August 2008: Chinese Gargoyles

You should all know by now how much I love the cultural topics... I've actually been saving this one up to tie in with the Olympics this summer, and it's finally here! So yes, the topic for August is Chinese Gargoyles - draw gargoyles from the Chinese culture, or have your favorite characters visit the country's landmarks, or illustrate a Chinese story... Get creative!! My only rule is going to be no political entries. I know there's a lot of protest going on over various things but this is not the place to showcase it. Thanks, and have fun!

Mascots by Nebulan! Thanks again!

September's Topic Will Be: Video Games Gargoyles - Garg up characters from your favorite video games, redo of July 2003. (Mascots claimed by Volpe de Fuego!)

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Title: Old memory
Artist: Lefiel [Lefiel DA]
When I saw this month’s mgc topic this image popped to mind. There is kind of a story behind this but it would take FAR too long to explain. yay for puppies though :D
2 2
Title: Chinese Wedding
Artist: Nebulan [dA Gallery]
Omg punctual! Monkey Girl is back (from my entry for the Zodiac topic) and she's having a traditional Wedding! ^^
1 1
Title: The five elements
Artist: Emili alys [D.A]
here is my entry I dyed some paper and drew gargoyles in chinese ink with a brush, each gargoyle representing a different chinese element, metal (white), Earth (yellow), Wood (green, and also being monkey), Water (blue is also the element of death) and Fire (red as the vermillion bird) each with their characters- im sorry if i wrote them wrong.
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Title: Harmony
Artist: quwiki [DevArt]
It's the first time i made an entry and also the first time that i got inspired to draw. This pic is based on a chinese movie poster.
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Title: Kwan Lin
Artist: Spike [MommySpike on DevArt]
Most of the time, Kwan Lin is usually off tending to her garg beasts but when she chooses to dress up, this Chinese gargoyle becomes a rare and delicate flower.
33 3

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Title: Chinese New Year
Artist: Purplegoldfish [DeviantArt page]
A young female gargoyle and a gargoyle beast celebrate the Chinese New Year with festive decorations and fruit. The beast is wearing a costume for the traditional Dragon Dance. Everything in this picture represents an aspect of Chinese culture.
11 26
Title: "Lin," The Shaolin Protector
Artist: Jose Tarin
Lin "Beautuful Jade" She is a KIRIN gargoyle. She may not have wings, but she is an excellent acrobat and Kung Fu Master at a Shaolin Tample in China. There are not too many Gargoyles remaining in her Clan. The best way to describe her appearance in daylight is covered with stone, except a jade horn & scale markings.
3 4
Title: Brooklyn the prince
Artist: Shelby [DeviantArt]
Hi...I'm new and someone said that this would a "great" Addition to this month's topic-chinese gargoyles. So...Brooklyn the Prince...I know it isn't very big file. Please be gentle...
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Title: White rice or Fried Rice
Artist: chaos destine [DeviantArt]
Just some random Chinese female Gargess. How can they walk in those shoes?
Thought it would be funny here to have her with a bowl of rice because every time I have Chinese food it always comes with rice and they ask "Do you want Fried rice or White rice"?
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Title: Count G's Petshop
Artist: VoLpE de FuEgO [DeviantArt]
The theme of China brought to mind two of my favorite fandoms:
Petshop of Horrors and of course, Gargoyles ;p Here we have the mysterious Count Sofu D as a Gargoyle with some Garg beasts, including Brooklyn's future Fu Dog in puppy form! Being of Chinese descent, Count "G" (G for gargoyle) is the regal head of the movement to protect and breed the rare Gargoyle Beast species. Welcome to G's petshop...tonight, you will find something you desire...
3 16

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