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Gargoyles and all of its characters are copyrighted and property of Buena Vista Television and Walt Disney. This site in no way means to make money off the characters in anyway, but to celebrate the fandom's love for the characters.

---> MGC site copyright info
The MGC site, graphics, mascots and some code within this site are copyrighted by Laurean Broadbent (2002).
The php code revisions of this site are copyrighted by Guandalaug le Faye (2002).

This means you are not to use, manipulate, or copy ANY and all material on this site without our permission, save link bars displayed in the links section. (THIS INCLUDES HTML and PHP CODE! Do not use it on your site!) Fanart of the MGC mascots are okay and encouraged, but please do not claim them as your own. Plagerising a webpage or artwork is wrong, hurtful and mean...DON'T DO IT! Learn to code/draw for yourself!

---> MGC artist copyright info
All entries displayed on the mgc website are copyrighted by the individual artist. MGC is only a place to show off artwork and give away prizes, as well as incourage artistic and creative improvement. You may NOT 'borrow' or 'save' any pictures displayed on this site to put on your own website. If you do so, you must ask the artist's permission first!

If any of the artwork displayed in a current or former MGC contest is a plagerised work, please let us know at: ekkapinto@yahoo.com The MGC staff will look over the situation, and decide whether or not plagerism has occurred and what to do. For more information on this: check out our copyright faq

---> Copyright Links
What is copyright?: great place for information if you're confused on what copyright exactly is.
Grey Day : Less of an informational site, more or less a day to commemerate artists. This site is a grey day supporter.
Copyright Files: website by Aimee Major. This site gives information on what copyright and plagerism are, as well as picture examples. PICTURE EXAMPLES!! You can't got wrong there!
If you have any questions of comments about the MGC copyright policy, please contact us at: ekkapinto@yahoo.com.