June 2007: Gargoyles on the High Seas

A sort-of-redo of the September 2003 Pirates topic, only now we are shaking it up a bit and allowing the good guys some attention, too! This means that you can draw the pirates, the navy, or anything in between, as long as they are out to sea! Or in port, or in the pub, or.... ;) Have fun with your seafaring gargs!

Mascot by Eden! Thanks! :D

July's topic will be: Focus on the Humans - Art featuring the human characters from the series.

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Title: The Way To Meribia
Artist: Gold Demona [DevArt]
All night, Luna sat in the crows nest, staring out to the sea and thinking about the significance of her life and where it was going. The Blue Star shined bright in the sky above, glimmering on the sea below. The world of Lunar was a big place with many people in it. Perhaps in the city of Meribia, she'll find her way.
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Title: No Stowaways - Carmine Cold Blood
Artist: DiaSan85 [Deviantart]
“If there is one thing I hate more than idiots on my ship,” she began, moving towards Brooklyn. “is a stowaway on my ship…” she stopped before him.
She studied him with no expression, but her eye…that crimson eye…it was practically burning with anger.
‘Whoa…if looks could kill…’ he thought.
“But what I simply cannot tolerate,” she hissed; Brooklyn caught a glimpse of flashing steel; before he could act, he felt her pin him down with her leg, her sword pointed threateningly at his throat. “is a cheeky stowaway on my ship…”
- Carmine Cold Blood from ‘Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea’
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Title: The Flying Dutchman
Artist: Guandalug la'Fay [DevArt]
We're in the year 2007. The time has come again - the Gargoyles have been called to the Gathering. But not only they are on their way...
Duncan said: Picture by Guandalug, incredibly nutty idea by Duncan!
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Title: Hands Off!
Artist: Cynny_nz [DeviantArt]
Lobelia would make the ideal pirate criteria. She loves to collect pretty/expensive things. Stealing loot would be right up her alley.
So here I have her, claiming some treasure (albeit odd-looking treasure, but expensive none-the-less!). I wonder if she would share... I dunno... you could take some if you don't mind loosing a few fingers in the process. :p
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Title: TimeDancer on the high Seas
Artist: Hidden_Traveler [Deviant Art]
Brooklyn looked bewilderedly at the ship tied up at the space dock.
“Lex, That’s the ship Samson got for us?”
“Well yeah. What’s wrong with it?” LXM- 1057 asked looking hurt.
“Yes, what is wrong with my ship?” A female voice said as the airlock hissed open, and a lithe figure clothed in a great coat joined them.
“Well, no offence, it’s just not what I had in mind when you said Space ship. I was expecting, I don’t know, the Millennium Falcon or the Defiant. Not a sailing ship.” Brooklyn replied quickly before taking a second look at the woman. “Hey, are you related to Derek and Maggie Maza?”
Giving the red gargoyle a crooked smile the cat woman held out her hand. “Captain Mary Beth Lacey, it’s a pleasure to meet you Time Dancer. And to answer your question, I am after a fashion. My great grandfather adopted his sister Elisa.”
Brooklyn looked confused and gave LXM-1057 a sidelong glance that pled for help. “Elisa wasn’t adopted.”
“My ancestor was Cagney, Elisa’s pet cat.” Mary Beth replied, taking pity on the time lost gargoyle. “What, you didn’t think the Sevarius Mutate formula only worked on humans did you?”
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Title: Guybrush Threepwood
Artist: Nebulan [DeviantArt]
Let's give a hand to the mightiest of pirates: Guybrush Threepwood of Monkey Island (lucasarts video game). But don't give a hand to Murray, who knows what he'd do with it ;)
Additional Entry: Swords Crossed - I drew this at the beginning of the month but didn't like it, but I never pass up to draw some good ol' Demona and MacBeth "Romance" ;)
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Title: Kirin Jones
Artist: Icegaze [DevArt]
Because I love both Mommyspike's Kirin and Davy Jones from PoTC I noticed lots of similarities between the two. Yay brooding tentacle/barbel faces!
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Title: Look out
Artist: elfy016 [deviantart]
i now greatly admire anyone who raise/watches kid and gets art done. i tried to get this finished in time but i couldn't draw and watch three kids at the same time. so i at least got the idea on paper for this month. Mako's the lookout for a pirate ship. not much else going on in this...
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Title: Lady Lucy, the British Buccaneer
Artist: Spike [MommySpike on DevArt]
'Tis Lady Lucy, mistress of the British Isles and queen of the seven seas. Arrgh!!
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Title: Commander Fenimore
Artist: Seri Wavelength
When MacBeth was leaving, a nut-brown middle-aged male, well-respected and a favored candidate for clan second, said, "I will go to sea with you."
"You canna go to sea, lad. Only human men can be in His Majesty's fleet."
"Ah, but you have a night crew, do you not? And I can be a human man at night. No trouble, if you give me one of your fine hats."
MacBeth, curious, removed his hat, "But you have horns, lad."
"Have you a spare?"
"Then watch." And he carefully aligned the tricorn on his head, then pulled it down hard, tearing two neat holes as his horns went through. They were short, like a dik-dik's, and the points were hidden by the hat's upturned brim. Below, his purplish-blue eyes glittered with mirth, and he did indeed look very much like a Negro in the dim firelight.
"With the proper clothing, you may pass at night, at that."
"I'm sure I'd cut a fine figure in your England, but here in the Isles there are many freedmen of color. I shall simply be another."
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