June 2006: Back in Time: 1970s

Another fun Back in Time topic for you all to play with! This time, take your favorite gargs back to the 1970s - What would your gargoyles have been doing?

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Title: Sisterhood is Beautiful
Artist: Alkaline-Lady [ Alkaline's DA]
The seventies were a time of civil rights activism of all kinds. Acceptance of women as equals, and the big break in of the GLBTQ to the mainstream were two big things. Sisterhood is Beautiful, was a rallying cry for the women, and for alot of female related rights activism.
The two portrayed here are boogying down, one being a nudist/hippie/activist with her lover, the hippie gargoyle who's getting her groove on.
Simple toleration isn't the answer, it's true acceptance.
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Title: Star Wars Fans
Artist: Nebulan [New Music Vid Page]
Some gargoyles were crazy enough to go see the first Star Wars movie (1977) 12 times in the theaters. My Parents were two of them! When the new movies came out, we followed in their footsteps, but we only saw Phantom 6 times in the theaters.
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Title: Dancing Queen
Artist: Jenny Blue [deviantArt]
"You can dance, You can Jive. Having the time of your life. Ooooo See that girl, watch that scene. Digging the dancing queen."
When I saw this months topic. I had to give it a try. So I took a pic I did years ago and redid her in gargoyle form. This is my third entry, so please be nice. This is what the pic first looked like.
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Title: Tokyo 1977
Artist: Spike [MommySpike's Devart Page]
Ariana rifled idly thru the contents of the open box on Kirin's desk.
It had an eclectic mix of photos, coins, and memorabilia. A flash of color caught her eye and she pulled a photo out. She began giggling, subdued at first but when Kirin gave her a curious look over his shoulder, Ariana burst out in loud, hysterical laughter.
"Oh, sweet Buddha, what now?"
She brandished the photo at him. "You were in the KISS army? Mr. 'Turn that music down, it's too loud?'"
Kirin huffed indignantly and endured her laughter.
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Title: Human Problems become Gargoyle problems
Artist: calasnicov
Well its a female gargoyle in veitnam. I was thinking about demona but why would she help so i made my own
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Title: Reminiscing with Mom
Artist: Shinga [DA Account]
WARNING: Drug referance XD This picture answers the age-old question... what was Demona up to in the 70s?
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Title: Afro
Artist: Angela
Ah, Gabriel. The guy's just got way too much hair. Just a quick sketch, didn't have time for anything else.
Medium: Ballpoint pen and markers
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Title: My lovely Van
Artist: Coda [Deviant Art]
I always loved WV combi and for me 70's mean Led Zep and WV Combis ^^ I HAD to draw that for this month's topic
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Title: Mamma Mia!
Artist: Ylla [YLLA.ORG]
I'm on vacation, away from the internet, and wasn't planning on submitting anything this month. But I just LOVE the musical Mamma Mia!, and so I couldn't help myself but do this poster parody with Angela. :)
47 6
Title: Birth of the fangirl
Artist: elfy016 [devaintart]
I'm kinda new to this but
i've always loved gargoyles so i though i'd try. this is one of the first fangirls of anime, the 70's was the first time american companies really gave us a taste of anime. she is one of the first to get hooked and watches every episode even if it's a rerun^^ the birth of a scarcy thing called the fangirl^~ she even has three plushie of some of the more popular shows (if you're wondering the three plushies are: the red guy in voltron she's holding him, lupin III he's standing, and i
forget his name from starblazers he's sitting)
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