February 2007: Canon Romance

Ahh, romance! Whatever your personal feelings about Valentine's Day, it makes a good excuse for topics like this! The challenge for this month is to choose a character from the show, and draw them in a romantic pairing with... well, anyone else. Only one partner has to be a canon character, you can get creative with who they might hook up with!
Remember to keep things PG rated! ^_^

Mascot by Shinga!

March's Topic Will Be: A redo of the Beneath the Waves topic from June 2000 (Mascot claimed by RogueDragon!)

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Title: Goliath and Elisa's Commitment Ceremony
Artist: Lloyd Frisone
In Greg Weisman's Master Plan, Goliath and Elisa would eventually get married, though he hadn't decided if it would be a human style marriage or a Gargoyle style marriage or a combination of the two so Greg merely said they would have a Commitment Ceremony. This is my illustration of how they would be dressed for their Ceremony. Elisa would be wearing a Modern Wedding Gown. Obviously, Goliath would look weird in a tuxedo but he couldn't go to his own wedding in only a loincloth so I decided to put him in a black robe with white trim to give him a more formal look but be remeniscent of the time period he was born in, the Dark Ages. I drew this picture out in pen first, then scanned it into my computer and used an effect called Stamp which made the shapes solid black. Then, I colored it in a Paint Document.
10 1
Title: By the Fireplace
Artist: Ylla [YLLA.ORG]
One of the coziest and most romantic places I know, cozier than a cute French restaurant and more romantic than a boat on a lake in the evening, is in front of the fireplace on a cold night. And, after everything they've been through together, I think Goliath and Elisa deserve some cozy, romantic time to themselves with a cup of hot cocoa and a crackling fire. Happy Valentine's day! ^__^
8 0
Title: Surprise, Beloved
Artist: Amanda 'Shinga' Bussell [DA Gallery]
My favorite canon couple EVER IN THE HISTORY OF EVERYTHING. And Broadway is totally the type to fix up a surprise romantic Valentine's dinner. Cooked by him and everything.
10 1
Title: Star-Crossed Lovers
Artist: Melissa_Bee
Angela and Broadway enjoy an evening of star-gazing and snuggling. I've always enjoyed this pairing because I think sweet, caring Broadway fits nicely with Angela.
1 0
Title: Fireside nap
Artist: Tyler Shepard (inks), eSeamus (colors) [SterileArt]
Even Beasts deserve love. :3
0 10
Title: Love is a sketchy word
Artist: Angel [Deviantart.com]
Poor Brooklyn! Dispite Maggie's rebuffs, he still tries to tell her how he feels.
0 0
Title: I Now Pronounce You Husband and Wife
Artist: Nebulan [deviantart gallery]
Ok, so this is as close as this couple came to being canon, but it's still my favorite gargoyles couple!!
1 4
Title: Boobzez
Artist: Zeki
I had some trepidations about submitting this, but ultimately it seemed a waste not to after I spent two hours on it. Drew with a mouse, in MSPaint, per usual. Uhh.... what can I say, I adore Puck, and so does my horrible fuzzy alter-ego. Unfortunately, she's a little
unclear as to how to profess one's love....
0 1
Title: Valentine surprise
Artist: valaheri [DeviantArt]
Leo and Una’s couple probably isn’t the best matched, at least for what we have seen in the show, but maybe it's down to a very “English style” composure and in reality, in the intimacy of their house, they have a playfully passionate relationship!
Not a too romantic pic: just for smile!
13 17
Title: Goliath and Elisa
Artist: Galax [Galax's Website]
Just Goliath and Elisa, the best relationship ever ^^
1 1

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Title: Love HURTS
Artist: Epantiras [DeviantArt]
This short comic is dedicated to all those people who are sick of Valentine, mainly because they don't have any reason to celebrate it -_-
Love hurts, even if you're a poor innocent who just could not hold his tongue...
1 20
Title: Ancient Love
Artist: Alice Marina
This is my first submission ever. Since Demona is my favorite character from the show, I decided to depict her tragic love affair with Goliath in a midnight meeting under the night sky.
3 2
Title: The Many Loves of Brooklyn
Artist: Spike [Mommyspike on DevArt]
Poor Brooklyn... so many girls, so little time. I once wrote a story called "Catfight" where eight of his fanfic mates fought over Brooklyn so I thought be silly and do it again. This time I only featured five of his fanfic mates -- Angela, Sata (TGS), Avery (CSHayden), Kanthara (Karine Charlebois), and Carbonear (Dylan Blacquiere).
2 12
Title: Moondance
Artist: Lynati
Who knows what the future might hold?
9 4

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Title: Paying No Heed
Artist: Purplegoldfish [DeviantArt Page]
Cagney will have to wait a while to be fed ;)
25 1
Artist: Holmponyfan2
This is my entry for this month's contest. I've been big on several things for several years, but Gargoyles and Rurouni Kenshin have been my ultimate favorite so far. And when I found out the title and theme for this month's contest . . . well, I couldn't resist. A lot of my fanfictions are a cross over of these two epic creations and I've always loved the Kenshin/Kaoru and Goliath/Elisa pairings. But wouldn't it be funny if one or the other had a dream where they'd fallen in love with someone completely different? I couldn't help but draw it out, especially after I saw Christi Smith Hayden's entry on DA. I've taken after her, Rita M. and Bri-chan too much now. I've done my own single-page fan comic!! ^_^
Everyone please enjoy! I hope it gets a chuckle out of at least a few people. ^_^
7 17

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