March 2008: Steampunk Gargoyles

It's a wide genre with many names - Steampunk, Cyberpunk, Gaslamp Fantasy... But all the gears and gadgets and nifty science stuff combined with period costumes and settings add up to way too much fun. ^_^ So this month's challenge is to explore Steampunk with Gargoyles!
(And many thanks to SpotWeld for the idea and help with this topic! :) )
Some hopefully useful reference links if you need some inspiration:
Ęther Emporium
Wikipedia Entry

Mascots by Shinga!

April's Topic Will Be: Prehistoric Gargoyles - Take your gargs back to the Stone Age or beyond! Be serious and do a scientific de-evolution or be silly and dress them in sabertooth tiger furs and ride dinosaurs! (Mascots claimed by Valaheri!)

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Title: Coldstone, Cold Brass
Artist: Valky [Deviantart]
This month, I reimagined Coldstone: what would he look like if the poor thing had been reanimated in the Victorian era? I dressed him up in some fancy new brass prosthetics, a dapper vest, spats, and a shiny "pocketwatch" slapped a pretty silver canon on his arm and sent him out into the world. Cheers!
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Title: Kellaura, A lady mechanic
Artist: Echodreamer [Deviantart]
A subject near and dear to my little clockwork heart, here is my old original garg character, Kellaura with some sort of Tick-tock creature. (Been reading way too many OZ books lately.)
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Title: Steampunk Gargoyles
Artist: Rey [Rey on DA]
Of all the gargoyles, Lexington seems like he'd take best to the steampunk genre. This drawing started with him, but then he looked so small and alone I had to add in the rest of the younger gargs. Brooklyn is always happy to make use of whatever motorbikes Lex builds, even if they're steam-driven.
36 12
Title: steam Punk Revolution
Artist: Rainbow Trekki [deviantart]
Puck and Gabriel show off the love for best time in the century.
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Title: Mad Science!
Artist: MessyMelly [DevArt]
Of all the characters that would do just fine in a steampunk society, Anton Sevarius just screams for the treatment. He's already a mad scientist, and this way he gets bubbling glowey liquids that loop around in tubes that go nowhere in particular, and brains in jars, and OK, the coil is for Spot. :P But it was the most fun part to draw. Then I got mega lazy on the background.
Also, dang, Sevarius has the most angular face ever. Sheesh.
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Title: Steampunk Timedancer
Artist: Amanda 'Shinga' Bussell [DA Page]
Brooklyn timedances and, for some reason, ends up in a Steampunk sort of world... he befriends a saucy gargoyle female and ends up at odds with a young human woman who turns out to be an undercover agent looking to expose her brilliant inventor uncle as the raving evil lunatic he is. This scene would be when the gargoyle female reveals herself to be on the side of EEEEVIL and Brooklyn and the agent have to battle her uncle's inventions.... okay so I totally made that all up on the spot, but it works! :D I am not very good at steampunk. :(
27 24
Title: What things may come
Artist: ChaosDestine
Steampunk is about technology before its time as my understanding. So, I have brought forth the creation of Delilah in her cloning process. Also is a two person hovercraft. Chaos is the male Gargoyle who is sporting the tinkerer look with the trenchcoat and goggles.
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Title: SteamPuck
Artist: MommySpike [MommySpike on DevArt]
Otherwise known as when a pun will NOT let you go!
6 22
Title: broken
Artist: elfy016 [devaintart]
i got an idea at 11:30pm before the due date -_- i'm not even sure if i made it in time. but i had a bit of fun for 30 min
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Title: Steampunk Hunter
Artist: Epantiras [DeviantArt]
As soon as I read "steampunk" I started thinking about the Hunter, one of the most steampunk-style character in the series. The hard part was finding the right inspiration and the right ideas... which unfortunately came only in the last days of the month!!!
Ha ha ha, Demona's going to smash the poor Hunter's face with her mighty spiked mace!!!
7 8
Title: Demona and Macbeth Collab
Artist: RogueDragon and Nebulan [RogueNebulan Music Videos]
A collaborative effort. RogueDragon drew and colored Macbeth, Nebulan drew and colored Demona.
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