April 2005: Gargoyles Zodiac

Your horoscope for this month, dear artist, shows a creative endeavor of the astrological kind! Someone will challenge you to draw your favorite gargoyle characters representing or somehow symbolizing a zodiac sign, and you will be up to this challenge in your usual wonderful way! Anything that is determined by the date or time of birth is allowable, though if it's more obsure explainations would be appreciated. Suggestions from the forums include Western, Chinese, Druid Trees, and Birthstones, but there are more. Have fun!
Referrence Links:
Sun Signs/Western - Chinese - Japanese - Native American - Celtic Tree/Animal - Vedic/Indian
Mascots by Y2Hecate!
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Title: Aries, the Ram
Artist: Kittie(formerly Twitch) [Kittie's Deviant Art]
Aries, the Ram. Ruled by the planet Mars, colored red, and connected to fire. Turquoise is its' gem. My mother's sign. She helped me with all the little things that went with Aries, and I drew based off of her almighty word. I like it a lot. ^.^
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Title: Birthstone Guardian
Artist: Sarah Bergs
Hello, im Sarah Bergs i tried in the January contest when I was 8. Now 10 i wish to try again.
My picture has my bithstone as the sun. The Pisces is in there scince it is my birth sign(3/18/95). The gargoyle has her hands glowing and hear head scince my stone was sometimes used to heal. The head.. I read is that born under the Pisces i am suposaly telpathic, which explains my visions or Deja Vu. Well its great to be back now that I got my mother to send this in!! VOTE FOR ME!!!
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Title: Sagittarius the Archer
Artist: Awata Silverfeather
Mortals gaze into the heavens and wonder of their fate
Some believe that to each there is a symbol,
Given at entry into this world,
A specific pattern that weaves their fate into the stars.
To each there is fortune or misery,
As determined by the eternal dance of light above.
I myself am under the Archer's mighty bow.
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Title: Age of Aquarius
Artist: PolarNexxus [DeviantArt Gallery]
So this is my second entry here on MGC. Photoshop crapped out on me, so all I have are colored pencils, and I'm none too good at either, but worse with pencils. Tried to give her a more ethereal look, so I didn't give her pupils, per se, but more like and internal light shining through. The symbol on her forehead is for Aquarians, and I guess the sun is rising on the Age of Aquarius ::starts singing::
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Title: Arcadia Zodiac
Artist: Beedoo! [Beedoo!'s Den]
I'd actually started this in January and finished it just before this topic came up. All chars (c) their respective creators. I'll let the page do the rest of the talking. ;)
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Title: Year of the Monkey
Artist: Nebulan [DA Gallery]
I debated and debated which entry to submit, this or my Aries picture and I finally decided I'd go with this one. I was originally going to go for a full color background but I like what I decided to go with. I love Chinese dresses, old and modern!

Additional Entry: The Ram of the Stars - I wanted to do Aries because I love Greek stuff, especially architecture, but I decided to go with the Monkey instead.
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Title: Guiding Lights
Artist: Dana
I wanted to do something that involved all of the signs of the zodiac. I figured why not show them in their original forms? I guess you could call the being in the back the guiding force. Hope you like.
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Title: The Taurus
Artist: Liz [Imaginator Central]
So.. you guys saw this coming, right?
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Title: Libra
Artist: Jade Griffin [Website]
I am a Libra but that wasn't the inspiration. This image suddenly popped into my head. She came out so neat! I love the contrast. The gargoyle libran is the balancer, the picture is based on a balanced image, yet her coloration and clothing counter such balance. Neat. Anyway, the constellation Libra is outlined on the actual starmap behind her. She's made slightly transparent like how they used to display constellation images on tv. Hope ya like her!
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Title: Zodiac Dreamer
Artist: Spacebabie [The Tower of X]
Elisa's birthday is December 31 1968. She was born in the year of the
After hard night of work she likes to sleep with an old stuffed monkey, an item from her childhood. Her night gown had the image of her Native American zodiac sign: the snow goose, and is the same shade of blue as the birthstone in her earings. The tattoo on her leg is the symbol of Capricorn, her zodiac sign.
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Title: The Guardian of the Owl Gargoyles
Artist: Kimberly aka Minerva Star [Minerva Star's deviantART]
She was inspired by not only this contest but also born from my coin pendent that I got at a renicence
festival. (btw pardon my spelling) anyway long story short, i was intreged by the Native American refrence link and bingo! the result of many killed colored penciles and erasers, and a slight buzz from the sharpie background. hope you all like!
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Title: Golden knight of Leo
Artist: Epantiras [Epantiras @ Deviantart.com]
Aioria, the golden knight of Leo, as a gargoyle. Aioria comes from "Knights of the Zodiac" (the original name of the show is "Saint
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Title: Zodiac Gargoyles
Artist: Coda (Karell) [Coda's Deviant art Gallery]
I decided to design horns for each zodiac sign. I spent so many times on these designs but I hope you like them!!! If you want to see a larger version of each zodiac gargoyle, just have a look in my DA gallery. Voila!
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Title: Kirin: Year of the Tiger
Artist: Spike [The Rockaway]
When I looked up Kirin's birth year, discovered that he was born in the Year of the Tiger. Ironically, Ariana was born in the Year of the Horse which is one of the Tiger's ideal matches. I took some commercial art shortcuts here by using screenshots and manipulating them in photoshop.
Title: The Scales
Artist: Lioness-gargress [DeviantArt Gallery]
The Libra or Justice. Just another balance of good bad and punishment. End with the Hunters end of the haters!
The Libra and Justice are sort of the same thing right?
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Title: Pisces- The Fish
Artist: Shanrelle [DeviantArt Webpage]
I felt Pisces- known for their serenity and stablity, should be represented by one of the most clam and passive creatures- the Koi.
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