July 2007: Focus on the Humans

This month we are gonna do something we haven't done before, which is always interesting, right? ;) The challenge for this month is to give some attention to the human characters from the show, good guys or bad! You can still include gargoyles in your picture if you want to, but each entry must feature one of the canon humans from any land or time period. I'm going to be picky and NOT allow in gargs-in-human-form, or human-looking forms of fae. The Pack is allowed. Email if you have questions, and as always, have fun and get creative! :) The Garg Wiki has a great list if you want to try someone more obscure...

August's topic will be: Art Nouveau - Draw in the style of the Art Nouveau artists! (Mascot claimed by Cynny_nz!)

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Title: Arthur's Second Chance
Artist: Lloyd Frisone
Well, my favorite human from the Gargoyle series was King Arthur and of course he'll need a romantic interest for the Pendragon spinoff. Here, I drew him with Genevieve Potter, a character I made up for my fanfiction. In my stories, he meets and falls in love with Genevieve (yes, there's a similarity to Guenivere's name but its not the same person), a Medieval Historian living in London. Unlike Guenivere, Genevieve isn't a cheating hussy and she and Arthur are a lot happier together than Arthur was with Guenivere.
5 8
Title: Leaving Gruoch
Artist: Nebulan [DA Gallery]
Decided to take a break from doing my usual Demona/Macbeth picture and drew the scene of Macbeth leaving his beloved wife.
1 7
Title: Vinnie Grigori
Artist: RainbowTrekki [Rainbow Trekki]
He like the Ben stiller of the show. Because he the nice guy who have bad things happen to him.
0 2
Title: Fierce Protector
Artist: Purplegoldfish [DeviantArt page]
The gargoyles aren't the only protectors. Elisa vehemently guards Goliath's stone form against any danger.
6 11

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Title: Fox Upgrades
Artist: Hidden-Traveler [Deviant art]
Not much to say about this one, i think the text covers it well enough. I had fun designing the upgrades and if you go through my gallery you'll see them better.
0 13

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Title: Fox in Art Nouveau
Artist: Wendy Harmon (Tigressmoon) [Deviantart]
I decided to draw Fox, since she's such a sensual character and focus a little bit on her magical heritage. Thus, the reason she's dressed similar to her mother.
36 7

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