August 2006: Happy Anniversary, MGC!

Can you believe that the re-starting of MGC was FOUR years ago this month? We've all had a lot of fun and certainly produced some amazing artwork together! So this month is all about MGC - say thanks to our hard working mascots Ekka and Pinto by drawing THEM this month! Get creative and have fun, just keep to the usual general rules. Draw one or both, any age, any activity as long as it's clean! ;)
Thanks to Spike and MAui for the brainstorming!

I know Siryn is gonna kill me for digging out the ORIGINAL drawing of Ekka and Pinto from the first ever 'Design the Mascot' contest, but I couldn't resist! It was a long long time ago! *L*

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Title: Twins Vs. Twins
Artist: Shinga [DevArt]
Ekka and Pinto are left in the care of Graeme and Ariana. And for those of you with kids, or who have had enough experience with them... leaving kids alone for five minutes is never, EVER a good idea, right? ESPECIALLY if they're too quiet. ;)
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Title: Day Dreaming
Artist: Bethsheba [Lunar Loft]
here's a quick sketch of pinto, i wanted to do him since i've never drawn a garg with a beak, looks a bit older than what I was aiming for but it's all good ^_^ Even though ekka isn't in the pic, thanks to both of you for all your hard work ^_^
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Title: Family Portrait
Artist: RogueDragon [RogueDragon@DevArt]
I'm a weirdo, and a while back I had pondered that if Syrin was Ekka and Pinto's mum (as hinted to in the good/evil topic Jan 2003), what might their dad look like? So when this topic came up I dug out that doodle. I hope Siryn doesn't mind ^^;
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Title: Shall we dance
Artist: elfy016 [devaintart]
I've been on a dress and suit/vest kick. No clue why, I just am. So I was talking to someone and he said that he met this girl who was having a coming out into society party. WE both were like what the heck?! But on the bright side it gave me this idea^^ Happy 4th birthday guys^^
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Title: Ekka and Pinto
Artist: Techan [deviantart techan]
Nooo ... you will not find any other gargoyle pic in meh site, this just a sentimental momento Id like to send here.
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Title: Egyptian Ekka and Pinto
Artist: Nebulan [Music Vids]
This is my own little celebration of MGC! I've been here nearly 3 years now, and I've always wanted to do an Egyptian topic, but sadly, I missed that one, so here's my chance!
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Title: Sibling Revenge
Artist: Icegaze [DevArt]
I use the first picture of Ekka and Pinto as reference - Ekka's getting muched-deserved revenge against her evil sibling! He started it!
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Title: Ekka Dolly
Artist: Jenny Blue [JennyBlue's Devart]
Well, what made me do this one was. I couldn't sleep and when that happens I make dolls. The kind that ppl like to put on there sites. So I thought I would make a Ekka doll. I would have done a Pinto one too. But beaks are still tricky for me. An I figgered it would also be something diffrent from what I normaly do. Hope you all like.
Base from:
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Title: summer nights
Artist: RainbowTrekki [Deviant art]
Ekka and Pinto are injoying the last days of summer nights. this one of the longest pices i had done.
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Title: Happy aniversary!
Artist: Ayatori [Lefiel deviant art]
Um i have always wanted to enter an MGC contest. its Pinto wantin a pice of that cake!!
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Title: Teen Ekka & Pinto
Artist: Spike [MommySpike at DevArt]
Because little hatchlings grow up to be teenagers.
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Title: Memories
Artist: Asia [Asia's DevArt]
Wheee!!! I finally bothered to submit something for the first time in almost 4 years and for the 4 year revival anniversary as well, now it's that lovely?
Anywho what with so much time as offical mascots I imagine that it would be fun for Ekka and Pinto to simply relax and look back from time to time. ^.^
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Title: Linen Anniversary
Artist: Ylla [YLLA.ORG]
The fourth anniversary is the linen anniversary, and Art Nouveau is great for drapery. Ekka and Pinto, chilling on the grass.
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