April 2007: Illustrate a Poem

I thought about trying to write the topic description as a poem, but chickened out. *L* Yes, the topic for this month is to illustrate a poem, or lines from a poem. The poem can be your original work, or a published piece as long as proper credit is given and it's treated respectfully. If you don't use the entire poem in your entry, please give us info as to where we can find it, if you would be so kind. ^_^
NOTE: Sorry, we are not accepting entries based on song lyrics, no matter how poetic. That's a topic for another month. ^_^

Mascot by Lynati, illustrating Shel Silverstein's "Where the Sidewalk Ends"

May's Topic Will Be: Forces of Nature - Draw gargoyles personifying or dealing with things like the elements, storms, volcanoes, etc. (Mascot is done!)

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Title: My Jar
Artist: Polaroasis
This is a poem that I did. It's an older one from years back but I still like it. The character that I used is named Ollie and has been used in many of my 2D animations for fun.
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Title: The Raven
Artist: Ravyn [SesshomaruTaisho on devART]
When I saw this month's topic, I knew exactly which poem I wanted to do. Me, being the Poe freak that I am, opted to do "The Raven." Originally I was going to do the end verse, but I'm also a Simpsons fan so when I thought of "The Raven," I remembered the Halloween special in which Lisa read that poem and started cracking up.
So I decided to illustrate my favorite part of the episode and poem, featured here with a gargified Edgar A. Poe, complete with Bart-raven. How could I resist? A somewhat original take on an American classic. Note: Poe was actually well known for his passion when reading this poem to an audience and once scared some servants so badly when reading this part, that they ran to the back of the house Poe was a guest in.
(The aritst does not claim ownership of anything related to 'The Simpsons')
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Title: Jabberwocky
Artist: Gold Demona [DevArt]
The first thing I thought when I saw this month's topic was "The Raven". But then I thought "That's too obvious." Then I thought "Maybe a poetic-sounding song lyric" So I asked if that was ok and was told no-no.
So I looked through some more poetry and stumbled upon the works of Lewis Carroll, and then I thought "Eureka!". What better poetry than the kind that makes little to no sense at all? It's hard not to love the work of Lewis Carroll, even if you have no idea what a mome rath is or why they outgrabe. =P
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Title: Roses are Red
Artist: Nebulan [DA Gallery]
Lol, I've been kinda stressed this month so I did a quick and silly entry :P
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Title: Silence Falls
Artist: Alkaline-Lady [Alkaline's DA]
This piece was inspired by the poem "Silence Falls on Mecca's Walls" by Robert E. Howard- I didn't put the text on there but here's the URL to the poem. The backstory behind this is complex but the summary is this. Amzil, the red skinned, tailless, wingless male is Kalila's mentor, guardian and teacher but also her mate. When he returns to her from the battle where he loses his tail she is glad to have him back but sad he was so hurt, and so simply clings as she wishes there was something she could've
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Title: The First Day
Artist: DiaSan85 [DeviantArt]
This is my first submission EVER to MGC...anyways, the title of the Poem is 'The First Day' by Christina Rossetti. So, this poem illustrates the forgotten memory of my Character Dallen (who happens to be blind). It was the day he met Maddy, an orphaned gargoyle who was adopted into the clan. Being blind, he was left out from his rookery siblings, so he usually sat alone every night, until bossy little Maddy insisted he play with them and half drags, half leads him to the start of a very beautiful friendship...
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Title: I can never be yours
Artist: elfy016 [deviantart]
i've been having a rough month, so i really wanted to enter. i managed to do something last minute real quick. inspired from the poem that is on the back of the manga clover
~If you find a four leaf clover,
it will bring you happiness;
but don't tell anyone
where it's white flower blooms
or how many leaflets from it's stem extend.
the four leaf clover.
i only want your happiness, knowing
i can never be your to share it.~
-clover, by clamp
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Artist: Gray
A murmur of appreciative compliments passed through the watchers.
Maggie lifted her head to look around at her guests. Her eyes finally came to
rest on her handsome groom in his white over black tuxedo and she smiled
"Wow." Graeme was goggling wideeyed at her, his jaw drooping. He swallowed
and closed his mouth, but he was still staring at the sight before him.
The guests who could see him laughed quietly at the expression on the
young male's face. At his father's sharp glance Graeme's face darkened in
embarassment. He bowed deeply and held it. Maggie barely caught the quick
bit of Japanese he murmured contritely.
"What was that, what did Graeme say?" Maggie asked quietly as she took
the arm Brooklyn offered.
"Graeme was just as thunderstruck as anyone else here over how completely
beautiful you look." Brooklyn grinned. "He made up a haiku in appreciation
and an apology for gawking at you like that. It was pretty good considering
he had to have come up with it on the spur of the moment. He said:
"Joyfully smiling,"
"happy spirit shining so."
"Beauty to remember."
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