October 2006: Make Your Own Gargoyle Comic

This month we are redo-ing the July 1999 topic 'Gargoyle Comics!' Any length comic is allowed (but should probably be multiple panels unless you get really really creative.) Comics can be action or comedy, canon or fanverse, or any combinaton that fits the general site rules. HTML entries are allowed for multiple pages. Have fun!

Mascot by Shinga!

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Title: Angels and Demons
Artist: Galax [Website]
The pages you are looking at are the intro to a 75-pages Gargoyle Comic, that originally was an X-Files fanfiction about Gargoyles I created long ago.
Through certain circumstances I decided to draw a comic out of the story.
Of course, Mulder and Scully don't exist in this comic :) I deleted the X-Part from the story. My tale tells about the Gargoyles nowadays, the problems they face because of human spreading and how they try to abide to their values despite being forced to betray them sometimes.
A story of teariness, anger and despair. A story of flight, from the ones, they once protected.
The Cover was colored by LiquidGargoyle
2 5
Title: The Adventures of Captain Brooklyn
Artist: Nebulan [@deviantArt]
Brooklyn tries his hand at comics. Dream on Brooklyn, dream on ;)
1 8

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Title: Koiji Komik
Artist: Spike [MommySpike on DevArt]
Happa, Mawson, and Kirin discuss Ariana over a friendly game of cards.
Unfortunately, Kirin ups the stakes (and when Ariana finds out that he *still* has her undies from the hot springs, he's in BIG trouble.)
41 7

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Title: Lexington's Loincloth
Artist: Amanda 'Shinga' Bussell [DA account]
Yes, it's an old picture :> But I have no scanner at the moment so this'll just have to do! XD Oh and, yes, I DO know how Lexington's loincloth fits on him now... I got that cleared up ;)
7 36
Title: DarkSide
Artist: Rainbow Trekki [deviantart]
My first attempt at a comic page. Here we have Gabriel(the yellow one) and Puck (the elf looking one) where they meet a mysterious Gargoyle.
0 4
Title: Fraternal Twins
Artist: Duncan [DevArt]
Hey guys, this is my first enty to MGC ever and because I can't draw if my life depended on it, I had to do it in 3D. Was tons of work, much more than I expected so I hope I'm not yet too late.

Well, here it is: It's the beginning scene from my old Fanfic on fanfic.gargoyles-fans.org. After a quarrel in Castle Wyvern, Elisa and Demona suddenly find themselves in a bizarre alternate universe and things seem to go from bad to worse... especially for Demona. Here's a link to the story.
4 7
Title: Iago's Past
Artist: Limefishys
We know why Iago/Coldsteel hates Othello/Coldstone - they both love Desdemona/Coldfire. But why does Iago hate Goliath so much? This gives my explanation for why Iago hates Goliath. This is only my 2nd entry EVER, and I worked really really hard on it. I'm pretty happy with it.
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Title: Woes of Valar #1
Artist: Shii [Shii DeviantArt]
There are four Gargoyle guardians in Valar, and sadly they, like all living things with in the keep, are subject to Eshanna and Kenzington's jokes. XD Hopefully it makes sense. Hopefully. My first entry too!
16 3
Title: question time
Artist: Emili ALys [DevArt]
Orca has captured Iuan and is now questioning him about her rival clan, will he give in? First pic ive done using promakers and edited with macomedia fire works enjoy.
0 1
Title: In a chatroom not far away....
Artist: Guandalug la'Fay [DevArt]
Related to Gargoyles, even if there's not a single Gargoyle to be seen in the whole thing. The comic's based on an all too true story - the story of The
Station 8 chatroom
. Come and see....

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