December 2006: Heraldic/Animal-Based Gargoyles

Remember the gargoyle clan in London, and the way they resembled familiar animals or creatures of myth? Well, let's give them some company by designing and drawing more gargoyles who's forms are based on, or are related to, those of animals! Well known mythic creatures will count, too.

Mascot by Nebulan! Thanks! :D

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Title: untitled
Artist: RainbowTrekki [DeviantArt]
The garden of the forest animals.
This was inspirited from a friends avatar.
1 1
Title: Laza
Artist: Galax [Website]
This is laza. He's actually an snow leopard but for one night he was magically converted into an gargoyle.
8 1
Title: Pandagoyle
Artist: Thrall1138 [inThralled]
I had done this awhile ago when I had gotten confused by a previous mgc topic. A chinese Goyle who uses a bamboo staff. One of my furrier drawings.
0 2
Title: Tiger Gargoyle
Artist: Cheska [Deviantart gallery]
Well, this is my first entry to the MGC, although I've been coming here for a long time now. Saw the description for this month's entry, and it just so happened that I had something on this machine that could work. She's not in color, but she was completed in charcoal, kind of a beginning place for a newer character of mine, who is, as yet, still unnamed. I was also doing a little experimenting with different brow ridges, thought this one was interesting, and I got the markings off of a tiger cub I photographed a long time ago, very different looking stripes, I loved them a lot.
0 1
Title: Welcome to my Home
Artist: Nebulan [DeviantArt]
Yay! Another excuse to draw Egyptian gargoyles! Qebehiel is hawk-headed like Ra or Horus, but she lives in hidden ruins with her clan in modern Egypt.
9 10

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Title: Medusa
Artist: valaheri [DeviantArt]
Medusa, of the clan of Athens.
(In Greek mythology, Medusa is one of the Gorgons, Poseidon's lover, that was cursed… you know: snakes for hair and ability to turn people to stone with her gaze... a very nice personality!)
4 16
Title: Tyler
Artist: Valky [DeviantArt]
This is my second entry to MGC. The heraldic animal idea really appealed to me. So. Here is Tyler, a Highland bull, playing guitar (possibly naked. Let's just say that he's seen "The Goodbye Girl" too many times) atop a heraldic shield with a heraldic bull in the center.
Tyler is one of those guys we all knew in High School. A little drifty, a bit "zen." He doesn't care that it's near impossible to play guitar with only three thick, sharp "fingers."
Tyler is also the Lighting designer for the theater my clan lives in and works for.
5 3
Title: Fox Child
Artist: Jenny Blue [Jenny's Dev]
Though many in her clan and rookery like one of the most popular past time sport of fox hunting. This little fox does not. She does not have a name at this time.
1 1
Title: Pub Dog
Artist: Spike [Mommyspike on DevArt]
I have the acquaintance of a number London gargoyles but while most of them are noble and heraldic, some are them are most decided not -- and Dodger likes it that way. His protectorate revolves around his favorite pub and he keeps his little corner of London safe.
15 13
Title: Viciously Cute
Artist: Night Shadow [NS405 on Deviantart]
When you think of Heraldry, you generaly think of eagles, lions, and other majestic animals. Well, I wanted to do something that most people probably wouldn't think of. So, I did some reserch on Heraldry and I found this guy, the Ermine (or Stoat). A cute little mammal related to the Ferret with vicious tendencies. Background image was found on Wikipedia.
0 3
Title: Monn skies and fish tails
Artist: elfy016 [devaintart]
Not many know that there are fish gargoyles. they pefer to not be known by outsiders. in the past the preditor garg's fought the gentaler fish garg's constantly. resently the youth have been useing each other ablities to hunt and gaurd their homes better. these young gargs are often cast out and form their own clans with others like them. they form close nit families and sometimes even find love.
wee! fish gargoyles! the girl is a goldfish and the boy is a hammer head shark.
0 4
Title: Welles
Artist: Beedoo! [Beedoo!'s Den]
I noticed a decided lack of dragons in the London clan... Why? Maybe because he was Welsh! So here we have Welles, based off the traditional red dragon design.
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Title: "She was like the Moon but more like the Sun"
Artist: Shii [Deviantart]
Last minute entry, this was done away from my photoshop and colored with nasty markers. I intended her to be a lioness but then I added the spots so now she's...mixed.
18 5

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