August 2007: Art Nouveau

Another art style type topic for you this month, my friends! ^_^ For August, draw your favorite gargoyles doing whatever you like, as long as you draw it in the Art Nouveau style! This distinctive style swept through North America and Europe around 1890-1914. Some of the more famous artists of the period were Alphonse Mucha, Louis Comfort Tiffany and Aubrey Beardsley, though there were many many more - and each had a different take on the style, so you might want to dig a little and see what you find! Be creative and have fun! ^_^
Some References to get you started: ArtLex on Art Nouveau
Art Nouveau World Wide

Mascots by Cynny_nz! Thanks! :D

September's Topic Will Be: Nursery Rhymes - Illustrate a favorite nursery rhyme using gargoyles! (Mascot claimed by Shinga!)

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Title: Lobelia Nouveau
Artist: Cynny_NZ [Dev art page]
A quick entry this month, Art Nouveau is one of my fav movements :) Lobelia would never wear fabric like that >:D
27 2
Title: Vengeance, Fate and Grace
Artist: Nebulan [Gallery]
I hope this is Art Nouveau... I don't really understand the art style, but I thought this might work. The Weird Sisters and their control over Demona and Macbeth :)
2 11
Title: Sunset Dawn
Artist: nytshad [Nightstone Creations]
Danae waking from her stone sleep. Done in colored pencil and pen.
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Title: The Grace of Butterflies...
Artist: Amanda 'Shinga' Bussell [DeviantArt]
I debated all month if I was going to enter, because of my busy schedule I didn't know if I'd be up for a style I'd never tried before. But once life settled a bit and I was able to actually ENJOY art again, I decided to try my hand at it. And it went almost a little TOO easily, which makes me a LITTLE nervous (you know, cause easy usually = not doing something right ;)) but you know what? I'm happy with how it turned out :) The character is my gargoyle/faye hybrid Monarch (thus the title), a character I created when I was about... 11 years old? Yeah she's been around for a while. :)
9 3
Title: Blue ArtNouveau
Artist: Liliane Weis
Well, this is my first entry on MGC. I love the art of "ArtNouveau" a lot, not only because its senses for beauty and details. It's always a joy looking at it! I also love the dynamic in the pictures, which I tried to show it through the hair of the gargoyle in my pic (it's not a special character, I just tried some experiments with new horn constellations). Of course there could have been a better background, but time was too short O.o Enjoy it!
8 1
Title: Lord of Pentacles
Artist: RavenReverend aka Alkaline-Lady [Alkaline's DA]
Sheesh, that lineart took forever. >.< My own character Tribal Starson, sans tattoos for this months MGC. I called it Lord of Pentacles since he looks like he should be on a tarot card. He's doing a bit of fan service, or perhaps having an ol' fashioned college style toga party! Whee!
6 2

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Title: Firebird poster
Artist: Jin Takamatsu [liebestrauma]
This is my tribute to Sergei Diaghilev, a key figure in the Russian Art Nouveau movement, who went on to found an extraordinary ballet company called the Ballets Russes. I've made a poster for one of the ballets premiered by his company, the Firebird. Off the record, this was the perfect excuse to draw dancers and swirly lines :) I've spent most of the month working on this, and have still run out of time, but this'll do :)
2 16
Title: windborne
Artist: Lurking Echo [Picture Page]
A view from Central Park.
0 10
Title: Balance
Artist: Anatidae [DevArt]
Art Nouveau for me has always brought to mind stained glass. So, lacking the skill and resources to make a real one, this is what happened instead.
This sort of drawing actually goes really fast, since you can use big thick sharpies. *L*
1 9

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