December 2007: Egyptian Gargoyles

One of the most often requested redos, it's time has finally come again! Design an Egyptian gargoyle, or have a favorite character try the Egyptian lifestyle for a bit. June '03 in the archives has a list of handy links if you want to brush up on Egyptian cultures. If you use the mythology for inspiration, please be respectful.
Mascots by Shinga! ^_^

MGC now has it's own DeviantArt account for posting updates and deadlines. Feel free to watch!

January's Topic Will Be: Gargoyle's European Vacation - Take your characters on a trip to Europe (Mascots not yet claimed!)

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Title: the eternal servant
Artist: docta_bee [deviantart]
the servant eternally trusted to watch over the tomb and the master
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Title: Demonatiti
Artist: Anna Bananas
One of my better entries...Demona, as Queen Nefertiti!
4 7
Title: Osiris and Isis
Artist: Hidden-Traveler [Deviant Art]
When her mate failed to come to her at the oasis Isis flew to the temple to seek him out. What she found caused her to weep and cry out to the Gods.
As the Lord Osiris was shattered and scattered to the corners of the world, so to had her mate.
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Title: Mummy
Artist: Miko
It sucks to be the only guy in your genetically engineered clan who's actually incapacitated during the day.
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Title: Water Girl
Artist: Zoe
I went for a more common Egytpian scene instead of the lavish gods, pharaohs and temples. This water girl is filling her jar from the Nile to take back to the workers building the pyramids.
10 14
Title: Truth is the thing with feathers
Artist: Lurking Echo [Website]
The travelers encounter a painting of Ma'at, the Egyptian goddess of truth, justice and order, on the World Tour.
2 2
Title: The Timedancer in Egypt
Artist: Captain Thomas [Captain Thomas on DeviantArt]
This is my first entry to mgc, but hopefully not my last...
I got started on this a bit too late so I didn't have time to colour it and give it a proper background, but I'll probably do that later. If so, it can be found in my DevArt gallery...
Anyways, I was inspired by the tgs-timedancer stories about Brooklyn's time in ancient Egypt. In this pic he's sitting atop a building of some sort, probably a temple, looking at the Phoenix Gate and possibly wondering about his future...
1 1

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Title: Spirit of Sekhmet
Artist: Spike [MommySpike on DevArt]
Sekhmet, banished from the mortal realm, has found a suitable host to wield her revenge -- lion-headed Lucy. The Egyptian goddess awakens the London gargoyle's latent magical powers and prepares to send the world into chaos! Can her true love save her in time?
37 6
Title: Qeb'hiel's Magic
Artist: nebulan [DA gallery]
Kinda a rushed last minute entry, my sister (RogueDragon) helped me out a lot with pose and stuff... I just couldn't resist this topic :D
4 3

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Title: "The Mummy"...Gargoyles Style!
Artist: Volpe de Fuego [DevArt]
You've seen clans from Avalon, Scotland, South America, London and even Japan...but have you ever seen a clan from Egypt? Back in middle school, I created my own clan from the Land Between Two Rivers, each member representing a deity that was worshipped by the Ancient Egyptians. Since the theme for this month was Egyptian, I thought it was high time I introduce to the world my clan :) But I didn't want to just introduce them; I also wanted to have a bit of fun with this month's topic. So I decided to have these Gargoyles cosplaying as characters from "The Mummy" movies! Can you guess the characters my Gargoyles are dressed as? From top left to right: Medjai (falcon), dressed as the Medjai Prince; Amenophus (ibis), dressed as Imhotep; Mau (cat), dressed as Anksunamun. Bottom left to right: Geb (ram), dressed as Rick O' Connell; the family beast Tumma (1/2 crocodile, 1/2 lion), decorated as the Scorpion King [see his little People's Eyebrow?], and last but most certainly not least, my favorite and the very first character I created for my clan, Kiya (jackal), dressed as an Anubis Warrior! This is my very first time entering one of these contests so I hope you guys like this :) I had to rush to get it lineart-ed and colored in time by the deadline.
3 14
Title: Pyramid Surfing
Artist: RogueDragon [RogueDragon at DeviantArt]
Modern Egyptian gargoyles need a hobby too! Nebulan's characters Sheh'se and her brother Reh'teh enjoy pyramid surfing!
0 6
Title: Ill-fated Lovers
Artist: Asia [DeviantArt]
In the times of Ancient Egypt the wizard Shazam selected a champion on which to bestow his powers. Little did he know that his chosen one, Teth-Adam, would become evil. Centuries later, after being banished by Shazam, Teth-Adam, now Black Adam, attempts to make amends for his crimes and in doing so meets Adrianna. Giving Adrianna the power of Isis the two live happily until Black Adam's enemies kill Isis and send him on a grief-stricken killing spree. Though that aside... here's the happy couple
before the tragedy.
(Black Adam; Isis are DC Comics characters)
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