November 2005: To Protect and Serve

We all know most Gargoyles are the good guys, who do all they can to keep bad things from happening, right? Well, in a perfect world where they were fully accepted, it's likely they would continue doing just that. Challenge for this month is to pay tribute to all those who give of themselves for others, and draw gargoyles doing what they do best - helping others, perhaps as a firefighter, police officer, doctors, nurses, soldiers, teachers, disaster volunteers, etc. ^_^

Mascot by Jessie!

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Title: Remember..
Artist: Emili Price
I did this picture as its going to be 11th of november soon the european day of remembence to those who died in the first world war and we wear red poppys, i had grandparents who were soldiers in the wars and this is for them. It was done in water colour and ink. I liked the idea of a soldier gargoyle remembering, alongside humans. Emili
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Title: My Heros
Artist: Nebulan [RogueNebulan]
My Dad (an engineer) and my mom (well, she knits). Two of the most important people to me who protect and serve in their small, little area of the world.
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Title: Gargoyle Nursinghome
Artist: Cbs [DeviantART]
I desided to do somthing on the nursing home since I haven't seen much artwork ever done about that subject before. So here is my Mom and my Sis as gargoyles just doing their jobs. I figured it was aproperit since gargoyles are misunderstood creachers and nursing homes are a missunderstood ocupation. Most people don't like nursing homes cause it seems like the elderly become prisoners. i'm not a fan of them myself but some of these people have lost their minds so much that I have to admire my mom and sis for being able to put up with them and still have compation for them. I'm sure I wouldn't be able to do that.
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Title: Men who walk through the fire
Artist: Tribun [Tribun's Gargoyles Page]
These they are, the firefigthers. Brave men who do everything to do their job as best as possible. Of course injury is ext to impossible avoid in this job (I hope this is not too drastic shown here). But they accept it, because they can save people from the flames. Just like this one who rescues a hatchling but is threatened to be cut off by the fire.
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Title: The Rookie
Artist: Spike [The Rockaway]
Matt Bluestone: "So, how's the rookie?"
Elisa Maza: "Oh, she's a little enthusiatic but then she IS Brooklyn's daughter."
36 10
Title: Wheels on the Bus
Artist: Jenny Blue
When I saw this months, the frist thing to come to mind was the Armed Forces. But Everyone thinks of them. So then I started remebering what the kids on my bus say. Then I came up with this. While their parents are gone, they depend on use to get them to school and home safe. For some kids, it's the high light of their day. That is way I drew my Bus and me for this month.
0 3
Title: Protecting the Little Ones
Artist: Dezi [My]
With all the wild weather this year, gargs in the south must have had their claws busy. The hurricanes that have hit the southern states and Central America left alot of kids unable to find their families. At least these four were able to get out of the wind.
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