March 1999: Clan Ishimura

Topic for this month is one of those nice, broad and simple ones ^_^ Design some more of Clan Ishimura! Feel free to include any of the clanners already shown on "Gargoyles", the village where they live etc.arigato! have fun ^_^

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Title: Yoko
Artist: Jade Griffin [Jade Griffin's website]
This is a pic from the "Bushido" episode of Gargoyles. She didn't have a name in the credits so I just call her Yoko. I drew her a while back but just colored her on Adobe.
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Title: Untitled
Artist: Ariana
Just two brother and sister Gargies. The female is Sakura and the male is Matoki.
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Title: Tsume
Artist: Rene 'Damocles' Modesto [The Nexus]
Yes, that flag says 'Ishimura'! 10 points for who finds out what Tsume means... ^_^
Additional entries:
Ryoushi -- He's big, towers a good foot taller than Goliath... oh, and his name means 'hunter'.
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Title: Kasumi
Artist: Ve [Ve's Website]
This pic shows Kasumi, the former magician and healer of Ishimura. One day, however, she started to use her skills for evil thing (as taking control over the village inhabitents for example) and was therefore thrown out of the clan, nows she's up to revenge.
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Title: Akari
Artist: Alison "Al =)" Wilgus [Ali's World]
Heh...well, it seemed as if to most people Japanese gargies meant kimonos and kitanas and armor and such...but the real life Akari, an exchange student at my school this year, inspired me to do something a bit different: what the younger generation of Clan Ishimura might look like ^_^
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Title: Leiko
Artist: Pathrell [Pathrell's Website]
He knows he's gorgeous doesn't he... and his name means Arrogant in Japanese, too... Perfect, non?
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Title: Niriko-chan
Artist: Ari [Ari's Webpage]
Well, I was blanking ENTIRELY about a Japanese name--or at least one that sounded Japanese--I had this great pic and no name to go with it...I finally decided on a nickname that someone very kewl has for lil ol me... ^_^
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Title: Odokane
Artist: Kanthara [Kanthara's Loft]
Genn bugged me about this tonight, so I just had to scan and see how Paint shop pro 5 worked... so there!
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Title: Yorunohana
Artist: Siryn
Her name literally means Flower of the Night. for the hairstyle..I've been on a sailor moon kick lately so don't hurt me! ^_^ Heh..FINALLY had enough time to sit down and sketch it out.^_^
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Title: Yama Renge
Artist: Sarah Figat [Sarah's Webpage]
It is traditional in Japan to give your last name first. So when the Ishimuro members gave their name they'd probably be their family names. This is Yama Renge teenage daughter of Yama (no first name given). She's also the second in comand for the Ishimuro clan. Possible fanfic if I find the time to wright it. Her last name means "Moutain" and her first name means "Love Summer"
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Title: Arika
Artist: Amy K. Cyrway [Amy's Webpage]
Amazing what happens on a complete sugar high...I needed to do a pic of my character Arika for the longest time, but I didn't know how to approach his I watched my anime movies...of course, the only one I have featuring traditional clothing's was Ninja Scrolls...basing him on a garg in the ep "Bushido", I spiced him up with a little of my favourite all-time anime/manga, Akira.
Let's just say that Akira's rebels against tradition but upholds Bushido...
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Title: Yuri
Artist: Aimee Major [Aimee's Studio]
I really love the variety of costumes, artwork and designs that come out of Japan so this topic was very appealing to me. This is "Yuri" which means "lily"... I enjoyed making her, hope you enjoy her as much. ^_^
(oh and thankyou Alison for reminding me!)
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Title: Chairo Neko
Artist: Ylla [Ylla's Art Gallery]
Chairo Neko (Brown Kitten) is her name. She acts like a kitty even though now she's all grown up and mature and all that ;)
Poor thing's feelings got hurt <:)
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Title: Michiko/Sachiko
Artist: Nightwing [Night Wing's Webpage]
Michiko-chan and Sachiko-sama ^_^ Michi-chan is the lil' hatchling. And Sachi-sama is the Gardian of the the rookery. Eh, no real meaning behind their names, just random Japanese names, Tanoshimu! ^_^
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Title: Kenishi
Artist: Cheerio [Cheerio's website]
I drew this during the middle of the night because i had nothing else to do, so i thought i'd draw a submission for MGC this month. :) I hope the picture is right for the topic. I named her Kenishi cause it sounded right for the character n' stuff. ^_^ Hopes you likes! :)
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Title: Mako
Artist: Spike [The Rockaway]
From the pages of the TGS series, Time Dancer, meet Mako, one of Sata's rookery brothers from 12th century Ishimura. He appeared as a minor character in "The Promise." Mako serves as one of the clan's martial arts instructors and patrol leader but his passion is drinking sake!!
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Title: Getsuei no Umi
Artist: Ithil []
Well I got lazy on this one too, so it's only half finished :P But enjoy anyways ;) ...her name is Getsuei no Umi, which means Sea of Moonlight:)
Additional entries:
Getsuei Demona: everyone dreams of wearing a Demona costume, no? :P.
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Title: Heiwa
Artist: Bapgoyle [Bapgoyle's Webpage]
Well I wish I coulda colored him, but heck I'm lazy! He's just an old happy crazy japanese gargie!
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Title: Untitled
Artist: Jen "Lady Gwen" Hager [Lady Gwen's Webpage]
Well I wish I coulda colored him, but heck I'm lazy! He's just an old happy crazy japanese gargie!
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Title: Untitled
Artist: Brian Vigue [The Vigistry]
I'm a protoge of the gargoyle master, Cyrway! 15 minute jobbie. Cyrway dared me to!
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Title: Ishkara
Artist: Sisliana
Hey! I have a pic.
My friend threatened to do something bad if I didn't submit some pics I draw. She scares me. So I drew a pic for this contest. *Giggles* :)
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Title: Akira
Artist: Jade
Akira! and her weapon of choice: the fans ;) I didn't colour the background on the pic, because I thought it would make it look too crowded.
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