May 2009: Fanfic Illustrations 2

Challenge for this month is a redo of April '04, Fanfic Illustrations! Gargoyles fan-fic... Original stories written in the Gargs universe by fans, rather than canon stories... can be found all over the fandom in many many different flavors by many many different writers. Grab your old favorite, or hunt down a new one, and draw a memorable scene from it! Credit to the author is required, be respectful, and if possibly provide a link to the story (if the story itself is over PG-13 please provide a link AND a warning.) Regular rules apply, every entry needs at least one gargoyle OR canon character, and keep the artwork under PG-13 please and thank you. ^_^
Possibly useful link: Gargoyles Fanfic Archive

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Title: Who me? Write a Fanfiction? No waaaay~!
Artist: Gold Demona [DeviantArt Page]
A fanfiction for anyone who enjoys a good crossover.
Primarily set in the world of Gargoyles, this fic takes place about a hundred years after the series, and stars a plethora of characters and references taken from a huge variety of other fandoms, all modified and adapted to fit seamlessly into the world of Gargoyles.
I couldn't decide on a particular scene of the fic, so instead I opted to make
a "book cover" featuring all of the fic's main characters. =)
Link to the fanfiction: Regular version - Reduced Dialect Version
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Title: The Broken One
Artist: Valaheri and DTaina
The Artists: Sketch by Valaheri -

Inks and coloring by DTaina

Scene from BOBSZY's fanfic "The Broken One. Part 3". It's the touching seen were Demona apologizes to a heartbroken Brooklyn for everything she had done to him in the past. Link to Story
17 3
Title: Vipra
Artist: Evil Overlady [Evil Overlady's Domain]
Vipra was orphaned in Japan during WWII. As a hatchling, she was adopted by a U.S. soldier and his wife and taken back to America. She's never met other gargoyles... until now.
Read her story and others in the series at - "The Egg"
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Title: Sensei and the Schoolgirl
Artist: Spike [MommySpike on Deviant Art]
Rubbing her right foot on the back of her left, Ariana ducked her head and looked at him through her bangs. "You see," she began, "if I do detention, I'll miss playing in the ball game and I really, really don't want to let the team down, so you see, I'll do anything to make up for it." She fluttered her lashes.
"Pleeeeeeeeeeeeze? I'll do anything!"
"A-anything?" Kirin stammered, still staring at her. "Ariana, what are you playing…" His voice died off as he realized what he just said. He raised one eyebrow questioningly and pointed at her. "You're … playing."
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Title: Clan of Paris
Artist: Coda [Coda on DA]
Maybe you know our Paris' clan, here they are :) from left to right : Morphine, Grimm, Richelieu, and then Mélusine, Absinthe and Delacroix.
You'll (at last) be able to read the first fanfiction translated in english (written by Louise and translated by me) on our blog. It's called "Richelieu's crazy run" and is the result of a challenge between Louise and I. We both have the same theme, 3
words we have to put in our texts, one deadline and voilà ! 2 differents stories. Fun, adventures, mystery, feelings and more :P Here is Louise's fanfic! mine is not yet translated. Enjoy!
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Title: Much Ado About DiddlySquat
Artist: Nebulan [dA Gallery]
This is an illustration of my sister's unfinished story based on the Shakespeare play. Story Link I hope it's ok that the fanfic is unfinished ^^;
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Title: Owen Burnett did not like parties
Artist: Rey [Rey on Deviant Art]
For a long time now I've been trying to do an illustration for To Drive the Cold Winter Away. This is an amazing collaboration by Melissa
'Missy' Merlin and Tara 'LJC' O'Shea and one of the best Owencentric fics out there. I feel like I still haven't done the story justice...
7 3

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