November 2006: Black and White

Once again, we are allowing you free reign and letting you draw anything you want... ALMOST. ;) The rule this time is to leave out the color completely and create your masterpiece in black, white, and the shades in between. Entry subjects must follow the general rules, but otherwise, get creative!

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Title: Call me Gabby!
Artist: Nicole/NCN1008
This is my new character Gabriella. She's best friend to my character Elora. She loves burgers, malts and short skirts. Anything to show of her strong body. She's a talented soul, loves to sing and delights in making new human friends.
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Title: Aeren
Artist: Angela
Portrait of Aeren. Here he is in the good years, before fever damaged his brain and he lost his sanity.
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Title: Something's Wrong with Manhattan
Artist: Zeki [SleepyFerret's Y!Gallery (adults only)]
Something's wrong with me.
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Title: The Myth - The Legend
Artist: Lynnwood [Lynnie at DA]
A B&W sketch of my Scottish Garg chara Duncan modeling his leather kilt and one of his tamer t-shirts. ^^;
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Title: Flashback
Artist: Nebulan [DA gallery]
Demona and MacBeth remembering that they were once allies in a distant past.
This was the first time I've ever done anything like this. I "colored" the picture using 4 prismacolor pencils: white, black, 30% gray and 70% gray. :D
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Title: Swinging Sussie
Artist: Emili Alys [DevArt]
As the theme was black and white i thought i would based my piece on the old black and white characters of the 1920's. Heres Sussie in her flapper like swim suit. Enjoy
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Title: Sorrow: Black and White
Artist: Jenny Blue [Jenny's Dev]
I almost didn't finish this. I had done this in color some time back. An wanted to do a b&w of it one day. So I did. Took me longer then it did when I used color. Colored
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Title: Gabriel
Artist: RainbowTrekki [deviantart]
He may be a big and scary but he has a soft heart.
He was also in the comic with his friend Puck.
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Title: Tainted love
Artist: Epantiras []
This month's topic gave me the idea of portraying a "tainted love", when someone believes to be able to change his/her partner's heart while it's the partner who change the other's heart, corrupting it.
Black, white and all the shades of gray are great to symbolize how good gets "tainted" and becomes evil.
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Title: Eva
Artist: Shahrezad1
Eva, Eve. Derived originally from the Hebrew Hawah, adopted into the Greek and Latin Eua, Heva, or Eva. "Mother of the living."
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Title: Stormy Savannah
Artist: Visionspring [My online portfolio]
A powerful african gargoyle atop a mighty white lion. This is a painting of my Southeast african gargoyle character, Zinzile. It was a real challenge to create the image, because I love colours too much! hehe ^^
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Title: The Morning Guard
Artist: Shii [DeviantArt]
I immediately thought of stone sleep and Valar's castle walls when I read black and white theme. So this is what came out. I'm actually quiet pleased with it.
Originally there was going to be another Gargoyle in the foreground but he was taking away from Devon, whom I wanted to be the main focal point. The overlapping buildings look kinda lame but I'm not entirely annoyed with them. And of course, Devon is the Gargoyle that resides in Valar, raised by the community has tradition among her kind.
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Title: B&W Ariana
Artist: Spike [MommySpike's DevArt page]
Just a simple black & white portrait of Ariana looking pretty.
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Title: Sillia
Artist: Christina [DeviantArt]
Just my pritty little Sillia sittin pritty
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Title: Angel of the Night
Artist: Ylla [YLLA.ORG]
She comes in the night and leaves in the night, enveloped in darkness.
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Title: Cairn Warder
Artist: Kythera of Anevern []
This was originally planned for the "Celtic Gargoyles" topic, but didn't make it in time. But lo, it seems a black and white Mórgú gets to see the light of day after all! Detail
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