December 1998: Gargoyles in Winter

Its the first month of the MGC, so we thought we'd keep the topic rather vague and see what all you talented people could come up with ^_^ So, anything dealing with winter, winter holidays, snow and gargs..goes! Have fun!

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Title: "Return to innocence"
Artist: Ylla [Ylla's Art Gallery]
For some reason the further I got in this pic on the sketch-finished road, the more the pic kept losing the original atmosphere. So I stopped at the ink. Enigma sings that song and it goes something like "It's not the begining of the end... It's the return to innocence". Maybe not everything is over for Demona?
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Title: Family Christmas
Artist: Titania [Titania's Website]
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Title: Untitled
Artist: Mirai Wind [Mirai Wind's Webpage]
After briefly panicking when I remembered about this thing *waves to Lady*, I got a nice, sweet idea that was holiday-ish. Cirrus (in garg form) was gonna drop off a present for Sirocco, proving that he may be dementedly psychotic, but he still loves his siblings. ^_^ (poor Talon...) This pic ain't it. If you really wanna know what "hunting the winter moon" involves, i guess i'll write it for the Grove. ;}
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Title: Snow
Artist: Cheerio [Cheerio's website]
Artistic WINNER!
It took me one whole day to draw and color this picture. What a pain in the but. :) hope you like it! ^_^
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Title: Snow Angels
Artist: Prysm [Sorrow's Haven]
Hehe, she's making snow angels, if you cant tell ^_- I'm not sure exactly why but the idea of a garg doing that really appealed to me for some reason, *l* though i guess its much easier of course ;) Its just a skech cause i put it off till the last min, bad bad me.
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Title: Mistletoe
Artist: Ithil []
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