January 1999: Baby Gargoyles

By popular request, the second month of MGC features babygoyles, what a cute way to start off the new year ^_-. Again the topic is pretty broad, so the only directions are: draw either characters from the show "Gargoyles" or your own gargoyle character as a hatchling,toddler or little kid. And remember creativity first! Have fun ^_^ ps. Though many artists have probably already done pics of a babygarg at sometime or another, we would greatly apreciate it if they did a new one, instead of submitting the old, whenever possible :) thanks!

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Title: Baby Hudson
Artist: Spike [The Rockaway]
Once upon a time, a very tough defender of chat was just the cutest widdle thing!!!
Additional entries:
Spike as a baby
Crim and baby sister Harley: Brooklyn and Avery's Kids
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Title: Skye as a toddler
Artist: NightWing
I thought it'd be kawwi to see what my hippie-garg, Skye would look like as a toddler. ^_^
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Title: Baby Damocles
Artist: Damocles [The Nexus]
My Garg form as a hatchling. :)
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Title: Untitled
Artist: Dawn Angela [Dawn Angela's Website]
While the rookery mothers away the hatchlings will play :)
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Title: Robin as a Gargoyle
Artist: Jenn
I found this -adorable- picture of my younger sister IRL, Robin, when she was 1 and a half. She looked so cute in her little Easter dress .. I just had to gargoylize it! So I sketched it, inked it, and then colored it with MS Paint :)
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Title: Baby Mercedes
Artist: Mercedes
Uh, oh! Look who's making a mess now! :) I've never drawn a picture of a baby, much less one of a baby Mercedes, but I think she came out cute, don't you?
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Title: Brats
Artist: Prysm [Sorrow's Haven]
Hehe, its lil Lady and lil Ithil, being brats..what else ? ;)
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Title: Untitled
Artist: CrzyDemona [Crzy's Mansion]
I originally did this one for Scott Mercure (Mistra is his fanfic creation). A sad moment but an adorable little hatchling.
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Title: Troublemaker
Artist: Kenna Street [Kenna's Webpage]
Looks like Demona always was a trouble maker.
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Title: "Hey there..."
Artist: Aimee "Angela" Major [Aimee's Studio]
Please wait for the page to load! :) I got inspired, hope you guys like it!
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Title: Brats
Artist: Ithil [Myst.org]
they're brats! they're just brats! nothing else to say:P
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Title: Untitled
Artist: Mirai Wynd
See, my excuse is I kept forgeting. ;P *huddles from angry mobs* rated pg -13
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Title: Hatching Jade
Artist: Jade
This is my char, Jade, hatching, and looking a little confused ;)
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Title: Sahara as a hatchling
Artist: Sahara [Sahara's Website]
Sahara as a hatchling.
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