October 2008: Focus on the Faes!

Well, we normally do the gargoyles, and we've done the humans, now it's the turn of the Faes! Whatever name you call them by, they are scattered throughout the Gargoyles universe, and your challenge for this month is to include in your artwork at least one canon character of this group. Oberon's Children and New Olympians will both count in this topic, Fox and Alex will NOT - if you do a fae in human form there should be some representation of their fae form as well, unless there is another fae to meet the requirements. Also feel free to ask if you aren't sure something fits, and HAVE FUN! ^_^

Mascots done (at the last second to save me) by Rey! Thanks again!

November's Topic Will Be: Stone Sleep - Artwork showing the stone sleep forms of your favorite gargoyles! (Mascots claimed by Nebulan!)

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Title: "Please allow me to introduce myself..."
Artist: LiL'BraT
This is one of my older pictures,as you know, my favorite character in the faes is by far is Puck. I did this as a height comparison between my character and his...Of course I need no coersion to do fae pictures...
1 0
Title: Raven
Artist: Zoe [FA account]
Raven was always one of my favorite children of Oberon, not so much for his role in the show so much as his mythology.
12 9
Title: The Mirror Revisited
Artist: Chaos Destine [DeviantArt]
Elisa loved being a Gargoyle so much that she went to Puck and asked him to transform her one last time.
6 13

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Title: The Many Forms of the Weird Sisters
Artist: Nebulan [deviantart gallery]
... well, many forms we don't see in the show that is. For those not familiar with the Aliens I drew them as, they are Twi'lek Jedis (Star Wars) and Wraith Queens (Stargate Atlantis). I tried to give each sister a little personality ;)
1 31
Title: Lesson # 326
Artist: Grey Wolf
Because zapping someone with lightning is the best way to show you care. Yeah, didn't have time to finish Oberon's vest/armor/shirt/thing, sorry.
2 5
Title: Puck's new job
Artist: Hidden-Traveler [DeviantArt]
With yet another cancellation under his belt Puck had to turn to his cousin for work.
2 12

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Title: Remembering Avalon
Artist: Rey [DA gallery]
I'm sure he'd try not to let on, but exile has to be hard on Puck. I'm willing to bet he'd tell Alex all about Avalon though. With Queen Titania for a grandmother it's a safe bet he'll at least end up visiting there someday and Puck would want him to be prepared. That's the weird sisters dancing with the mythical white stag in the memory/illusion. More innocent times in Puck's youth I guess.
53 7

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