but years later she catches up with him in the lighthouse of Darkness Falls.
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Title: Attack of the Killer Jalapena!
Artist: Beedoo! [Beedoo!'s Den]
What in the world has Sevarius been growing in his garden?? Well, now it's loose in the city... as if it wasn't hot enough! During the middle of the day, the gargoyles are no help (like they would dignify something this B-movieish with a response anyway...) So here are some of your favorite extras from the show doing what they do best, running in terror! And apparantly their only hope is...Mr Carter? uh oh... This might just be the scariest vegetable movie since Franken-celery!
larger pic can be seen here.
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