>> Plagerism/Copyright Questions
---> What is a copyright?
There are several sites devoted to this.
Check out our copyright links section to find out more.

---> Where is the MGC disclaimer information?
MGC disclaimer information can be found here.

---> My work has been plagerised and its on MGC! What do I do?
First off, calmly email us a letter. (Remember, we're not personally responsible for each and everyone's artwork, we also want to make sure plagerism DOESN'T happen on MGC, so let us know) Point out which work has been plagerised, state your case, as well as a picture of the artwork in question. We will personally inform the artist and ask for their story. The MGC staff will then look and decide (by vote) if indeed the artwork is in question. This process is done through MGC, so if accused wrongly, there is no embarressment or fighting. If guilty, the artwork is taken down, and stripped of any and all votes, awards, etc and the artist is warned. (Upon a 3rd violation, an artist is immediately banned from participating in MGC EVER AGAIN). If not guilty, then both parties are notified and the artwork stays.

---> I'm going to copy the MGC website code and use it for my contest page!
Err...NO. This *IS* a copyright violation!!! No images, code, or graphics may be used on other pages besides this one! (Save MGC banner links and awards)The new design took a WHILE to code and people have put a lot of hours into creating it. Design your own stuff, it'll look original, and you'll have gained more experience coding.

---> May I draw fanart of the Mascots, Ekka and Pinto?
Yes! Please do! We encourage fanart! Just don't claim them as your own, but drawing them is fine!

---> Where can I get more information on copyright?
Try our copyright links page for more information.