February 2008: Cartoon Parodies

When we've done TV Show Parodies in past months, we didn't allow parodies of animated shows, and here's why - we wanted to give them their very own topic! So the challenge for this month is garg up an animated TV show somehow. Add a gargoyle (or canon character) to the cast, or turn the cast into gargoyles themselves! Be sure to tell us what show you are using for inspiration, get creative, and have fun! :)
Mascots by Epantiras!

March's Topic Will Be: Steampunk Gargoyles - Draw your gargoyles in the steampunk style! (Mascots claimed by Shinga!)

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Title: Super 80's Toons!!
Artist: Valky [Deviantart]
For this month's topic, I went a little overboard. I immediately had the irresistable urge to turn the Gargoyles into all my beloved cartoon characters from the 80s, and I just couldn't stop... So here we have an advertising banner for "Weisman's Spectacular, Super 80's Toon Saturday" lineup, featuring He-Goyle (starring Goliath as He-Goyle Elisa Maza as Teela, and Bronx as Cringer), She-Gar (starring Angela as She-Gar, Broadway as Bo, and Brooklyn as The Sea Hawk), Thundercats (starring Derek Maza as Panthro and Maggie Reed as Cheetara), and The Smurfs (starring Lexington as Lexie Smurf). Cheers!
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Title: The Simpsons Gargoyles
Artist: Melissa [Piecesoeight at Deviantart]
What else can I say: Its the Simpsons Family!
Additional Entry: - Jem and the Gargoyles
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Title: Fire and Water
Artist: Amanda 'Shinga' Bussell [DeviantArt]
A couple of characters from Avatar... you know, I haven't ever actually SEEN this show... not sure why I felt the need to draw for it. But there you go! *L*
33 4
Title: Plan B
Artist: Purplegoldfish [DeviantArt]
Demona hatches another scheme by capturing Aladdin's genie. Too bad for her he only has semi-phenomenal, nearly cosmic powers.
(Genie, of course, is from the TV series, Aladdin. He's trapped in a Crystal of Ix- a plot device from that show capable of capturing genies.)
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Title: Fantastic Elementals
Artist: Chaos Destine
This is my first submission ever so I combined a couple of different aspects from different cartoons. This is my group of Elementals to be a sub group of the X-Men. However they have abilities to "Bend" elements just like on "Avatar" and in doing so also seem to mimic the Fantastic Four. Here we have Delilah(from Gargoyles) as THING seeing as how she can turn to living stone and manipulate the earth. My original characters Chaos(a Gargoyle/Human/Faye hybrid) controls fire like TORCH and Kami(a Japanese Angel) controls wind and can turn invisible just like THE INVISIBLE WOMAN. See the Fantastic Fours powers are all elemental. However I do not have someone to control water to any degree yet to mimic MR FANTASTIC.
The symbols above the characters represent the element they control. Yellow square:Earth, Red triangle:Fire, Blue circle:Air.
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Title: Jane and the...Dragon?
Artist: Angel [Angel-with-a-flower at DeviantArt]
"Jane, did you do something different with your hair today?"
Poor Dragon, you just don't seem to get it! Here's Jane and the Dragon from the self-titled cartoon from the Weta Studio based in Canada.
Since I couldn't actually recreate the 3D look, I just put it in Painter 7.
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Title: Deathscythe Pilot - Duo Maxwell
Artist: StangWolf [deviantART]
Alright, he's DONE! Here's Gundam Wing's Deathscythe or perhaps Deathscythe Hell Pilot (since I put him in his Endless Waltz outfit), Duo Maxwell gone Gargoyle for this month's contest. I used to watch this show ALL THE TIME! Loved it, still do, and of course Duo was my fav character, obviously XD lol. Anyway, he's got a beak for two reasons: 1) I SUCK big time at drawing human faces, especially when on a deadline, that and I figured it be more interesting to mix him up a little; and 2) he kinda strikes me as the type that would have a beak if he was a Gargoyle, so hey that's good enough for me! Had some fun designing him either way, so I hope y'all enjoy ^_^
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Title: Team Gargoyles
Artist: Hidden-Traveler [Deviant Art]
This fall on the Disney Channel:
She's just your typical teenage Gar-girl who's out to save the world.
With her friend Detective Junior grade Ronald Stoppable and her gargoyle beast Rufus, Kim faces villains like the crazed Cyborg Cheerleader Bonnie, W.A.D.E 5.0 , and the mysterious Huntress Shego.
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Title: Avatar: the last Air-goyle
Artist: DVD
This is a cross between the 2 greatest cartoon series ever created! Gargoyles and Avatar the last Airbender. This is a picture of Aang (a charater in Avatar the last Airbender) as a gargoyle. I even added the word "Avatar" in Gargoyle font on the top. I always have trouble with the feet so i cut the of as much as possible. Don't ask me about the background, I really don't know where he is.
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Title: Gargoyles VS Naruto
Artist: Epantiras [DevArt]
Sorry I did this on a hurry, but I really wanted to submit this!! I've found many similarities between Gargoyles and Naruto (on the humorous side, I mean), it's been hard to choose the characters I wanted to draw... Anatomical 'oddities' (Malibu's two heads and Brentwood's four arms) are meant to be that way
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Title: Football Headed Garg
Artist: Shahrezad1 [Shahrezad1 on Deviantart]
Helga and Arnold brought to you by Craig Bartlet and the Nick. cast. As for the inspiration: I'm on a Hey Arnold kick. The "I Like You So I'm Mean To You" words and actions brought to you by Helga, of course. Ah, those were the days, the days of my childhood...
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Title: Poor Goliath...
Artist: Asia/Gargoylekitty [DeviantArt]
Goliath, Elisa, and Demona dress up as characters from Kim Possible. Unfortunately Goliath just can't seem to get into the spirit of things.
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Title: Legend of Angela Show
Artist: Galsic [DevArt]
Dunno how many of you are familiar with the Legend of Zelda cartoon from the late '80s, but I just had to do it. Personally, I can listen to Link say "Well excuUuUuse me, princess!" over and over again :D.
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Title: The Magic School Bus Meets the Gargoyles
Artist: Nebulan [devart gallery]
Yay for 90s cartoons!
Additional Entry: Magic School Bus Gargoyles - I drew this back for the TV show topic before I read the fine print that it was not for cartoons... but I decided to draw a new one anyway for the contest :)
2 18
Title: Firefly, My Little Gargoyle
Artist: Holmponyfan2
this is my entry for this month's contest. My Little Pony was one of my favorite cartoons as a child and I thought it would be interesting to draw one of the ponies as a gargoyle. I chose Firefly because she was one of the spunkiest ponies that I could remember. It came out better than I had anticipated.
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