March 2007: Underwater Gargoyles

Another redo topic, this time of the 'Beneath the Waves' topic from June 2000. The challenge is to design a gargoyle or gargoyles to live underwater, rather than in the skies! You can base the design off an existing aquatic species or start from scratch, but give us some info about your choices if you will, just for fun. ^_^
Mascot by RogueDragon! Thanks! :)

April's Topic Will Be: Illustrate a Poem - can be original or published if credited. (Mascot claimed by Lynati!)

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Title: Behind Glass
Artist: Polaroasis
It took me a while to decide what I wanted to do but decided on a lion fish and a clown fish. The lion fish for the simple fact it was the most obvious to change into a female character. The clown fish though was just as a character off set to the lion fish something goofier that would off set her subtle colors. As an animator it was fun to go back to finishing the entire picture from start to finish not just the drawing that is needed to make the motion and letting the boring work to be done by everyone else.
1 3
Title: Atlantean Gargoyle
Artist: Nebulan [RogueNebulan]
Om'nic is actually an amphibious alien character I created a while ago, it didn't take a lot of changes to make her an aquatic gargoyle (she already had the wings/fins and tail). Hehe, yay for gargoyles/stargate crossovers :D
2 1
Title: Deep-sea gargoyle
Artist: Keenir
A deep-sea gargoyle, whose ancestors lost their forearms, and the wings took on a new use. Not sure just how intelligent this species is -- it might share an IQ with Bronx, or it might be dimmer.
0 1
Title: Loch Guardian
Artist: Hidden Traveler [Deviant Art]
Hailing form the dark depths of Loch Ness this younge aquatic gargoyle does her best to keep the pod of creatures that live in the Loch hidden from the humans.
ADDITIONAL ENTRY: Loch Guardian and Nessie - A shot of the Loch Guardian with one of her charges.
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Title: Pause
Artist: Angel [Deviantart]
Just a MerGargoyle, pausing in his rounds to check out just who exactly is checking out him. (Done in Painter 7 after hours of library research. Loved all the tropical, caribbean colors!)
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Title: Deepsea jellyfish girl
Artist: elfy016 [devaintart]
done real quick cause i'm so busy this month, sorry guys^^; i've got this obession with deep sea fish, so i tried to design a garg around one of the deep sea jellyfish.
3 11

most artistic image  
Title: Ta'aroa
Artist: Zoe [JaxPad:P_moss]
Named for the sea god of Maori mythology, he is a protector of the seas creatures.
11 2
Title: The Swimmer
Artist: G.
Originally a portrait of Michael Phelps, the Olympic swimmer. Unfortunately, he somehow aquired gills and marking-spots and horns, and a very flat nose. But the goggles are his.
8 1
Title: Loch Ness Monsters
Artist: Purplegoldfish [DeviantArt page]
This is my take on gargoyles from the Loch Ness Clan, from descriptions by creator Greg Weisman. Two young clan members play with one of their "monster" charges. Of course I had to make the female purple ;)
7 2
Title: Triangle Clan
Artist: Valky [Deviantart]
I decided to create an Aquatic Gargoyle species similar to our existing, Canon Gargoyles.
These three are Etienne, Coop, and Daphne, members of the Triangle Clan, located somewhere in the Bermuda Triangle. They belong to a species of Gargoyles which has evolved to live underwater. Unlike Land Gargoyles, these three have gill slits and vestigial wings. However, these Gargoyles still undergo a sleep phase similar to Canon Gargoyles' "Stone Sleep," although aquatic Gargoyles turn to wood, rather than stone, enabling them to blend with the ships and pose as figureheads while they sleep (Daphne can be seen in the background, about to awake from this state). These Gargoyles are charged with the protection of Ship graveyards, guarding the final resting place of many a drowned sailor. They are a fairly serious lot as a result.
1 4
Title: Underwater Gargoyle
Artist: Galax [Website]
If Gargoyles were to live underwater, evolution would have gone in many different ways.
In our imagination, mermen always have a powerful fishtail instead of legs. But Gargoyles already have a tail, so most propably, this tail would have evolved into a fishtail, while the legs would make more sense in the form of additional flippers.
And to the last, wings are not useful unerwater. Hence they may be accrued to the torso, like it is seen at Lexington's wings, enveloping the whole body, or perhaps function as a huge, twofolded dorsal fin, as it can be seen in my picture.
4 9

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Title: Seabeast
Artist: Spike [MommySpike on DevArt]
I figure if there can be underwater gargoyles, then there should also be underwater gargoyle beasts. This is based on the frilled shark, which is a fish too weird-looking to be real.
10 15
Title: So cute!
Artist: Lynati [The Gathering 2021: Sealab]
A few months ago I was in the mood to make a website, for practice in html and visual design. I was at a loss for what to make the site about; what content, what *theme* to give it. My roommate suggested I make a website for a fake convention. As fate would have it, wed spent the previous day watching her DVD of the first season of Sea Lab: 2021. And over the next few weeks, this site developed.
I created this cute little guy to be the mascot. The inspiration for his design was drawn from Dolphins, Manta Rays, and Clownfish.
5 6
Title: Requiem for a Betta
Artist: Alkaline-Lady [Alkaline-Lady's Deviantart]
This is a work in progress actually but seeing that I just got to this point only a few moments before the deadline for the months entries I guess I'll have to just upload the finished product to my DA and show people there ;) --My betta of a year and a half, Amun-Ra finally died over spring vacation. So, as a tribute to him, I present this fresh water gargoyle, Amun-Ra. :) He lives in a rice paddy and ferociously fights off any other sparkly pretty males.--uh...yeah. Probably not.
9 6
Title: Vaalitan
Artist: Joshernaut [Joshernaut's Deviant Art]
I've drawn Vaal for a while now, and SADLY I missed the deadline for people to vote for him. But I made a snazzy new picture of him, with Nemo.. alas, poor Nemo ;)

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