January 2008: Gargoyle's European Vacation

Last year at this time, we took our favorite Gargoyle characters on a road trip across the Americas... Now lets send then to do the same across Europe! Any sites in Europe that you remember fondly, or some place you've always dreamed of visiting? What kind of tourist stops would a gargoyle like best? Here's your chance to vacation vicariously through your characters! *L*
Use of photographs as backgrounds will be allowed ONLY if they are your own work. Just to keep it interesting and the copyright issues down. You can draw any background you like. (well, within reason, you know!) ^_^

February's Topic Will Be: Cartoon Parodies - Just like TV Parodies, only now it's all about animated shows! (Mascots claimed by Epantiras!)

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Title: Old Pets
Artist: Nathaniel 'Jade' Miles [DeviantArt]
"Ahh, re-visiting the Loch in Scotland, and finally remembering what Nessie is. Who would have thought that he'd live this long...and harbor a grudge..."
Additional Entry: Safe Word - This was the first thing to pop into my head, cause I love that movie. Poor Brooklyn, always looking for love...but never in the right places! Don't think he'll be going back to Amsterdam, or look at Demona the same way ever again.
1 8
Title: Gargs in Paris
Artist: Spike [MommySpike on DevArt]
On their honeymoon in Paris, Roslin introduces Mozu to one of her old boyfriends.
27 7

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Title: So Many Pubs, So Little Time
Artist: Tragic Rabbit [Deviantart]
This is my first entry to MGC, hope you like it. Sarah decides to take clan mate Bekka on a trip to their ancestral home, but gets a bit.. sidetracked. At least we know she can multi-task.
1 24
Title: Demona and Macbeth's Trip...
Artist: Nebulan [DeviantArt Gallery]
Demona and Macbeth's Trip around the World: European Part
In my Demona/Macbeth fanfic, they take a trip around the world, and here are the European parts of the trip I hadn't drawn yet :) Kinda late and rushed.
1 2

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Title: Carnival of Venice
Artist: valaheri [DeviantArt]
Sorry, but NY Halloween is nothing compared to the Carnival in Venice : creatures apparently coming from the most colourful Gothic-Baroque tale ever written, appear in the City of Water and there they stay for 10 days and 10 nights of masquerades (P.S. it starts this week, till the 5th o February). Romantic city of shadows , legends, canals and sudden wind gusts, Venice is the perfect destination for the vacation of a gargoyle clan (and, for the records, the Venetians in St Mark's Square have the proof that Leo actually has Italian origins: the winged lion of the Most Serene Republic of Venice)
30 15
Title: Deja vu?
Artist: Asia [DevArt]
Once upon a time Greg Weisman wrote a story for Justice League Europe entitled 'The Flashback of Notre Dame'. A story that happened to feature a group of gargoyles (in Paris) with a strangely familiar story.
Click here to read the story.
Here we have Goliath meeting with his parody character Behemoth.
1 10
Title: Content in Cadiz
Artist: Purplegoldfish [DeviantArt]
Goliath and Elisa spend a relaxing vacation on the Cadiz Beach in Spain.
9 4

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