November 2007: All Dressed Up

It's been a while since we did a fashion design topic, so here we go! All of our favorite gargoyles are heading out for a very special night on the town, and want to look their best - it's up to us to help them! Get your gargs (or canon non-gargs) all spiffed up in formal or clubwear and have them strut their stuff!
Mascots by Shinga!

Admin note: Thanks to everyone who shared their thoughts on the matter, MGC now has it's own DeviantArt account for posting updates and deadlines. Feel free to watch!

December's Topic Will Be: Egyptian Gargoyles Redo - Revisiting the June 2003 topic! (Mascots claimed by Shinga!)

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Title: Vogue
Artist: Raven-Reverend/Alkaline-Lady [Alkaline's DA]
So this is kind of more like "dressing down" than up. But Tribal's a sort of neo-barbarist raver. : ) I decided that after the last entry people needed to see him -with- his gorgeous tattoos and his "hot pants" for clubbing. Enjoy.
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Title: Hudson in a Kilt
Artist: Galsic [DeviantArt]
Well, Hudson is a proper Scottish gargoyle, right?
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Title: red dress
Artist: docta_bee []
first time entering!
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Title: Dance with me?
Artist: elfy016 [elfy016's deviantart page]
I'm back! kinda, i was sick so i had time to do an entry^^; I've no clue why they dressed up, but Mako wants a dance with his girl in their fancy threads ;)
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Title: Dressed up for a Night at the Theatre
Artist: Nebulan [DeviantART profile]
I like drawing Demona and MacBeth back in time... this time it's to the Elizabethan period. They're going to see a Shakespearean "comedy," guess which play it is ;)
ADDITIONAL ENTRY: First Class on the Titanic - Again, I torture Demona and Macbeth by placing them in different time periods, Demona's not going to forgive me for this one.
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Title: Nydia and the Rose
Artist: Shahrezad1 [Shahrezad1 on]
"Have you ever been in a Sci-Fi movie? Nah, me neither."
When style can sometimes be more prevalent in the movie than in those attending the premier. That's what I call fashion.
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Title: Elegance
Artist: Amanda 'Shinga' Bussell [DeviantArt]
I couldn't find the original sketch for this drawing so I had to redo it :( I think it turned out okay though I liked the first better. Ah well. :) Just a random character as a gargoyle, in an evening gown. I like designing pretty dresses. :P :)
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Title: Battle-worthy but also Stylish
Artist: Lloyd Frisone
This is a picture of James Galahad Maza (Son of Goliath and Elisa Maza) and his friend Gavin Milner. The two of them are stylin' in their New Camelot armor, having just been knighted by King Arthur. This is what you wear to formal occasions in New Camelot (in my fan fiction, that is). NOTE: James is the same character I drew in my May 2007: Forces of Nature entry, though James is older in this picture.
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Title: Out on the Town
Artist: StangWolf [Stang's deviantART]
It's Stonebriar and Kaliska out for a Night on the town. They're not brother and sister, they're mates they just got super lucky finding a mate that looked so much alike what with the beaks and white hair XD. They're my very own two OC Gargoyles. The quality sucks because I turned the exposure up too high and before I could rescan it my scanner bit the dust :( and since I don't think I'll have a new scanner by the time this month's deadline is up I went ahead and submitted. My first time entering the MGC.
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Title: Clothes don't make the man...
Artist: valaheri [DevArt]
Clothes don't make the man, and surely almost kill the gargoyle.
Just a very quick sketch (God bless the tablet) of a silly doubt I had: are we sure that a Gargoyle born in the year 938 is able to deal with modern clothing and accessories? Really, really sure (and yea, I DID quote the comic #5)
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Title: Decorating the Tree
Artist: nytshad [Deviant Art]
Little Ceridwen put on her holiday dress to decorate the tree.
Done in polymer clay, felt, crushed velvet, doll hair, and acrylic paint.
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Title: Tengu at the Gate
Artist: Spike [MommySpike on DevArt]
In the last chapter of "Ronin," Kirin and his Tengu students arrive in Ishimura, dressed in their best Japanese finery.
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Title: dress up
Artist: bo_boo_bunnis [deviantart]
mother and child! child dresses up like "mommey" does
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