May 2008: Gargoyles in Shakespeare

Time to portray your favorite gargoyle characters in the appreciation of the works of the Bard! Shakespeare's work had a big influence on the Gargoyles universe, and it's time to celebrate it! You can gargoyle-ize characters from his plays, or draw your own characters acting, dressing, reading, or otherwise enjoying any of the works of William Shakespeare. Another redo, of the August 1999 topic this time.

Mascot by Kozispoon! (Thank you thank you!)

June's Topic Will Be: Gargoyle Paper Dolls! (Mascots claimed by spacebabie!)

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Title: Romeo & Juliet Take Flight
Artist: Chaos Destine
Romeo and Juliet were star crossed lovers. Juliet was younger than Romeo so here are Romeo and Juliet as two Gargoyles from different generations of the same clan, which is very rare to see.
ADDITIONAL ENTRY: Alas, I knew him well" - Naomie is part of a William Shakespeare production at Macbeths Playhouse. Naomie loves the theater and one could say that she has a nose for such things.
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Title: Contemplating Hamlet
Artist: Lefiel [DA]
This is my oc Rui, he often likes to contemplate about the books he reads. this time its hamlet and his problems. and we all know that book (if you have ever read it) is FULL of problems. (in a good to read way). this is my second time entering an MGC contest, all the wonderful art always inspires me :D
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Title: Romeo and Juliet
Artist: Lloyd Frisone
So here we have a new take on Romeo and Julietís forbidden love. The two households at war are the Gargoyles and the Humans.
When a human named Romeo and a Gargoyle named Juliet fall in love, their tragic deaths will ultimately end the feud between the Gargoyles and the humans.
ADDITIONAL ENTRY: Romeo and Juliet - After my first picture, I felt inspired and decided to do another one. This is Goliath and Elisa as Romeo and Juliet. Juliet/Elisa gives her last line before she commits suicide.
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Title: The Darkened Prince of Denmark
Artist: Deanna Morgan [DragonessDeanna on deviantART]
I finally got an entry in. And the night before I go on my trip to DisneyLand, no less. The dark prince of Denmark is one of the Bard's finest creations, and I hope I've captured enough of his emotions in my drawing.
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Title: Together for Eternity
Artist: Gemini
When I saw the topic for this month's contest, the song by Blue Oyster Cult kept circling in my mind, especially the lyrics; 'Romeo and Juliet, are together for eternity....'
It probably doesn't look like it has much to do with the subject itself, but I tried! ^ ^;;
Hope it looks all right!
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Title: Othello Interrupted
Artist: Lioness-gargress [DeviantArt]
The cold-trio official names are the mane characters in Othello. I then through Hyena in as Iago mate there for laughs
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Title: Something Wicked This Way Comes
Artist: Nebulan [DeviantArt]
I wanted to depict Demona as Lady Macbeth since, even as the DVD commentary for "City of Stone" said, she is more the Lady Macbeth of Shakespeare's Macbeth than the kindly Gruoch. If Demona played Lady Macbeth, she wouldn't have put up with Macbeth second guessing their plan to kill Duncan and just have done it herself!
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Title: Othello: The Garg of Venice - Act V; Scene II
Artist: nytshad [NightStone Creations]
Othello is by far my favorite tale of the bard, despite the fact that it has an inordinately sad ending. Taking the only dark-skined man in Italy and making him the only garg in Italy seemed like a natural progression for this month's topic. This is the final scene of the play where Othello has murdered his wife Desdemona in a jealous rage only to discover from the words of her dying handmaiden that she had been faithful and it had all been a sadistic plot by
his trusted friend, Iago. Shortly afterward, he stabs himself. Done on PPP v9.
1 1
Title: Hey Nonny Nonny
Artist: Cygna Vamp
Ophelia went a little crazy after the death of The Magus....
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Title: To gather the blossoms to fulfill the deed...
Artist: Angel [Deviantart]
Then crush this herb into Lysander's eye;
Whose liquor hath this virtuous property,
To take from thence all error with his might...
(A Midsummer's Night Dream; Act III, Scene 2)
A forest-themed gargoyle is playing the role of Puck in this version of "A Midsummer's Night Dream."
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Title: the Tempest
Artist: Rey [Rey on DA]
This was vaguely inspired by an RP friend's fanfic...
Puck merrily playing the role of Ariel, an older Xanatos falling into Prospero, poor teen Alex being glad to not have to wear a dress for his part, and I can't really blame Goliath for looking pissy over being cast as Caliban. He'd make an extremely intelligent and honorable Caliban, but in the picture at least he works well in the part.
11 4
Title: Taming of the Shrew, By Demona
Artist: Hidden-Traveler [Deviant Art]
Fed up with Princess Katharine's attitude Demona decided it was time to still her sharp tongue and tame the shrew once and for all. After a few days Katharine learned her place as Demona's familiar.
ADDITIONAL ENTRY: Shrew Katharine - close up
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most creative image  
Title: Forbidden Love
Artist: Samantha Nowak [Samantha Nowak Illustrations]
A mixed media piece~ I've thrown quite a bit of symbolism into the works. The couple is a faerie and a gargoyle. In the background is a crumbling Gothic cathedral. Gargoyles/Grotesques were put on Gothic cathedrals to ward away evil spirits from the churches. So, the church and gargoyle symbolism Christianity. The faerie represents the pagan religion (along with the crescent moon, often associated with the goddess). Back in the day~ Christians and pagans often didn't get along, so this faerie and gargoyle's romance is forbidden~ rather Romeo/Juliet really.
6 12
Title: At The Premiere of MacBeth
Artist: RogueDragon [RogueDragon@DeviantArt]
William Shakespeare is joined by a special guest at the premiere of his newest play "MacBeth". The guest, needless to say, is not at all happy with William's spin on the story.
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Title: CXVI
Artist: MommySpike [MommySpike on DevArt]
In a recent BBC adaption of "Much Ado About Nothing," Benedick read this sonnet to Beatrice and I just thought that the line "Love's not Time's fool" summed up the romance of the Timedancer's daughter quite nicely.
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