May 2006: 'The Mirror' - Species Switch

This month the challenge is inspired by the episode 'The Mirror' where all the humans are changed to gargoyles, and all the gargoyles are changed to humans at some point in the show. Well, now it is time to do it again - Switch your gargoyle characters to human, and your human characters to gargoyles. THE CATCH - you have to show them in BOTH forms, so we can see the difference! Entries without some indication of both shapes will not be accepted.

Mascot by Pearl! Thanks for the rush! ^_^

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Title: "Become the Thing You Hate the Most."
Artist: Spacebabie [The Tower of X]
While fighting with Demona in Nightstone's lab, Jon Canmore/Castaway fell onto a beaker containing a mutagenetic serum. The glass cut into his skin and the serum entered his bloodstream, changing him into a weregoyle. During the day he is human, but once night falls he goes through a painfull transformation into a gargoyle.
Through the course of my fanfics he had altered his appearance. He got rid of his facial hair and allowed his hair to grow long. During the day he keeps it tied back, but at night he leaves it flowing.
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Title: Bluestone's conundrum
Artist: Purplegoldfish [ deviantART page]
Matt Bluetone, like everyone else during "The Mirror," is oblivious to his change-but I figure the little conspiracy theorist in him would think something's up.
If you can't read the dialog, it's:
"Hmm, I could have sworn I was wearing shoes just a moment ago! And what's with that strange picture of the human who looks just like me?"
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Title: MacBeth's Reflection
Artist: Nebulan [@deviantART]
A long time ago, my never to be finished Demona and MacBeth fanfic had MacBeth turn into a gargoyle (so this is the concept originally developed by RogueDragon). I have since decided that was stupid and am still working on writing the story. But I still think it's an interesting concept, seeing as MacBeth starts out respecting gargoyles and then ends up having a nasty prejudice against them that causes him to try to kill Goliath clan, all thanks to Demona... hehe.
Additional Entry - I actually started this before the topic was announce. I had taken a picture of myself, CG-atized it and then maniped it to be my gargoyles character, hehe. So I put them together :D
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Title: Reaching Out
Artist: Night Shadow [NS405 on Deviantart]
One one side, a girl unsure of herself. She longs to leave this world and its cruelties. One the other, a gargoyle, confident and bold. She is determined and unwavering. The gargoyle is a free to go as her wings can take her. The girl is only as free as the corners of her imagination allow. Two souls, different as night and day, reaching across the realms of imagination and realtiy to one another. Are they the same, two souls from one mold? I like to think so.
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Title: Mink's Biggest Mistake
Artist: Keylaleigh [The FAC]
Mink had really made a mistake this time. Instead of summoning her pet rabbit, she got something completely different. It wasn't a six foot knight or fire-breathing dragon like the last two times, but herself! Well, herself with claws and wings. What will her mentor think of this??? Here is the lowdown: Mink is actually a dimension traveler who is stuck in this dimension. She has been trying to summon her pet rabbit from her home dimension, but keeps getting other things summoned instead. This normally drags her into interesting and exciting adventures. Aah yes... my scanner was evil to me today and the pic came out like crap... sorry...
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Title: Guardian of the Eggs
Artist: Alkaline-Lady [Alkaline-Lady's DA]
The Magus looked at Katharine's face, and was moved by the heartache he saw there.
"I wish to soar with my eggs, at least once, before I die....My time with them is fleeting, and I fear that I will forget what it is to be their guardian. A human guardian of the eggs. I'm no gargoyle. But I wish....just once...."
The tear that glimmered on her cheek was almost more than he could bear. And he raised his staff and channeled what Avalon would give him, to give her a gift. It was brief and short lived but it was one she would not forget, even as he lay dreaming in the King's hallowed hill."
The Magus was so in love with Katharine he would have done anything for her, even give her up. I figured that if she wanted it more than anything he'd make her be able to fly with her children once in her life, so she could understand completely what she was protecting.
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Title: The Mirror
Artist: Laindragon [DevArt]
A mirror - anything that portrays a reflection... what if what is being portrayed is just a lie...
this is my depiction of a mirror... if you look close u can see a dim reflection of her or what she used to be...
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Title: What Might Have Been
Artist: Pearl [stephi's place to crash]
She remembered being human. Before the accident, things could have been different. Sometimes, when no one is watching, she reflects on what might have been, if she were normal again.
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Title: Puck
Artist: Stephanie [DeviantArt Gallery]
Puck as a gargoyle
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Title: Human Honeymoon
Artist: Spike [MommySpike at DeviantArt]
In the upcoming story, "Human Honeymoon," Alex turns Kirin and Ariana into humans after an unfortunate incident that requires them to lie low for a while. They agree to travel with Alex to the West Coast under the guise of his body guards and it's a learning experience for all concerned.
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Title: Still the Same
Artist: Lioness-gargress [DevART]
Even as gargoyles these two donít get along vary well if they do at all. Jackal to confuse on why he has a beak. I think itís obvious. Hyena just having fun teasing him about it, and announcing it to the world.
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Title: I Am Not A Monster
Artist: Ylla [YLLA.ORG]
... but you have to look deep inside to see it.
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