July 2008: Contemporary Literature

Time for a trip to the library, whether it's you community one or your personal one... The topic for this month is Contemporary Literature! In other words, books written in the last ten/twenty years or so, as opposed to our Classic Literature topic where they had to be older. You can Gargoyle-ize a character from the book, or drop a favorite character into their universe - Just be sure you give us the name of any characters you use, and the name and author of the book. Be respectful of the original please.

Mascots by Tragic Rabbit!

August's Topic Will Be: Chinese Gargoyles - Tying in with the Olympic games, draw gargoyles reflecting the Chinese culture! Note: Leave politics OUT or I won't accept it! (Mascots claimed by Nebulan!)

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Title: Seekers of Truth
Artist: Gilly (the Perky Goth) [DeviantArt]
I went with Sword of Truth, which combined with Gargoyles is the epitome of nerdiness for me^^ Here we have Elisa Maza as Kahlan Amnell and Goliath as Richard Rahl. Reminiscent of the Mother Confessor and the Seeker of Truth's first meeting. Curious? Wizard's First Rule by Terry Goodkind.
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Title: A Density of Souls
Artist: Chaos Destine [DeviantArt]
I once read a book about four years ago entitled "A Density of Souls" by Chris Rice. The book itself dealt with four neighborhood kids growing up and growing apart. Whenever one of the guys was scared he would recite the poem enscripted here. We all carry demons and dark secrets around with us through life so here is Chaos and my human counterpart Patrick.
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Title: A Song of Ice and Fire
Artist: Trinkulus
I have enjoyed reading fantasy for over a decade, and one of the most amazing series I have ever read is George R.R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire. Sadly, my artistic skills are not up to tackling the incredible and action-packed world of Westeros, or the enormous cast of morally gray characters. I decided instead to focus on two of my (many) favorites: Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen. Jon represents Ice, a member of the Night's Watch fighting a mysterious army of cold demons. Daenerys represents Fire, hoping to use her dragons to return to Westeros and take back rule from those who usurped her family.
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Title: He died doing the right thing
Artist: Hidden-Traveler [Deviant Art]
"He dies doing the right thing" prophetic words engraved on a gravestone given as a gift to the wizard Harry Dresden. Between reading the Dresden files and rewatching the Avalon story arch, I came to see similarities between Harry and the Magus. Both became champions of what some would call lost causes, and went against a mightier foe with little hesitation even when they where out classed by a large margin, winning only by self sacrifice and clever thinking.
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Title: Ian Fleming's Casino Goyale
Artist: John aka Flanker
I've been on a huge James Bond kick for a couple of years now, so this collision was only a matter of time. These books were written in the 50's but other writers have kept it going over the years, still going strong five decades later! My picture is a hypothetical book cover with 007, Vesper and the Smersh agent as gargoyles. These started as hand drawn sketches but heavy amounts of photoshop were used. Thanks for looking!
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Title: Marvin and Macbeth
Artist: Nebulan [dA Gallery]
Macbeth meets a kindred spirit (Marvin is from "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy," the line is from the second book, chapter 18).
ADDITIONAL ENTRY: The Gargoyles' Guide to the Galaxy - I often do two drawings and decide which one I like better, sometimes, like with this one, before I even finish, like with this one. Here's an alternate universe where, instead of discovering Gargoyles existed, Elisa found out her best friend (Brooklyn) was really an Alien.
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Title: Valerius Magnus
Artist: Sesshomaru Taisho [DA]
A quick sketch of Valerius Magnus from Sherrilyn Kenyon's Dark-Hunter novels as a gargoyle. Not sure why, but he's my absolute fave DH, so when I saw this month's topic I had to draw him.
"Play is for children and dogs. Now that you have identified which category you fall into, I'll show you what Romans do to rabid dogs."
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Title: Color Me Confused
Artist: Erin Cale [TravelsLight at Deviantart]
My first MGC entry, so please be kind. I chose to put Broadway with the Tendu from Amy Thompson's The Color of Distance. They're beings who speak visually, using colors to depict emotion. Unfortunately for Broadway, gold=lust, green=satisfaction or pride, and the logo he thought was pretty much universal looks to them like a child's name.

Tendu on the right: He is proud that he lusts after a child?!
Tendu on the left: Pervert.
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Title: Her Grace, the Duke of Ankh
Artist: Valky [Deviantart]
I couldn't help myself. I'm in the middle of rereading Terry Pratchett's Discworld books again (at least, I'm rereading the ones which feature the City Watch, because I love me some Sam Vimes), and Elisa just seemed like such a good fit in the Watch... so, I did her up as His Grace, the Duke of Ankh-Morpork, Sir Samuel Vimes, Commander of the Watch. And of course, I couldn't leave out Lady Sybil Ramkin, Vimes' large boned wife... and I'm sure we all know how much I love to put Goliath in dresses... and he was just the right size... Yes, I'm a bad, bad lady. And I like it.
Neither of them looks too happy with me, huh? Can't imagine why... Oh well. We must suffer for art, my friends.
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Title: Night Crimes
Artist: Angel [DeviantArt]
I picked Jim Butcher's "Dresden Files" for my entry this round because I just happened to pick up the latest book in the series yesterday. So, Harry, as a gargoyle, investigating some blood at a crime scene. Who's behind him: Murphy or Elisa? I'll let you decide! ^____^
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Title: Blood and Chocolate
Artist: Plauge [Deviantart]
I chose the book Blood and Chocolate by Annette Curtis Klause because I REALLY enjoyed the book and it made a really easy art choice for me :3. I could imagine Fox in the same way as the main girl, and it was just really fun to draw her in her werewolf form
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Title: The Farseer Gargoyles
Artist: Coda (Karell) [Coda's DA]
I always loved Robin Hobb's books. And this is a tribute to her amazing work. You can see Fitz, Regal and Kettricken in gargoyles form.
22 5
Title: Northern Lights
Artist: Emili Alys [my d.a]
Here is my entry transforming Lyra's world in a world of gargoyles! Here is the moment in Northern lights by Philip Pullman (the golden compass) when Lyra discovers her betrayal for her friend Roger, full of anger and sadness she is ready to make her way into a new world. Was a pencil sketch which has been colored using photoshop.
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Title: Very Inconspicuous
Artist: Gargoylekitty [DevArt]
Like Aziraphale and Crowley from Good Omens, by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman, Demona and Macbeth have known one another for a long time. So, like the angel and demon, they'll get together from time to time to talk. Alas, unlike the angel and demon, Demona only ever wants to meet at night making the guise of feeding ducks a bit hard to manage, nevermind that she's a full grown gargoyle in the middle of a public park.
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Title: Harry Potter and the Peculiar Patronus
Artist: Volpe de Fuego and Afton [Volpe de Fuego's DevArt]
As the demonic Dementor approached Harry, the young wizard reached into his pocket and whipped out his wand. Before the cloaked monstrosity could lay its scabbed and bony fingers on the boy's face, Harry brandished his wand high towards the night sky and envoked the only spell he knew that could intimidate a Dementor. Harry filled himself up with the joy and warmth of his parents' love and shouted, "Expecto Patronum!"
The tip of his wand glowed brightly and soon, a stag made up of pure white light would come charging in a full speed to lift the Dementor into its antlers and tossing it into the air to rescue Harry. But instead, Harry heard the roar of a motorcycle and whirled around. At the confusion of both the young wizard and the Dementors, what arrived wasn't a Patronus spirit but a Gargoyle on a motorbike - a Gargoyle with the appearance of a white stag but with large feathered wings, leather garb and...sunglasses?
This was a collaboration between my dear friend Afton and I! We thought of this as we were coming from the Gathering of the Gargoyles weeks back and could NOT resist XD We hope you enjoy this "lost episode" of Harry Potter!
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