September 2008: Video Game Gargoyles Take 2!

In July 2003 we did Video Games Gargoyles for the first time, and it's been one of the more often requested redos, so here you go! Gargoylize you favorite game characters, show gargs (or canon non gargs, you know the drill!) interacting with the games, or playing the games, or hey, get creative and have fun!

Mascot image by Volpe de Fuego!

October's Topic Will Be: Focus on the Faes - every entry should include one of the canon fae characters (Mascots not yet claimed!)

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most artistic image  
Title: Undying Gargoyle
Artist: Hellen [Elfwood gallery]
Lizbeth Covenant from Clive Barker's Undying, a horror-themed first person shooter. Lizbeth was the youngest of the cursed Covenant siblings. In her afterlife she wonders around old monastery ruins with her pet howlers.
There was no question for me what character to "gargoylize." Liz always seemed sort of gargoyle to me, with her animal-like claws, feet and behavior.
21 1
Title: Gargoyles-Crashers with Guilty-Garg Guest
Artist: Colin Shepperd (Thrall1138) [DeviantArt]
Castle Crashers is awesome, I love Dan Palidon's entertaining art style and I felt that if I didn't do this now, no other time would feel appropriate (Castle Crashers just came out this month, and this month's contest is video games, ergo...).
Just a few notes: My favorite character sense I was a kid is Lexington, any thoughts of Lex killing everyone and turning them into super cool cyborgs is accidental and awesome... I mean bad. Also, for those of you who don't know, in Castle Crashers, Sandwiches make you go "beefy" and wipe out everything, Broadway going beefy felt appropriate for some reason.
Lastly, five points to whoever recognizes the five locations shown in panel 3 (excluding the "villain lair" sense I just made that up, with automated turrets zamg!). Higher res version of Baiken-goyle is available here.
2 6
Title: "The Dig" Alien
Artist: Nebulan [deviantart gallery]
I adore the classic Lucasarts adventure games! Dig is a beautiful game and I love any excuse to try to do a dig background. For those that don't know the premise of the story, astronauts go to explore an asteroid headed for Earth only to have it turn into a mysterious spaceship that takes them to an abandoned yes fantastic world!
ADDITIONAL ENTRY: "Full Throttle" Brooklyn - I've been wanting to draw Brooklyn as Ben from "Full Throttle" for a long time but my attempt this month didn't turn out so I did this up kinda quickly and decided to go with Dig for my main entry. For those not familiar with the game, Ben's a motorcyclist in a future where motorcycles are threatened to be replaced by hovercrafts.
5 0
Title: Rabbids Can't Fight Crime...
Artist: Shahrezad1 [Shahrezad1 on]
They've not just invaded our world, but our very televisions...
3 9
Title: The Scout
Artist: Zoe [FA Account]
From a quick discussion with my hubby about what gargoyles would be what roles in Team Fortress 2. Brooklyn seem to have the attitude to be the scout mores then anyone else.
14 4
Title: Old Video-Games Gargoyles
Artist: DVD
Mario, Pac-man, and sonic the hedgehog just turned into...
I hate the background but oh well....
2 2
Title: A Mixed Predicament
Artist: SpaceKase []
Spyro the Dragon has been one of my favorite videogame series for a little over ten years now, and my first thought upon hearing this month's contest theme was, 'Cynder would make a beautiful gargoyle.' (Cynder is one of the main characters in the most recent installations of the series, A New Beginning and The Eternal Night.) My second thought was, 'Brooklyn would be so easy to draw as a dragon,' probably given his beak. I'm not sure if I was right on either account, but it was certainly fun to find out. I'm not sure what happened here- probably a magic spell gone wrong? Maybe two- one practiced in each of their worlds simultaneously? Whatever happened, they seem to be getting along all right.
1 1
Title: Lexi Outcast
Artist: Hidden-Traveler [Deviant art]
Lexington had Elisa pick up the Best of PC Star Wars game pack, and in it was Jedi Outcast. Figureing it would be fun thing to play between useing Knights of the Old Republic to hone his programing skills, he loaded it. But after a few hours of playing and falling he came to the conclusion Kyle Katarn would have been better off as a gargoyle.
For those of you who have never played jedi Outcast, the designers have you do alot of jumping from object to object, and if you'd not good at it, you do alot of falling.
0 1
Title: Sora
Artist: Angie McClelland [DakotaAngie's DevArt Gallery]
Wow, been a long time, Garg fandom Five years, to be exact. Anyhow, I finally managed to get inspiration for an entry and here he is. Sora, from Kingdom Hearts fame. I think a Gargoyles level would be MOST AWESOME.
Sorry it's just a pencil sketch. Don't have the energy to color and I didn't wanna slink out on entering again.
6 1
Title: New Power
Artist: Chaos Destine [DevArt]
Mario and Luigi in Mario Brothers were always finding new powers to help them in their quest to saving the Princess. Certain places would open up after defeating different levels and one of my favorites was when you could get to Toads house and choose between one of three chest for a secret prize. So here is Luigi opening a chest and instead of fire power he has received Gargoyle Power. Thought it would be cute to add in the Ba-bomb and of course the uber up mushroom to make Luigi big and strong.
2 8

most creative image  
Title: Gargoyle Hero
Artist: Spike [MommySpike on DevArt]
Brooklyn and Kirin finally find something that they can both agree upon... much to the dismay of their mates.
5 28

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