October 2007: TV Show Parodies Take 2

You know, a LOT of new TV shows have come and gone since May 2003... So once again we are going to redo an old topic, and ask you to gargoyle-ize a TV show! Same rules as last time - anything non-animated goes as long as it fits in our ratings (please no cartoons, we WILL get to that as it's own topic soon) using canon or your own garg characters. Have fun!
Mascots by Nebulan and Rougedragon! Thanks both of you! :)

November's Topic Will Be: All Dressed Up - Get your gargs all fancied up for a night on the town! (formal or clubwear) (Mascots claimed by Shinga!)

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Title: Trailer Park Gargoyles
Artist: MelissaBee [DeviantArt]
Trailer Park Boys: Big Plans, Little Brains. I was quite surprised how easily the trio translated into the Trailer Park Trio. "Broadway" as "Ricky", "Lexington" as "Bubbles", and "Brooklyn" as "Julian". If you've seen the poster, you'll recognize the "crop" that they are standing in.
10 4
Title: A Degrassi Moment
Artist: Anna Bananas [Myspace]
Sean and Emma a.k.a. Othello and Desdemona
Ok, So I have never seen to many pictures with Othello and Des, so I decided to make one out of Emma and Sean from Degrassi the next Generation, Hope you like. It took three days to finish.
1 0
Title: Stargate SGarg-1
Artist: Nebulan [DevArt Gallery]
I'm such a Stargate fan, how could I resist? ;)
Additional Entry: Serenity Gargoyles - Just another entry I was considering. :)
1 12
Title: I Love Demi!
Artist: LoneLantern [my DeviantArt account]
I figured Demona and Lucy were a perfect match; both are redheads who love to set crazy schemes into motion...
0 6
Title: Charming Gargoyles
Artist: nytshad [Deviant Art]
I like Charmed. I like it way too much. So I thought it would be fun to do the charmed girls as gargs. But then I felt bad because Prue was left out. So I put her ghost in too. Done on Corel PSPPX2. Based on a publicity photo found here.
7 9
Title: Puck Outs Rachel
Artist: Hidden-Traveler [Deviant Art]
"Now Alex, being able to see through someone's illusions is a very useful ability. We're going to sit here watching TV and seeing who's a witch, fae, or something else."
After Alex grew bored, Puck decided to continue the lesson while catching up on his daytime TV, despite it stretching the geasa he was bound with. It was then he made a startling discovery.
0 5

most artistic image  
Title: Gargoyle Chopper
Artist: MommySpike [The "One of these days, I'll get around to building it" website]
My son's favorite show is "American Choppers" so why not do a Gargoyles version? Brooklyn as Paul Jr., Broadway as Paul Sr., and Lex as Vinnie the welder.
44 14

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Title: I Love Foxy
Artist: Valky [Deviantart]
Here we have Xanatos and Fox all dressed up as Ricky and Lucy Ricardo. I thought this was a nice role reversal for the two of them, since Xanatos is ordinarily the wacky schemer in the family. Its Fox's turn to cause a little chaos!
5 18

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