January 2006: More Influences and Inspirations

A redo of one of my favorite topics of the past, from January 2000. As the topic then put it so well, "Pay tribute to all of those great artists of the past and the present; those who have influenced us, inspired us, gave us the spark, the motivation to pursue our dreams, to learn one art or another and not give up. draw a gargoyle in the style (and respect his/her themes) of an artist you admire and who has influenced you/whom you want to give hommage, from the present or the past. (and tell us why you chose that artist!) "
I couldn't put it any better than that. :)
Because the DVD contst shifted dates, this topic collect entries from December 10th through January 30th. Voting will run the 1st through 15th of February as normal.

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Title: Crystal Beauty
Artist: Megan B./Iowemuffins [Art site]
The one who isnpired my style of work is none other then the great Tetsuya Nomura, his works are beautifully colored and his line work is amazing. And the eyes he does! oh the eyes! I tried my best to make a picture of my character Rynn in gargoyle form and make the work look as close to Tetsuya's style as possible, I think I've done good. My first entry here btw ;D
11 7

most artistic image  
Title: Demona Lisa
Artist: Shannon Fowler (emilylorange) [DarkElementals.com]
Really, I find it quite self explainitory ;)
40 21
Title: Vlash
Artist: Jenny Blue [ArtWanted.com]
Well, I'm inspired by my mother. When I was little, I use to watch her draw and scetch. When I was ten she noticed that I was tring to do it my self and incouraged me to keep going.
Now she can't draw anymore, but I still do. An it makes her so happy to see me still tring my best and incourging me to never give up. So this one is for my mother.
1 0
Title: intervalia
Artist: ScottBear [Big red bear]
This image was inspired by the Great Kia Asamiya. When I saw his works on X-men it finaly got me back into both drawing and comic books. Never had I seen such well done designs, and I loved his style, despite the large noses. I allways did wonder what Demona would look like by others, so I did my best to capture her in his style. I tried to capture the effects of the Phoenix gate as well.
3 1
Title: Mira ala Luna
Artist: Alkaline Lady
One of my favorite artists, Diego Rivera inspires me. I love his work with colour and form. Though they lack realism they contain a certain amount of charm that reminds me of vividly coloured cave paintings or petroglyphs in ancient cities of the Central Americas. This graceful and beautiful gargoyle is called Mercedes. The name seems to fit that beautiful native profile and the romanesque looking dress. The reason I called it "Mira ala luna" is because the mirror behind Mercedes looks like a bronze moon, the phrase simply meaning, look at the moon. :) This is my second submission here! Yay me!
3 2
Title: Junko Mizuno-Goyle
Artist: Keylaleigh [The FAC]
A picture inspired by the Japanese artist who does very cute (and sometimes naughty) pictures named Junko Mizuno! I love her style, and this image might be going on a t-shirt in the future...
0 1
Title: Schim Wolf
Artist: Nebulan [DA Gallery]
I chose Schim Schimmel, known for his fantasy animal paintings. A while back I was doing some schim schimmel pics on black paper with prismacolor pencils for my family and friends, they we're pretty good, I even did one painting. My boyfriend at the time told me I should do one for myself. So I started doing this wolf one but never finished. I decided to take the old unfinished drawing, gargatize it and finish it.
I learned a lot from doing the Schim pictures actually, about drawing/painting animals, mountains, moons, fur, etc. Good Schim link. Of course, this doesn't do his work any justice...
4 4

most creative image  
Title: Fading Sanity
Artist: Scorchie (Crystal Comber) [Deviantart Gallery]
I wasn't gonna enter this month's theme. My little head-voice kept telling me "Don't do it . . . don't. . .dooonn't doo eeet!" o-o I didn't listen.
He's no James Gurney, but Jhonen Vasquez is near the top of my favorite artists list. I've always loved the wide range of expressions his characters could convey with just subtle changes to the eyes. The sketchiness of Vasquez's comic books fascinates me to no end. I could stare forever at the chaotic lines that makeup the art in his comics. This picture doesn't really do him justice, but behold the blending of my obsessions!
Only my second submission to the MGC, because I'm lazy that way. >_O (Oh! And for anyone wondering, that's just a random garg, no particular character)
3 23
Title: Gargoyles ala Alex Ross
Artist: Tinaling [www.tinaling.ca]
First entry-er here :) After doing some soul-searching, I discovered that I never really had many artists as inspirations. In the end, though, I chose Alex Ross. I'm a relatively new fan of his, he's one of the big names in comic book illustration, and I was instantly blown away by his poses and use of lighting. He can make a character look dynamic, even when they're simply standing still. I tried to encorporate realism and his signature harsh back-light into this image, as well as the sort of anticipation you'd find just seconds before a fight scene :)
16 3
Title: A Doubtful Young Gargoyle Assists in the Capture..
Artist: Beedoo! [Beedoo!'s Den]
...of a Dangerous Criminal!
I used to watch Mystery! on PBS with my mom at a young age. The theme always intrigued me (how can you not be intrigued by a piece of parapet falling on a croquet ball?). Later in life, I found more and more pieces of art that had that same style and dark humor, and so started my fascination with Edward Gorey. I've done my best to emulate his style here. Referenes for the pic include The Gashlycrumb Tinies, The Doubtful Guest, The Epileptic Bicycle, and The Green Beads.
Larger version of the pic: http://beedoo.0catch.com/art/doubtgarg.jpg
(Oh, and don't worry, that's just a statue that looks like Goliath. ;)
2 15
Title: Valky
Artist: Valerie Walker [Elfwood]
I was given an Alphonse Mucha calender for Christmas, and was inspired to draw my gargoykle persona, Valky, in a Mucha-esque piece. Hopefully it touches that style just a little bit...
4 6
Title: Gargoyle Nouveau
Artist: Sheena Ramone
Art Nouveau has been one of my favorite styles of art and design ever since my mom gave me a set of paper dolls based on the art of Alphonse Mucha.
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