June 2008: Gargoyle Paper Dolls

Time for something a bit different, I think! The challenge this month is to design a Gargoyles paper doll! Make a simple full length drawing, then design a few outfits and accessories for it, complete with the little tabs to fold over. *L* Canon characters or original gargs are allowed, have fun! :) Just doing an image search for 'paper dolls' turns up some cute examples if you need inspiration.
If you want to supply us with a big enough file to print, send it along! We will link to it in the description, but the version put up for voting will likely be lower resolution to load quickly.

Mascots by Spacebabie!

July's Topic Will Be: Contemporary Literature - Garg art based on modern or recent books (Mascots claimed by Tragic Rabbit!)

Entry Artistic Votes Creativity Votes
Title: Out of The Closet!?
Artist: Chaos Destine
Chaos has many different outfits depending on the situation. whether it be past, present, or future. And just like everyone else, he knows how to mix it up and still look good. Larger version for download here.
2 1
Title: Angela's Outfits
Artist: Cygna Vamp
To use this paper doll, you'll have to cut notches (indicated in red) with an X-Acto knife. Her outfits include everything Angela wore in the comics (Including a modification on the fur she wore in "Reunion") and a few originals. Larger version for download here.
0 2
Title: PaperGarg Hudson
Artist: MommySpike [MommySpike on DevArt]
"Wench!! Whut d'ye do wi' me clothes!!!"
Additional Entry: Hudson All Dressed Up
9 7
Title: BraTGoyle outfits
Artist: LiL'BraT [Interdimensional crossroads]
I just thought I'd try out my character as a gargoyle as my first contest entry, I've never done this before But I've always been meaning to, I hope it goes well. Larger Version For Download Here.
3 1
Title: Tierney's Closet (Page I)
Artist: Valky [Deviantart]
This lovely lady is Tierney (named for contemporary paperdoll GOD: Tom Tierney) she is a sarcastic Irish import, who works as a stage manager for her clan's theater company in California.
Her outfits include: Daddy's Girl (featuring traditional clan garb and tattoos just like dear old Dad's,)Elisa Skinny Jeans, Corset, Capris, Purple Striped Sweater, Rainbow Venus Dress of Floaty Awesomeness, and a She-Gar Ringer T-Shirt.
Tierney is completely usable in all her dolly glory. Cut along the dotted lines on her wings to make room for the tabs around the doll. Larger version for download here.
ADDITIONAL ENTRY: Tierney's Closet (Page II) - Additional outfits for Tierney include: Dolman Sleeved Coat, Vest and Scarf, Date Night, A Night at the Opera, Gypsy Skirt, Pin-Up Bathing Suit, Floppy Hat, Grey Bermuda Shorts, Purple Skull Shirt, and a Seersucker Jacket. Larger version for download here.
14 2

most artistic image  
Title: Big, blond and beautiful
Artist: valaheri [DeviantArt]
Constance's paper doll: let's pay homage to a new, charismatic character in the gargoyles’ universe (plus her official outfit and some other silly costumes, 'cause the '70 disco garments suits her very much and, admit it, a world without cowboy country-style would be an horrible world!). Larger version for download here.
25 16
Title: 4 Seasons Gothic Lolita
Artist: Jin [DeviantArt]
Self-portrait as a gargoyle, with Gothic Lolita outfits for all 4 seasons. I'd had a terrible impulse to draw something really frilly a la Aimee Major ... think I've got it out of my system now :)
3 0

most creative image  
Title: Demona and MacBeth Through the Centuries
Artist: Nebulan and RogueDragon [RogueNebulan]
Here's several of Demona and MacBeth's outfits, including several revists to outfits Nebulan's created for the characters as well as a few new ones!
6 33

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