March 2006: Stickfigure Gargoyles

A kinda of fun and goofy topic for March, one that should flex everyone's creative muscles! And for all of you who's excuses for not entering included "I can only draw stickfigures..." ;)
You can do anything (within reason) with your gargoyle stickfigures - make a little comic, go all out on the background, go for a kick-butt punchline - just really have fun and see what you can do with the challenge of making a piece of art out of the simplest of things!
Mascot image blatantly stolen from old artwork by Siryn because I badly ran out of time. ;)

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Artist: Zeki [Sleepy Ferret's Y!Gallery (adults only >_<)]
Imagine my delight when I realized MGC was finally having a theme that I excelled at! I came up with the idea and drew it at four AM, and I think it shows. XD I used MSPaint and a mouse to
draw this. Yep.
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Title: New Look for the Stained-Glass Window
Artist: Nebulan [RogueNebulan]
It's been a while since I submitted a digital art entry... though I did draw the figures by hand. Remember MacBeth's window in "Enter MacBeth"? I thought it was missing something...Guns! Here it is in a new style :)
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Title: stick goliath
Artist: mike panas [Mike's Website]
just your average gargoyle stick figure, only beefier
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Title: My Picture
Artist: Dana [DeviantArt Page]
"Kay, this is me and Lexington and Bronx and we made a castle but Bronx knocked it down and Lexington said that he would make another one with me tomorrow night cause he had to go to sleep and it was cool." A drawing Alex made of his favorite gargoyles one day for show and tell. Enjoy. :)
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Title: Psycho Diet
Artist: Pearl [stephi's screwed up place]
My first submission ever! I couldn't resist stickfigures! This is my fic clan, Crystal, Pearl and Silver. Crys usually has her head on straight, but this new fanged diet... not working for her.
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Title: Ha ha!
Artist: Amanda 'Shinga' Bussell [DA Account]
It would probably be wise to NOT come up with ideas on severe lack of sleep, but hey. And, I think my favorite bit about this piece is Lex in the first panel. Sorry. Needed to be said. O-o;;;
40 23
Title: Self Portrait
Artist: Naarah []
So, this is my first time entering. When Mel told me this month's topic, I was like "Hey! Stick figures! I can draw that!" But did I stop at the stick figure? Noooooo... Why? Because this image popped into my head courtesy of Normal Rockwell. As you can see, this gargoyle draws about as well as I do. :P
3 2
Title: Sticky
Artist: Roxanne Delessert-Madden
His name is Sticky because he's a stickfigure.............get it? HAHAHAHAhahahaHAHAhaahaAHAH.....ha ha.....ahhh what's the use.......
Additional Entry: somethings not right"
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Title: I see no difference!
Artist: Shinigami [Studio Other]
The joke you'll get if you're current on Harry Potter...
22 15
Title: Strick Figures what the ?
Artist: Emili Price
Kept forgeting to do this, so did in class quickly (going to paris so no time to do anything proper) Just kept it simple with pencil and kept it silly. Silly is fun
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Title: Confusion
Artist: Emeraldwolf [Emeraldwolf's Website]
Okay, I noticed that pretty much everyone had stick figures with faces. I must have been a weird kid, cause my stick figures always just had blank circles for heads. ^_^ Just a little comic with a chibi-goyle about my odd stick figures.
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Title: Stick Figure
Artist: Angela
It's a 3-D sculpture. Of a stick figure. So much fun can be had with some pipe cleaners and a couple googly eyes. ^_^ Try not to mind the incredibly blurry photographs. I shouldn't be allowed within 20 yards of a camera....
3 7
Title: Kallista Marionette
Artist: Waera [DA page]
My fancharacter Kallista as marionette... It is also for the International day of Puppetmasters and Dollmakers (21 of march) and some kind of tribute to a great Austrian artist - Gabrielle Boch, who made illustrations for Angizia CDs. And, besides, my 1st entry.
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Title: Matchstick Gargoyles
Artist: Night Shadow [NightShadow's Deviantart Page]
When I start out a drawing that shows a character in a pose that is new or complex to me, I always begin with the Matchstick figure. The finished version of the figure in the uper left hand corner can be found on my Deviantart page.
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Title: Stick Figure
Artist: Jhessill
Ok, don't kill me. When I saw this month's entry I chuckled. After beating around the bush, I finally started playing with DAZ looking for a stick. That program has no sticks. I grabed a pencil, colored and plain, and a pen. After Carole ate my first picture, I decided to add her peeking face to the pic. She seemed content with that - :P - as she left me alone. Anyway, playing around, this is my "Stick Figure." Of course, working with glue it seems inevitable that my fingers suffer the consequences. :P
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Title: Stick Figures
Artist: Arno [Arno's Amazing Homepage]
(admin note) No Comment. Seriously, no comment. Which is possibly a good thing. ;)
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Title: What will I be like as a Stick Figuer?
Artist: Margaret Demona May Stephens [Night Stone Unlimited]
Here I am doing some thinking what will it be like as a stick figuer... Well It does not look right I reather be fill out being a skinny stick figuer is not my thing...
2 2
Title: Thin to the limit
Artist: Nicole
This is my character Elora and her mate Jonah.
3 2
Title: Bazooka Demona
Artist: Asatira [Deviant gallery]
If I didn't submit something for this entry, then I really am a poor excuse for an artist. It took a while to settle on an idea, but I figured Demona, mad and with a missle launcher, would look intimidating, even as a stick figure.
1 1
Title: A Typical Disney Animation
Artist: Robert [Robert's Pointless Page]
This is my first, last, and ONLY MGC entry ever. I have often joked that my artistic skills are limited to stick figures. This month's contest has proven that even stick figures are, in face, beyond me. :)
However, with the (mis)application of the terrifying power of Photoshop, I have been able to combine my incredibly crude art with incredibly crude humor! Be afraid! Be VERY afraid! :)
(And I really hope people actually get this joke!) ;>
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