May 2007: Forces of Nature

With spring in full bloom most places, it's time for our gargoyle friends to get back to Nature - only this time, AS Nature! Dos that make sense? The challenge for this month is to depict your favorite gargs personifying, representing, or dealing with the forces of nature - Maybe a tornado or storm garg? Gargoyle forms of the elements? Does your character have magic to shape Nature itself? Get creative! ^_^

June's Topic Will Be: Gargoyles on the High Seas - A sorta-redo of the September 2003 Pirates topic, but good guys and bad guys will both be allowed. (Mascot claimed by Eden!)

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Title: Looks like Rain
Artist: VP
As much as I'd like to take credit for the idea, simple as it is, I can't. It's little more than a recreation of a scene in But I thought it worked, a gargoyle using its wing as a natural sheild against the elements. I wish the pic was a little deeper than that, but unfortunately its not. =)
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Title: Earth Elemental - Waking the Willows
Artist: nytshad [NightStone Creations]
Dana is an Earth and Stone Witch and takes great pride in sleeping near old trees. In the spring she goes around to all her favorite trees and gives them a little extra magic for the year. Done in pencil, colored pencil, colored in Paint Shop Pro XI
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Artist: valaheri [DevArt]
granted that Physics and the Chaos theory are a reality and a forces of the Nature… "The Butterfly’s Effect": a butterfly flapping its wings in South America can affect the weather in Central Park.
So I was wondering: what could happen if a butterfly flaps its wings while four gargoyles are flying on Central Park ?
Ok, ok: to be precise Guatemala is in Central America … but the principle doesn’t change… and not even the effect! ;D
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Title: Gargoylean Nymph
Artist: Night Shadow [NS405 on Deviantart]
'Twas a long time in the making. Inspired by Pan's Labyrinth, this baby was drawn by hand with the figure and her background seperate before coloring in Photoshop Elements and Corel Painter 2 and then marrige in Elements. Overall, I'm pleased with how she turned out.
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Title: James and Kim, Forces of Fire and Ice
Artist: Lloyd Frisone
This picture shows James and Kimberly, Goliath and Elisa's son and daughter. Both have magical powers that give James the power to control fire and Kim the power to control ice. Originally, these two characters appeared as illusions in "For It May Come True," an episode of the Gargoyles: Goliath Chronicles, the third season of the tv series. Titania shows Goliath what his life would have been like if he'd been born a human in Manhatten. In the illusion, Goliath and Elisa are married and have two kids. In my private fanfiction, it is revealed that the illusion was partly prophecy. Though gargoyles and humans aren't genetically compatible, Titania places a spell on Goliath and Elisa so they can have their own children and they have the same two children that Goliath saw in the illusion, except that they're not human but gargoyle/human hybrids. The powers the two kids have to control forces of nature is a side effect of Titania's spell to make Goliath and Elisa genetically compatible.
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Title: The Unavoidable Force of Nature
Artist: Hidden Traveler [Deviant art]
Having seen friends and family wither and pass to dust, Demona and MacBeth agreed that their existence had gone on long enough. By each other’s hand their lives where taken, not through hate, but through love.
And so the two released themselves to the Force of Nature none of the Three Races can ever avoid.
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Title: Fall Foliage Fun!
Artist: DiaSan85 [DeviantArt]
Cuz who can resist an opportunity to jump into a huge pile of leaves!
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Title: Entangled Awakening
Artist: Galax [Website]
Spring's coming in a rush this year!
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Title: Elemental Beasts
Artist: Purplegoldfish [DeviantArt page]
Pretty self expanatory: Gargoyle beasts representing the four elements; Earth, Water, Wind, and Fire, respectively. The four triangles are ancient symbols of the elements, and the eye within the triangle on top represents the all seeing eye of the Illuminati. I'm not sure what the society has to do with anything-but I think they would be very interested in four elemental gargbeasts :).
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Title: Mawson's Winter
Artist: Spike [MommySpike on DevArt]
As a member of the Antarctic clan, Mawson is right in his element as a snowstorm roars around him.
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Title: Ice
Artist: nebulan [DA gallery]
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Title: Riding the storm
Artist: Avator [my deviantart]
Basically I did this drawing this month without even looking at MGC contest of the month. It's just pure coincidence (or fate!) that it fits in here. The character's name is Svenn and I designed him to represent what a viking gargoyle might look like. Since gargs inspired Totems or Tengu masks etc in gargoyles universe, I made him aquatic thinking viking ones might have inspired drakkars and alike.
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Title: Below
Artist: elfy016 [deviantart]
not much to say. he's a shark garg underwater. he likes chocloate
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Title: Brother Thunderbird
Artist: Fellanora [ArtMishap]
Sahale calls his spirit guide.
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Title: Treelock
Artist: Stacy Beck [Avalon Island]
This is Treelock He is the Creator of plants amonst the Earth. He loves to help in the garden as much as he can. I thought of this as I was outside laying on the hammock.
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Title: New York Rain
Artist: Duncan
"Hey Matt, it's Elisa. How's Chicago? Any new leads on the Illuminati? ... right, well listen: Thanks again for letting me borrow your new car while mine's away for repairs... yeah it's really hot, err I need to tell you something. Y'know I'm not used to driving a convertible and, well, I forgot to close the soft top earlier today and... Matt? .... MATT?"
...well I hope you guys like it ;)
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