April 2008: Prehistoric Gargoyles

It's back to the Stone Age and beyond! The challenge for this month is to imagine how gargoyles might have looked and behaved in prehistoric times. You can be as serious or as silly as you want. Like perhaps imagine and try to draw a common ancestor between gargoyles and humans -or even gargoyles and something else? Or go the other way and have them living together with pet dinosaurs and sabertooth tigers and living the B-movie and cartoon stereotypes. *L* Whichever you decide, HAVE FUN! :)

Mascot by Valaheri! :D

May's Topic Will Be: Gargoyles In Shakespeare - A redo of the August 1999 topic, draw gargs as characters from the works of William Shakespeare!

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Title: Love Before Time
Artist: Amanda 'Shinga' Bussell [DeviantArt]
My attempt at a saber-tooth and mammoth gargoyle in a loving cute embrace... I tried to make the mammoth not have a trunk and instead a sort of trunk-looking beak but it turned out a bit odd. D: I'm fairly happy with the saber tooth tho :D yay! I hope I did it
all okay ;p lol
51 3
Title: The REAL truth
Artist: Epantiras [DeviantArt]
Behold the REAL truth! That's why gargoyles defend humans.
Hey this is one of the silliest things I've ever drawn!
1 15

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Title: Goliath's Woman
Artist: Gilly Hathaway [GillyPerkyGoth on deviantART.com]
You know how in old cartoons where the caveman smacks the woman over the head with his club and drags her off by her hair? That's where this idea came from. And the title for this comes from the Gargoyles episode "Protection."
6 22
Title: Cave Camp
Artist: Spike [MommySpike on DevArt]
"Oooo!" The little gargoyle perched on Brooklyn's knee pointed into the evening sky. "Gargie?"
Brooklyn laughed. "No, Ariana... that's a dinosaur too. It's a pterasaur or a pterodactyl, I forget which."
His daughter thumped the end of his beak with a chubby finger and made a skeptical face. "Looks gargie?"
"She has you there, Brooklyn-san," Sata said, her voice echoing slightly as she prepared dinner just inside the entrance of the cave. "Those big flying reptiles do bear a certain resemblence to a certain someone." Graeme giggled as he drew on the cave wall in chalk.
"Ha-ha," Brooklyn retorted.
5 14
Title: Battle Since the Beginning of Time
Artist: Nebulan [DA Gallery]
Hey's, it's a back-in-time contest, did you expect anything different from me? :P Demona's mace was my sister roguedragon)'s idea. Oops, looks like it disappeared in the second frame *doh*
2 11
Title: Bringing home the bacon
Artist: Shelby "Kiki" Lawson [DeviantArt]
Sometimes a rabbit just isn't enough to feed a pair of Sabre-Mutates. When food is low and you have a hunk of a honey, a baby mammoth being brought home over a rabbit with a looker is as good as your hubby bringing home the bacon.
2 1
Title: Oh Jalapena, I hate the Gate
Artist: Hidden-Traveler [Deviant Art]
Brooklyn found himself standing in a steamy jungle, strange sounding creatures chittering and calling all around him. He glowered at where the Gate had disappeared.
"Where did you drop me thi..." the ground shook and Brooklyn looked up, and up and up as the T-Rex's rotten meaty breath swept over him. "Oh Jalapena..."
0 1
Title: The Missing Link
Artist: SalieriTheFish [DeviantArt]
So, basically...a sort of artists impression of the Missing Evolutionary Link between Dinosaurs & Gargoyles. Having evolved from the sauropod Amargasaurus, he doesn't yet have fingers...and his back-fins haven't evolved into wings. I like him, anyway. Enjoy!
1 6
Title: Cromagnum-Goyle
Artist: Chaos Destine
Just a Cromagnum-Neandrathalish Gargoyle and his "pet".
5 4
Title: Akema & Lakota
Artist: StangWolf [deviantART]
Well, I wanted to color this but I ran out of time. At least I got the lineart done. These two are Akema and Lakota turned prehistoric. They're two OC gargs of mine that until now have pretty much been in my head, and their normal versions still are, but they were fun to draw like this. She's normally a white or cream colored lioness gargoyle and he's normally a pitch black wolf gargoyle, but for this contest they're a saber-tooth and a dire wolf. Hope you enjoy, this was a fun contest.
11 7

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