December 2005: Gargoyles Season 2 (Leader of the Pack to Kingdom)

In celebration off Gargoyles Season 2 Volume 1 arriving on DVD, we're holding a special one week contest. Through now until December 6th, draw your favorite scene or canon characters from this season.

Old artwork is permitted for this contest, but it can not have been entered in a previous MGC contest. Voting will run from December 7th through December 9th, so be sure to come back and vote!
Most Artist & Most Creative will win their own free copy of Gargoyles Season Two Volume 1 courtesy of Buena Vista Home Entertainment. We also will be given a third DVD to a lucky Admin's choice winner as well! Best of luck!

Check here for a full list of the episodes covered on the DVD. (Leader of the Pack to Kingdom)

Helpful reference links:
Lynati's Screencap Heaven indepth episode reviews

During this special contest, our normal November & December contests will be postponed. November entries will still be due at the end of the month, but voting will not begin until the 10th. Our December contest won't be announced until the 9th, but we will give you plenty of time to get those entries in!

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Title: Demona flying
Artist: FY no Miko [Deviantart]
This is an old picture that I drew yeaaaars and years ago when the show was still going. I'm still kind of proud of her.
Additional Entry: Lexington - Lexington waking up from a looong days nap.
8 1

most artistic image  
Title: Her Mother's Eyes
Artist: Brianna [deviantART gallery]
Angela was my favorite character from Season 2, and I always wanted an excuse to draw her in an old-fashioned dress.
45 6
Title: A Sad, Endless Existance...
Artist: Nebulan [RougeNebulan]
Demona and MacBeth are my favorite characters because they hate each other so much, yet they have SOOo much more in common then the spell that links them. Featuring scenes mostly from City of Stone, my favorite episode arc, of course!
4 4
Title: Something He Would Do
Artist: Night Shadow [NIght_Shadow405's DevArt Page]
One of my favorite characters in Gargoyles is Puck. I simply adore everything about him! I saw the contest and thought: Hmmm, what would Puck do? and I decided that popping out of the cake was best. So that is why Oberon put economy-size Tylenol on the list....
1 1
Title: Proposal
Artist: Purplegoldfish [DeviantArt]
Maybe a marriage proposal? Who knows :) Goliath and Elisa have always been my favorite characters, and I loved watching their unique relationship change and grow. Plus I wanted to draw Goliath in something other than his loincloth. :)
1 1
Title: Demona & Goliath
Artist: Lilly [Lilly's Webpage]
An older pic, yet it has to me something to do with the 2nd season. Because I always wanted Goliath and Demona come together again and remember their feelings for each other they had once ago. Throughout the second season I wished this picture to come true, but at the end, I always had to realize, that it won't. Only in my imagination and especially in this picture, my dream and hope of the 2nd season comes true....
6 0
Title: High Noon
Artist: Lady Moria
One of my favorite parts of this episode: Demona and MacBeth's discovery of actually working together, complete with Demona's eyes going red despite her being in human form. Always such fun.
1 0

most creative image  
Title: There's NO WAY you're leaving the castle...
Artist: Ali Wildgoose [DeviantArt]
Elisa and Delilah have mother/daughter issues.
3 46
Title: Kingdom
Artist: Spike [The Rockaway]
One of the more poignant moments of "Kingdom," is when Maggie goes to the clocktower to ask the gargoyles for their help in freeing Talon. She's willing to do anything -- and that's the kicker for Brooklyn. As much as he'd like a chance at love, he knows he has to do the right thing.
Leadership comes at a price.
11 5
Title: Demona by Moonlight
Artist: MooncatX
Demona reflects on the new release of the Gargoyles Season Two *^_^* and what a great stocking stuffer it will make. Actually, just a simple picture of my favorite Gargoyles character, Demona.
5 2
Title: Aush >,< ABAAB-a Brook and a Bronx-
Artist: Brooklyn Brdg Heartilly [Deviant Art]
this is brook and bronx they are in the floor cuz Lex toss them to the floor, I use aother style of draw cuz i don't really like to put the same type of draws, but anyway, that's all, a brook and a bronx
2 11
Title: Demona's Look
Artist: Alkaline Lady
Demona is simply the coolest gargoyle ever. She has many many moments that I truly appreciate her an her plight, but personally, I love the look she shows the camera when she finally gets ahold of Titania's mirror. This would be a complete depiction if I wasn't such a busy little bunny.
0 3
Title: All Power is a Jade, revisited
Artist: Liz [Imaginator Central]
The handful of episodes where we got to see what happened when a character possesed the Eye of Odin fascinated me. The deep down self with almost unlimited power, and what that character did with that power? How the other characters reacted to the enpowered? How that power was then released, by force or choice? A great set of episodes came from that special eye, so this is my tribue to it.
17 21
Title: Oberon's Chibi-Child
Artist: Zeki [SleepyFerret's Y!Gallery (adults only)]
Ah, my favorite second season character was Puck, hands down. So here's the little bugger drawn as a (vile little) chibi, anime style.
0 5
Title: A Tragic Love
Artist: Dana [DeviantArt Gallery]
Talk about last minute! Hope I made it. This is Desdemon/Coldfire. I always liked her design and wished to see more of her. I found her story to be intresting, too. Well hope you like.
2 0

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