February 2006: Gargoyles In Paradise

Grab the sandals and swimsuits! For one of the coldest bleakest months of the calendar, we're going to turn around and head for a hotter climate! Draw your favorite gargoyles exploring the tropics - by day or night, there is plenty to do!
Remember this is a short month and the deadline is the 28th!

Mascot by Maui!

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Title: Ohana
Artist: Ann Chovi [DeviantArt Gallery]
Maybe in one of the lost Avalon adventures, the group was sent to Hawaii for some reason or another, only to be found by- DUH DUH DUH.... Lilo and Stitch! (Angela and Bronx not pictured as I couldn't find a proper way of fitting them in. =/)
46 30
Title: Quiet day at the beach... or not.
Artist: Nebulan [My Music Videos]
A scene from my story, Demona and MacBeth go to the beach to get some quiet and relaxation, but the other one had to be there to ruin it.
MacBeth disapproves of her choice of reading. :P
0 24
Title: A La Playa
Artist: Alkaline-Lady [Alkaline-Lady's Deviant Art]
Mercedes decides to take a nice vacation and brings Moogy along for the ride. Perhaps she has no vulnerability to the sun here since she's in a different time zone?
3 1
Title: Marry Me.
Artist: Shauntell [DeviantArt]
Hey all! This is my entry for this month's MGC, and seeing as though I've not done anything for a while, it seemed time to offer something again. Anyway, this is my character Oedipus and his intended and dearest friend, Ariana from TGS. I personally love their facial expressions. Both look like they love each other so much. And isn't this just the perfect place for a possible engagement? Who wouldn't want to get engaged on some tropical paradise island? I mean, look at the water . . .!!!
Although I am concerned the water didn't come out so great. But, oh
well, it looks okay, right?
Anyway, this was just a little old sketch I had lying around and decided to use it. Hope y'all like it! ^_^
26 10
Title: Moonlight
Artist: Angela
Just Gabriel and Angela sitting together, relaxing, on a moonlit beach. Simple and sweet.
3 5
Title: My Paradise
Artist: Daron Yamauchi [deviantART]
My gargoyle, Tiryn, eating a rainbow shave ice. A Kona girl couldn't pass up this month's topic, so I drew Tiryn hanging out at my home, my paradise. The little dude fishing is my brother, since he makes me laugh, and home wouldn't be complete with out him. Anyone who's been to Kona will recognize the old Hilton hotel there on the coast. Oh. And I guess Puck must've worked some magic so Tiryn can hang in the midday sun. =D
5 7
Title: Watch out for falling coconuts
Artist: Elaine
"Wow! Look at this thing!" "Is it even a tree? Why do all the branches cluster at the top??" "And it's FLAT! I wish all trees up north were like this. All we have in CT is pine trees."
Created with colored pencils and paint it!
2 8

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