April 2006: Native Cultures

This month's topic is to draw a gargoyles representing one of the native cultures, of any continent or area. So Native American, Aboriginal, Inuit, etc etc, all qualify. ^_^

Thanks so much to Nebulan and RogueDragon for the mascots! :D Sorry I messed up and didn't have one for so long.

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Title: Zeezrom and Abish
Artist: Nebulan [DA Gallery]
Don't really know what to say about it except I had trouble deciding what their setting should be: desert, rocky mountains, I eventually decided on my home region: Appalachia
9 10
Title: Celtic Protector
Artist: Purplegoldfish [deviantArt page]
An Irish Celtic gargoyle sitting vigilant in her forest home
33 2
Title: Offerings
Artist: Night Shadow [Night-Shadow405's DevArt account]
I should be killed for the overuse of purple light. I don't know what I was thinking when I drew this...
0 3
Title: Pygmy
Artist: Angela
Yeah. Gabriel is short.
1 18
Title: Fu-Dog and Shaiming
Artist: Lloyd Frisone
This is a picture of a gargoyle native to Xanadu, China. His name is Shaiming and that's his pet gargoyle beast Fu-Dog licking him. Fu-Dog looks like a Chinese dragon. Shaiming still hasn't taught Fu-Dog not to jump up on people. I drew this picture out in pen first, then scanned it into my computer and used an effect called Stamp which made the shapes solid black. Then, I colored it in a Paint Document. Greg Weisman was responsible for the idea of Fu-Dog, though this image of Fu-Dog is my doing. In Greg Weisman's Master Plan, Fu-Dog would later be adopted by Brooklyn on his Timedancing adventures.
1 11
Title: Thunder Spirits
Artist: Pearl [stephi's place to crash]
I got the story from Sacred Text online. It's an Inuit story of two sisters who left home to make noise and cause havok in the mountains.
Here's the story.
I thought I'd have time to highlight the entry... but I didn't. D'oh!
1 0
Title: Marsgoyles
Artist: Thrall1138
This gargoyle is infact native to mars. How that works I have not figured out yet.
1 9
Title: Samurai Romance
Artist: Shauntell
Hello everyone! This is my submission for this month's MGC contest. I chose Japan and the Samurai just 'cause lately I've gotten into that. Blame it on RK . . . ^_^ But anyway, it was kind of fun to just doodle some random gargies that have nothing to do with my fics and see how they turned out, y'know? And I thought it would be cooler if they were like, in a cute romantic pose. ^_^ Anyway, enjoy everyone!
12 8

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Title: Eagle Dancer
Artist: Ylla [YLLA.ORG]
Eagle Dancer of the Haida tribe. The Haida live along the Western Coast of the United States, between Oregon and Alaska. Watercolor.
43 29
Title: Ogre Woman and Black Ogre
Artist: Beedoo! [Beedoo!'s Den]
Soyok Mana (Ogre Woman) and Nata-Aska (Black Ogre) Bring "gifts" to a Hopi boy and girl. Boys are given Bow and arrows or snares to catch mice and rats; girls are given corn to grind and make into piki bread. If the children do not produce enough food for the ogres, they will return and eat the children. Each year the ogres claim that the children have not done enough, and each year the tribe defends the children and gives the ogres food from their cache. The children learn that the tribe, like our clans, stick together and stand up for one another.
2 13

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