January 2007: North American Road Trip

Time to hit the road! We're gonna send all the gargoyles road-tripping across North America this month! From National Parks to natural wonders to fun chintzy tourist traps, there is tons to see and do along the open road!
A Note: Photographic backgrounds like in the mascot pic will be allowed if they are your own photos only! That way we add to the fun AND respect copyrights. ;) When you submit, tell us when and where you shot it, or you won't get added until you do.

February's Topic Will Be: "Canon Romance" - Romantic pairings featuring at least one character from the show. Mascot done! Thanks Shinga! (more info on this new thing here)

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Title: Fangirl
Artist: Amanda 'Shinga' Bussell [DA Account]
I think Ariana would probably be a Disney fan, at least as a kid... ;D And behold, my craptacular excuse for a Disneyworld background there in the back! O.o
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Title: Umass Amherst
Artist: Sarah H. [DieSiebenRaben.net]
A postcard from Umass Amherst. The background comes from a picture of the old chapel by the pond. The pic was taken around Halloween 2005.
The gargoyle in the image is a guy I just made up, called Filu-Faihs, which means "variegated" in gothic.
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Title: A Pigeon in the Bronx
Artist: Purplegoldfish [DeviantArt page]
Bronx visits Francis Lewis Park in Queens NY! (that's the Bronx Whitestone Bridge in the background.) And his opinion of pigeons is made quite clear here.
No pigeons were actually harmed in the making of this picture ;).
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Title: Greetings from Eagle Lake
Artist: Spike [MommySpike at DevArt]
Once upon time, I wrote a series of stories about Avery Bishop, a hybrid gargoyle from Texas. One of her special places on her family ranch was a place called Eagle Lake. Since this month's MGC was about gargoyles memorializing their travels in photos and postcards, I thought why not feature my day-dwelling gargoyle?
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Title: Lost
Artist: Zoe [DevArt]
What's a trip without getting lost along the way?
Done on bristol with my spangly new Rapidiograph pens.
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Title: Demona at the Oskar
Artist: Britta 'Poison' Mertl [DeviantArt Account]
As Im not a North American and never have been there, so I dont have any photos of North American Tourist traps. But I thougth a place where a lot of tourist are is at the red carpet.
And the Gargoyles belongs there. So here is my interpretation from that.
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Title: Mt. Rushmore
Artist: Epantiras [DevArt]
A gargoyle in one of the most famous American locations. Maybe you'd expect him to say something heroic, I decided to use an idiotic tourist quote instead.
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Title: Tourist Trap, Unravelled
Artist: Tyler Shepard (pencils, inks), eSeamus (colors) [SterileArt]
A king amongst American tourist traps, the World's Biggest Ball of Twine involuntarily finds itself on tour through the scenic hills(?) of Minnesota, thanks to one curious Gargoyle and one friend-turned-patsy. "You better not touch it, those ropes are there for a reason."
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Title: Devon and Hannah Dance
Artist: Shii [Deviant Art]
Of this entire thing, Id have to say the smallest part is my favorite. X3 Morgan and Inar look so cute. Cute I say. So thats them in the farthest background, in front of the tent. Sky Song is the white gargoyles kissing the hidden male, who would be Terrance. Sky Song is the female that was originally being courted by Hannah. All she ever wanted in life was to fall in love, a real romantic. But things never worked out with Han so in the end she gave up. Which is right about when she found Terrance and fell head over heels. <3
In the bar stand is Eshanna and Jamie on the table toasting to something or someone. X3 Their not too concerned about it. Meh is sitting off to the side smiling up at his Jamie and the others sitting at the table are nameless faces. Kenzington and Archimedes are sitting at the ledge, enjoying the moment, mostly Arch though. Shii and Mackenzie just finished the tango and are currently making out. X3 And of course Devon is about to start dancing with Hannah.
This would be them attending a medieval fair.Devon loves medieval fairs and for her birthday, which Shii and Mackenzie keep track, they took her to one. Since Devon seldom ever leaves the Keep Id consider this her version of a vacation, which was the theme.
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Title: Moth and Hitch
Artist: Valky [Deviantart]
This is a bit of a quickie i banged out at the last minute. I currently work at Universal Studios in Hollywood, and can personally attest to what a tourist trap it is. Even Gargoyles vacation there!
This is Moth, my sister's Gargoyle persona, as designed by me, posing with the bust of Alfred Hitchcock near the entrance of the park. I took the photograph myself, and the pose is all Moth's.
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Title: Lost in the Middle of Nowhere
Artist: Jesika & the Mule [Jesika's dA]
It looks like the Trio got lost looking for the world's largest block of Cheese. They weren't even close to it...
Lines by Jesika, colours by the Mule. This is our first entry, we hope to do more in the future.
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Title: Mount Rushmore
Artist: Nebulan [My DevArt Page]
I'm so easily amused :P

Additional Entry: Lex at Mt. Rushmore: I was actually drawing this one when the idea for my main entry came to me. Sorry I'm so late this month!
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Title: Late night exploring
Artist: elfy016 [devaintart]
I wanted to do something odd^^; so i dug around my photo's and found one from a trip i took in 7th grade(a loooooooong time ago). it was on an island called Wallops Island where nasa does reseach on marine life, if you want to know more go here.
Anyway, this guy wanted to learn more about marine life so he went there on vaction. he stayed out a little to long though and got stuck at the light house. Gave the light house keeper and a few school groups something to photograph though.
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Title: Our Trip to Maryland
Artist: Angie "Jessie" McClelland [DakotaAngie's DeviantART Gallery]]
Kess's Comments: OK, so I'm adding this mainly for my own amusement, though I did get permission from Jessie first. When I didn't have any entries yet I begged her to let me put this up, since it's of a road trip and has a gargoyle in it (me). I was desperate at the time, now I'm just doing it because I'm nostalgic and Jessie's artwork is still awesome and this still makes me laugh. ;P
In 2001 I was in the process of moving from Michigan to Maryland for a job and had to go sign my lease. Arno was visiting for the Gathering, and Jessie was on the way, so we picked her up and dragged her along. She sat in the back and drew most of the way there, and I was gonna post them all but decided at the last minute to stick wth this one. The 'gnat attack' story would take too long and I'm babbling as it is. *L*
This is based on events that actually happened. It was an interesting trip, to say the least. ;P
Thanks to Arno for digging up the old files for me. ^_^
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Title: Gargoyle and the Sword
Artist: Bobby [wild_kard2003 (deviantArt)]
We've all tried to pull that Sword from the Stone at Disneyland. Here, Lex gives it a try. I couldn't decide what Gargoyle to use, but Lex seemed the most similar to Wart.
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Title: Much Ado...
Artist: mothella [Deviantart]
I'm heavy in the theatre and I always wanted to go to the fabulous Oregon Shakespeare Festival. Never been yet so i have no pictures to use of it, unfortunately. I did, however, send Goliath and Elisa in my stead. And they had a blast! Even made it onstage.

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