July 2006: Clan Ishimura Take 2

Back in MGC history, March 1999 was the original Clan Ishimura topic - only the 4th topic (5th if you count the one for the mascots), it pulled in a new record of 22 entries and a ton of new artists and was all around awesome.

So now we are going to revisit Clan Ishimura (from the Gargoyles episode "Bushido" in season 2) again and see how they are getting along, meet some new faces... From the original topic... "Design some more of Clan Ishimura! Feel free to include any of the clanners already shown on "Gargoyles", the village where they live etc. Arigato! Have fun ^_^"

Mascot by Shinga!

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Title: Aisuhana
Artist: Jenny Blue [JennyBlue's Devart]
Aisu is a rarity in her clan. Her name means Ice Flower. She is almost pure white with ice blue eyes. Making it easy for her to ware any color but white. She has a odd ice blue pattern going down her whole body. Her wings are dobbled on the same wing arm. Making her a most exception sky dancer.
Her kimono is pail green with pink sakura blossom branches on the sleeves and bottom. It is trimed in yellow. It was modefide for her elbow spires and she had the shoulders opend to show her blue coloring. Her feet are adorned with the clasic japaness sandl. Modefide for her feet.
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Title: jubei yagyu
Artist: mike panas
jubei yagyu from onimusha 2, in gargoyle form. seemed appropriate. i was
gonna do the rest of the onimusha (samanosuke, jaques, soki), but i'm
lazy and didn't feel like it, so eat it. uh, i mean... enjoy, hehehe
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Title: Black Lotus
Artist: Calasnicov
A gargoyle assassin using her training with the Katana and the automatic rifle
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Title: Miko
Artist: Zoe
Miko (as per her namesake) is a Temple Priestess. She was born with stunted wings and is unable to fly so she serves the clan in her own fashion.
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Title: Sora
Artist: RainbowTrekki [DevArt]
she is the second in command of the Ishimura clan in japan-in Bushido eps-i did some seaching and found her name. it was never mention in the credits.
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Title: Tea Time
Artist: Spacebabie [The Tower of X]
This is from a fic that is down the pipes, but the idea is in my head. Jon Canmore needs to set his mind at ease and on suggestion, goes to Ishimura. There he begins his training and relaxation with Yuuyami a name that means Dusk. Yuuyami refers to Jon as Ryoushi(Hunter.) Here they are in the middle of the tea ceremony.
"Ryoushi, is there something wrong?"
"Nothing is wrong."
"But you look troubled."
"Well, It's this Yukata. I should be greatful, but it's pink."
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Title: Nigra of the Hokkaido Clan
Artist: Jai'byrd [The Weirdo Zone]
"Sparks fly as the black female Gargoyle lets the repni stick fall in the dancing flames to let the others know it was time to tell a tale. Dressed in the traditional attush clothing made from the bark of an Elm tree, she sits ramrod straight with her dark wings folded about her shoulders, her odd white-on-red eyes glowing like the flames before her.
'I am Nigra, the historian of my clan, thus I shall tell you an uepeker, or ‘old tale’ of how the now Hokkaido Clan came to be. Once, long ago we were of one clan that came to settle this island nation with our human friends whose ancestors are now called the Japanese. When we set foot upon the land we discovered that these islands were already populated by another group of humans who came before, who called themselves the Ainu. Some of our old clan made friends with these new humans while others remained with the humans we had long traveled with, yet our old
human friends were not as quick to warm to the Ainu. Sadly, over time, the relationship between the two groups of humans soured and pushed the Ainu off their lands and into the cold northern islands.
'This tension between the humans’ also started to effect the clan of Gargoyles as well as some felt that the Ainu were being treated unfairly, but others felt more loyalty toward the humans that they came over with. Thus this discord grew until one day a group of the Gargoyles split from the old clan to go live with their Ainu friends and protect them.
Thus our Hokkaido Clan was formed from this small breakaway group so many years ago. The larger group still exists today, as it is known as the Ishimura Clan. It has been long since we last talked with our cousins, as it may be time to reunite with them to re-create the great clan we once were all a part of.'

Character notes: Nigra named herself, as is the Hokkaido Clan custom when children come of age. She loves history, so she thought it prudent to name herself using a Latin base meaning “black” due to her dark grey to black skin coloring. Her odd eyes are due to a recessive trait, probably thanks to some inbreeding since the Hokkaido Clan is rather small.
If you’d like to learn more about the Ainu people of Japan, check out this link.
She's gliding in front of the Tokyo Tower in this image wearing traditionally designed Ainu clothing...
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Title: Hana of Ishimura
Artist: Annie [DeviantArt]
Taken from Spike's story Koiji with her permission. This is the
female that called Arianna a Busu and got herself thrown into a pond by the
Tengu Three. Spike also said that Hana was related to Yama somehow,
so I used him for a referance. So here she is, Hana of Ishimura!
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most creative image  
Title: One Fruity Gargoyle
Artist: Shinga [DA Account]
I've caught glimpses of a strange fashion trend in Japan. Whether or not it's still going on is unknown to me... but it's called Fruits. Basically Fruits is what happens when you have a closet full of brightly colored crap, and your closet throws up all over you and then you go out in public like that. So I
figured... Gargoyles... Japan... yeeeeah, this little gargoyle will stick out in her clan like a sore thumb. A bright, rainbow-colored randomly accesorized REALLY SORE thumb.
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Title: Kaguya
Artist: Christina
Kaguya's egg was found hidden among the bamboo near a small village, she was taken in and taken care of by the village she grew quickly to a graceful elegant lady however always seemed sad and distant. One day The clan found her and she knew she had to leave. As a member of the Clan Ishimura she always seems distant a shadow watching over them just like the moon she loves so much.
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Title: Lobelia
Artist: Cynny [Deviantart]
She is related to the clan Ishimura, but is not 'part' of them. Stolen as an egg, to be presented to a rich Japanese businessman with an interest in all things rare, she has been raised amongst humans and has never set eyes upon another of her kind. Her "father" catered to her every whim and desire, providing her with shelter and safety. Along with this adopted "daughter" he also had two (human) sons, both heavily
into underground crime, one with a deep-seeded hatred for Lobelia. She
has promised to protect this family as long as she is able, and was taught how to use all matter of weapons. Unfortunately, giving her services
to this family also leaves her at the mercy of her "brother's" orders. Which can be unnecessarily dangerous for her.
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Title: Shuichi's Project
Artist: Nebulan [DA Gallery]
Japanese culture is becoming increasingly popular in the US, more than just anime. One thing I love is the creativity we see in videos online. One of my favorites is the Rube Goldberg device videos like these.
It just amazes me their creativity and patience to do these!
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Title: dance of the wingless
Artist: elfy016 [devaintart]
her name is Sorano(of the sky) Usagi (moon). she wants to be a Geisha but she can't because she's A) born to late(wrong century) and B) a gargoyle, but she hopes that one day she can dance with real geisha. yes i know there are still geisha, but i think gargoyle geisha's would be uncomon. i don't mean the kind of geisha that a lot of people think of. i mean the kind that just
entertain, NOT SEX! another problem with her becoming a geisha as many of her clain members have pointed out is she shows a bit to much skin^.~ she just loves that goth lolita stuff.
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most artistic image  
Title: Sakaki
Artist: Spike [MommySpike's DA page]
In chapter one of "Koiji", Sakaki dresses up in a formal kimono for Kirin's welcome back party.
Married women wear a slightly different kimono from young girls; the sleeves are shorter, the obi is tied in a drum knot instead of the elaborate butterfly knot, and the colors are more subtle and reserved. As Kai's mate, Sakaki wears a simple design of reeds and lotus flowers on her favorite color of green.
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Title: Tarok the Gargoyle
Artist: Shadowprincess1o [Shadowprincess1o]
I drew this entire drawing 20 minutes on regular paint program.
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Title: Blessed
Artist: Heather H. [Heather H.'s Deviantart Gallery]
MommySpike aka Christi Smith Hayden just recently put up part two
of her latest Gargoyles fanfiction, Koiji. (link here)
If anyone is a Kirin fan, you will know his sad past with his ex-mate and his longing to be a father. I'm not going to give spoilers but the stories are a must-read!
Keiko © Christi Smith Hayden
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Title: Shichi Go San
Artist: Ylla [YLLA.ORG]
Even little gargoyles get to have Shichi Go San, the traditional Japanese Shinto ceremony for girls age 3 and 7. For this little one, dressing up in a pretty kimono is the best part of the ceremony, along with running off to her family garden afterwards. Photoshop.
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