September 2006: Gargoyles on the Job

Hey, even gargoyles need money to buy the things they want, right? So what's a poor gargoyle to do besides go out and join the masses in the workplace! Dust off the resumes and interview clothes of your favorite gargoyles and send them out into the work force - whether the work force is ready for them or not... ;)

Mascots by Spike!

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Title: Hard Hats
Artist: Shinga [DA Gallery]
Aww, lookit the ignorant new guy! o.o Seriously, I really don't have much to say about this one. XD
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Title: Dishwasher
Artist: RainbowTrekki [DeviantArt]
The joys of the workforce-me i have been washing dishes at Thai restaurant for 3 years.
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Title: By Day... By Night
Artist: Nebulan [DA Gallery]
By day, a history teacher and a business owner. By Night... something else ;)
3 11
Title: Good Cop, Bad Cop
Artist: Purplegoldfish [deviantART page]
Goliath joins the force...and Elisa is all too happy to give him some helpful tips!
So who's the good cop and who's the bad cop? ;)
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Title: Night Artist
Artist: Ylla [YLLA.ORG]
I wondered what kind of a profession a gargoyle can realistically go into, and realized that an internet artist is the perfect job for a girl who's up to the task. She can work at night, and she can hide her identity behind an internet nickname. She can't go to conventions, but she can send art to them. She can even get her supplies without ever stepping inside an art store. The job requires minimal face-to-face interaction with humans, and can support itself if she's good enough. What more could a creative girl like her ask for? :)
59 9
Title: How The Mighty Have fallen
Artist: Jenny Blue [Jenny's DevArt]
I couldn't figer out what to do. Till I was sitting in a buger king. Then it hit me. "Good Buger" from the show "All That", it was one of their old skits and I loved it. So Why not have Thalog work there. With all the fast food places open so late now. Why not have a gargoyle work it and who better then the one who thought he was too good to work?
Thalog:"Welcome to Good Buger,
Home of the Good Buger.
May I take your order?"
Whispers under breath:
"Oh how I hate my life!"
Good Buger copyright of "All That"
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Title: Mr. Barry gargified
Artist: Nola
Okay, this is my first entry to MGC. Over the summer, I found this site accidentally, and though I'd never seen the series, I had seen the movie, like, the original one and loved it. Yah, so this is my art teacher, Mr. Barry, gone gargoyle. His favorite saying is "Good-good?" so I incorperated it into my picture. He would, of course, teach night classes as a gargoyle. I kind of went crazy with the shading, partly because we haven't gotten that far in his class yet, so sorry about that. Anywho, his first name is "Greg" so I put in "Garg" instead and then wrote "Greg" underneath it. Please don't kill me for my stupid play on words! **whimpers and cringes in anticipation of objects hurled in her general direction**
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