November 2008: Stone Sleep

A topic that oddly has been suggested for years and years and never has gotten picked... Until now! The challenge for November is to depict your favorite gargoyles in their stone sleep forms. So find them a comfy spot, strike a pose, and let the sun come up! Or, you know, catch them by surprise...

Mascots by Nebulan! Thanks again! ^_^

December's Topic Will Be: Gargoyle Blockbusters - Gargify the big name movies! (Mascots done by Valaheri! Thank You!)

REMEMBER - ONE VOTE PER PERSON! Multiple votes will be completely deleted! Just because the program lets you vote again doesn't mean _I_ do. Thank you for cooperating.

Entry Artistic Votes Creativity Votes
Title: The Accuser in the Morning
Artist: Harley
Named for his pointed finger in an accusing sort of way. I love Gargoyles, and I recently discovered this sight, so I hope this makes the grade to get into the contest...Cheers
14 4
Title: Sword holder
Artist: Epantiras [DeviantArt]
Something classic. A gargoyle, his sword and the sun.
6 4

most creative image  
Title: Egyptian Clan
Artist: Nebulan [DA Gallery]
I took this topic as an excuse to expand my Egyptian clan a little bit. My sister specifically requested the garg-beast. The tourists just think they are amazingly well-preserved statues.
1 23
Title: Stone Parthenon Clan
Artist: RogueDragon [RD@DeviantArt]
I wanted to do a group of Greek gargoyles that an ancient Grecian may have seen and had been inspired by the sight of these statues to invent some of the creatures that ended up in Greek Mythology. L to R: Satyr, Harpy, Chimera, Manticore, Gorgon, Sphinx. (the Chimera is the son of the Manticore and the Satyr)
0 4

most artistic image  
Title: Stone Lovers 2
Artist: Spike [MommySpike on DevArt]
Kirin looked to the east. "It will be daybreak soon. I should go."
"Do you have to?" Ariana caught his hand. "Why not stay with me?"
25 9
Title: Stone at Night
Artist: Chaos Destine
Well we all know that Gargoyles are stone during the day and AWAKE at night. What if Gargoyles were like humans though in the way we sleep at different times of the day depending on our lives. So here is Chaos taking a stone nap during the night due to exhaustion and fatigue of patroling with Lexingtons shadow there in the background.
I was in a hurry to finish this pic, almost forgot today was the end of November, so I do not think of this as a finished piece. I wish I would have gotten around to coloring the background a little more to make it appear to be night time.
2 4

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